Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Restoration Hardware Framed Print - Knock Off

Let me just say that I LOVE Restoration Hardware. However, I don't love their prices. I just can't afford their prices, even in the outlet store. I wanted to recreate something like the framed schematic drawings you see on their website, such as the example below:

Would you believe this thing is on sale for $1,200???? Now mine doesn't look anything like this but it is the same principal and it was under $50 framed! 

The company my husband works for was cleaning out the building and came across engineering drawings for the centrifuge coal dryer machines that they manufacture for the coal industry. He was the manufacturing plant manager and knew how each of these machines were to be built.

I've seen these machines built in person and I must say they are amazing and huge! I'm always impressed with his knowledge and ability. This drawing was done by hand and it is dated 1937. Long time before computers and fancy drafting software!

Here is an actual picture of their newer machines. It looks small but many are over 12' tall!

Since he has worked there for over 23 years, this drawing actual meant something to us. It represents the means for our family to have a beautiful roof over our head, clothes on our back, food to eat and for our children to live a life that was better than our own.

The drawing is almost 3' by 4' which is really expensive to frame. I couldn't find a frame that large so I would have gone to have it custom framed which is extremely expensive. However, Mr. Creative came to my rescue by making me a frame out of 1" by 2" pine. He routed the slot for the glass and drawing to be recessed.

Let me just say, I'm spoiled. He set up the frame and elevated it so I could paint it without having to bend over. So sweet! I primed it with some Kilz2. I then painted it "machine gray" as Mr. Creative calls it. The can said dark gray and who knows how long it had been in our basement! However, it did the job!

He also found that Ace Hardware has glass and will cut it for you while you wait. They were also the cheapest at less than $25. Office Depot had the 3' by 4' display boards for $8 and it was the perfect thickness for the backing. He just cut it down to fit in the frame. It's hard to take a picture of glass!

In addition, he added a couple hangers on the back and some finishing nails along the edges to hold the cardboard and glass in the frame. Here she is and I'm so proud! For under $50 in lumber, glass, backing and hardware, I have an RH knockoff that has more meaning to us!

Here is a snapshot of where she now resides in our newly decorated dining room. I just love it! The dining room is almost done and I can't wait to post it!

I have one more project to post of the small hutch you see there for my dishes. Hopefully by then, a few things I've ordered will come in and the room will be complete!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend!

Have a Blessed Week!

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