Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Keeps Giving!

I am always looking on Craigslist for certain furniture pieces that fall into the under $50 category. It can take days or months until I come across the piece I am wanting and in my price range. There are some items that I still haven't found but I am learning patience!

I have been looking for a recliner for Mr. Creative. Being a very tall family, we needed something that would work for us which isn't the average size recliner. Just before Christmas, I came across this $50 Craigslist Lane rocker/recliner.

Our walls aren't yellow! The flash really does weird things. I think I need a better camera!! Anyway, being we have a chocolate brown sofa and I like pops of red, this earth tone fabric with a leaf pattern in red, gold, brown and green seemed a perfect fit!

After emailing the person, I told them that it would have to wait until after Christmas before we would be able to come and take a look at it. I figured that if it was gone by then, it just wasn't meant to be. Luckily it was still available and we drove the hour north to take a look. It was the perfect size for us.

After struggling to get it out of their finished basement and into our truck, we headed the hour back home after making a pit stop at Bass Pro!

Here is a close up of the arm. I really like the nail head trim.

The recliner is older but in very good condition. Mr. Creative has already taken a nap in it so it got his seal of approval! Once I finish up our master bedroom, my plan is to work on the family room/foyer again. I just haven't been happy with it and I think it's because I didn't start with an overall feeling/plan. I just went along with things I thought I liked and now I am stuck with colors/furniture that aren't working for me.

I really need to do a post on my after Christmas sale items. Most were for Christmas next year so all I can do is take a picture of them as I box them up for next year!

Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your emails and comments! Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. most of our furnitures came from Craigslist...and it pays off to wait for the right one at the right price!

  2. I love nail head trim. One of our daughters is a Craigs List queen bee shopper. She finds The Best stuff, really awesome.

  3. Can hardly wait for the post about your after Christmas sale purchases! I am a new subscriber but I'm loving your blog!


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