Saturday, March 16, 2013

The End of Google Reader...

Am I the only one that uses Google Reader? I use it to look at the over 200 blogs that I follow. I just found out that it's going away here soon, July 1st to be exact.

After receiving an email, I've started going through all the blog posts that I starred and I'm pinning what I liked about them.

For my favorite blogs, I'm looking to find if each one has a Facebook page.

In addition, has a post about the top 5 alternative readers.

I'm checking into this Feedly for a replacement of Google Reader.

I don't know how the rest of you bloggers are able to keep up with blogs posts. Our internet is rather slow, so pulling up the actual blog page that uses large pictures takes a 
some time. If you multiply that time by 100 posts per day, I would be spending WAY TOO much time on the computer. With the reader, I can scan down all new posts and if a picture catches my eye, I can stop and read it or click on their post to go to their webpage.

Of course, I have a small list of favorite blogs that I book marked so I can go directly visit their blogs at least once a week. That would be the other bloggers that are so sweet to check in on my blog once in awhile!

Well, I guess I'm done complaining. I have a few months to get through all those saved blog posts and to move over to a new reader. It's just the older I get, the less I like change!

Have a great rest of the weekend!



  1. Okay- I guess I am still not sure what that means. If I have a blog list on my sidebar and read from that is that going to not work anymore? I am xo Diana

  2. I do the same as Diana...I've used google reader, never even looked into it! Very imformitive post!

  3. Yes, I had heard that too. Rats. I'm so disappointed. I've been enjoying the Google Reader next button. Not sure I can get by without it! Oh, and Diana, it won't affect the blogs listed in your sidebar, so don't worry. It'll be okay. There, there. ;)


  4. I haven't heard about this. I look at blogs from my blog list on my blog and then I also have a list saved in my favorites. I'm not sure if that means I will be affected by this change or not. I'll have to ask my husband I guess. He has more knowledge than me about this sort of stuff! LOL!

  5. What is Google thinking? I have heard good things about bloglovin and feedly, but it will be sad to see Google reader go. :(

  6. I just go down my blog roll of my favorites! I get too overwhelmed when it is hundreds! I hope the feedly works for you!

  7. I just got really comfy with Google reader! Why is it going away. It has caused me some angst!


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