Friday, March 1, 2013

Family Room Mood Board

Do you start dreaming of working on another room before you have finished the last one? I'm so bad about doing that as you will soon see.

Our master bedroom is at a standstill because I need to paint and stain a table as well as the chest of drawers. Not something I want to do inside the house during the winter.

Since it has been snowing, I decided to do a little planning for my family room makeover. I haven't been happy with what I have done in my family room. I didn't plan it out and began trying to bring what I had together. I have to plan...for months! I am starting over using a few key pieces that I have to keep!

I follow Sarah at The Yellow Cape Cod and love her designs and style. I have been studying her mood boards for some time now. She has a reasonably priced design service for what I call "real people"! I still can't afford to do it so I keep plugging away with my minimal budget using her ideas for inspiration.

My other problem is that our style has to be a little more rustic. With a family of all men who hunt, there are a few trophies around that need to be incorporated into the room.

Enough is what I've come up with so far! 

Please tell me your thoughts. It seems to be coming together better now that I have it on a mood board instead of inside my head giving me headache!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Absolutlely beautiful! I love the rustic touches. This room will be so warm and inviting, great design board also!! Thanks:) Sarah

  2. The colors are so pretty! My husband is a hunter and I used to be against anything taxidermy. I am really starting to like it and I think this room would be perfect for a family of boys. ;)

  3. It looks great so far Bonnie! I really like your mood board. I know what you mean about losing focus....I'm right in the middle of making over my son's bedroom, but I find my attention drifting to all the things I'd like to do in my bedroom. Makes it hard to stay motivated! I'm sure you're much better at that than I am. Hope you have a great weekend!



I know how busy you are and appreciate that you are taking the time to leave me a comment! God Bless! Bonnie


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