Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Winter Mantel

Well, I have been playing around with what stash I have to decorate the house for the new winter season. Like most people, money is tight after Christmas so we have to make do with what is sitting in the basement!

After adding and removing items, I finally came up with this arrangement. It has been so cloudy lately that I haven't been able to get good pictures. This was the first day of sunshine in awhile!

Our fireplace is an insert so we use it to heat our home and use the furnace as supplement heat. Since we live in the woods, we have plenty of wood to burn! Just a lot of work splitting it!

Antlers seem to be the rage now so I pulled out the big one our dog found in the woods. My husband wishes he could find the deer that is shedding such large antlers!

Mr. Creative has quite a few sets of antlers from his many years of hunting, but these were the only two he would let me have. He had mounted them on plaques some years ago.

I purchased the ivy topiary from Ross. We just got two Ross stores in the St. Louis area and another is going in really close to me. I can't wait! The giant pine cone is from the Sequoia trees in California.

Thanks for stopping by and please do come back again. I have some other areas of the family room that I have put together some vignettes!

Have a great day!



  1. I worked on my mantle too...winter is so long. Dianntha

  2. Hi Bonnie, it looks great. Yes, you're right about the antlers being all the rage right now. Lucky you to have some already! My husband's not a hunter, so I would have to go hunt some down (pun intended!). Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Our youngest lives in a rural area in Washington and they burn wood also. I love it - just standing in front of it and absorbing the warmth is amazing. It has a completely different feel than the newer gas burning fires.

    When I first saw antlers for decorating I was amazed that they could look so good, very rustic.

  4. I want that pinecone and those antlers! So pretty!

  5. I like the antlers. It is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love antlers too. I like the rustic touches you added to your mantel for Winter. Decorating with things from nature is always good!

  7. Beautiful! I love that BIG pine cone. Wow! We sure don't have those around here. We have a wood burning fireplace too. I want a gas one because this one smokes so bad but the hubby is not quite ready to go there yet. He love's to build a great big fire which is why it probably smokes so much. LOL! Hope you are staying warm and cozy with your beautiful fireplace!


I know how busy you are and appreciate that you are taking the time to leave me a comment! God Bless! Bonnie


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