Friday, April 19, 2013

I was Flooded In!

What an unbelievable spring we are having here in the Midwest. Last summer was a severe drought. This winter was average but maybe a little warmer than normal. This spring has been crazy! The first day of spring gave us 8" of snow! Now we received 4" of rain! 

Here is what it looked like off our back deck! There are two hillsides that come together behind our house. We have a drainage pipe that couldn't handle all the water and leaves so it began to fill and overflow into our yard.

As it flowed past our deck towards the slope to our lower area.

Rushing down the slope.

Following the run off channel towards our road.

At the bottom where it went everywhere in the lower yard. You can kind of see our house up on the hill.

The river of water flowing down our gravel road. It looks like gravel but it was solid water all the way!

One of two low water bridges we cross. I couldn't get to the second one, obviously. There is a piece of concrete under that water somewhere!

Crazy times! I had one boy stuck at home with me and the other boy on the outside wanting to come home after school! The good news is that it takes a lot to make it do this and it goes down low enough to drive through within an hour or so of the rain stopping/diminishing.

I hope everyone else is safe and sound! Have a great weekend!



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