Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Bathtub Refinishing

If you remember this post, I painted my cultured marble double sink changing it from 1990's hunter green swirl to a soft white. Here is a peek at that change:



A co-worker saw what I did when I refinished our master bathroom sink/counter and asked if I could do his bathtub in the main bathroom.

He is planning on selling his condo. Over time, the bathtub finish in the bottom had worn and looked dirty. I had enough of the paint left over and told him that if he did the prep work, I would be happy to stop by and spray it.

I only have a few pictures since it had to sit for 3 days before he could remove the tape/paper.


You can see the marks in the bottom.


No more marks and stains!

A closer shot of the inside. Amazing how easy this is to paint.

The product I used is Homax Tub and Sink Refinishing Kit from Lowe's in White. I have had very good luck with it but the reviews are mixed so please make your own personal decision. It definitely has to be scuffed with the steel wool and cleaned with the heavy duty cleaner, which is included, at least three times.

Here is the link:

If you have any cracks or chips, those most be fixed first. I haven't had to fix anything so I can't advise how to fix them. Make sure to cover the floor, sink/toilet/counters because there is an over spray.

Most important thing is to read the instructions and follow the prep work exactly as it states. Everything is included in the kit. I cleaned with my normal bathroom cleaner first and then did their three cleanings and scouring with steel wool.

You MUST purchase an organic vapor respirator mask like this one because the vapors are AWFUL!
I sprayed it in sections at a close distance that was just enough to keep it from having drips. I also went over each section a couple times during each coat. I wiped the nozzle after painting each section. I also shook the can after each section. I waited about 15 minutes in between each coat and did three coats. 

If you see areas that aren't glossy after 15 minutes, give it another coat in that area because you want a glossy finish after it begins to set.

Definitely wait the 72 hours before using to let it cure. I took off my tape and paper surround after 24 hours but that was my decision. It did fine for me. Then I let it cure another two days. Per a recommendation from my blogger friend, Diana from Nana Diana Takes a Break, I used car wax to polish it off and will probably do that at least every six months. 

Our sink is still holding up and we use it everyday. It has been over two months now. 

Just think, if for whatever reason it doesn't work, it was worth the chance. I'm all about taking chances to save money. Sometimes those chances pay off, other times not so much!

Have a great day!



  1. Bonnie, your sink looks amazing, as does the bathtub. We've actually used this product on a couple of tubs at our lake house, and were happy with the results. I hadn't thought of using it on a sink though. That's a great idea, and one I'll be thinking about. My daughter's sink has a few discolorations from a curling iron. Thanks for the idea, and for sharing your pictures with us.


  2. That is a great tutorial for that project. I have had it done in a couple of old houses but I have never used it myself. You did a great job, Bonnie- and thanks for the nod about the wax- xo Diana

  3. That really does look good. We need to do our shower, but I think we will probably just hire someone locally that refinishes tubs and showers instead of dealing with the mess ourselves.

  4. Your sink looks amazing, as does the tub! If we weren't going to completely gut and enlarge our bathroom, I'd think about doing this to our old tub.

    We have a lot of rust in our water, so I have to use a pretty harsh cleaner to get it off. I'm not sure if this paint would stand up to it. Someday we will get a water softener I hope!

  5. You are AMAZING!!!!! I can't believe all that you do in your home. You are a true inspiration!! I love all your projects and am so glad that you share with us!

  6. Wow! You did an awesome job on that tub. It looks so fresh and new! I would be terrified to try one of these products myself. I'm sure I would totally mess it up. I love seeing how well they turned out though. Bee-U-tee-ful!!!!

  7. I'm sending this link to my youngest daughters. The newlyweds purchased a very old home and the tub needs a lot of work from well water stains. This might be a good fix for them.

  8. Bathtub refinishing saved me over $350 I,m sure you understand how great that is. I used a spray-on kit from I was going to use there brush-on but felt more comfortable spraying the coating. Hope you enjoy and keep on creating. I love saving money!


  9. Thank you for the great post!I am looking into refinishing my bathtub in the Sacramento area.
    Sacramento Bathtub Refinishing


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