Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day!

It's hard to believe that it has been a month since I last posted! Life has a way of taking control of your time and energy. I haven't been that busy but I haven't had the ambition to work on any projects either. So I guess I took a little break. Winter has a way of doing that to me. Does anyone else suffer from the winter blues?

Here in the Mid-west, we had a little winter storm this week. I thought I would find the camera and shoot a few pictures of the landscape. We live on a hill and this driveway is a bear to shovel. Not sure what we would do without those two teenage boys to help us!

Here is what happened during the last snow/ice storm. Our oldest son couldn't make it all the way up the driveway so he parked his car and came in the house. When he went back outside, it was GONE! It slid down the side of the driveway up against a tree!

Needless to say, the boys make sure they shovel the driveway clean now!!

Hopefully I will feel like doing some projects and posting more soon! Have a wonderful weekend!



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