Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slip Cover for Vanity Cushion

Previously I revealed our master bath makeover in this post. Today I thought I would show you the little trick I did on my vanity chair/cushion. My old one was beyond wore out after 16 years! As you can see, it was torn and the stuffing was falling out. Check out the before and after!



I cleaned the frame of the chair really well with TSP to get rid of all the residue from years of hairspray and dust/lint that is in a bathroom. Thinking that I wanted a slick finish to be able to keep it cleaner, I got out a can of glossy brown spray paint. 

WARNING: What you are about to see is an amateur who knows just enough about sewing to be dangerous! Follow these directions at your own risk!!

To replace the cushion, I could have bought the foam, cut it to a circle and then made a pillow cover to go over it. Since that would have taken more time and detail than I was willing to put into it, I went the easy route. I bought the only round pillow I found at Walmart for $11.

Obviously the problem was that it was red. Doesn't really go with a blue and brown bathroom! No problem. I had some fabric that I picked up at Hobby Lobby on clearance about a year ago because it had the colors I wanted for our master bedroom/bathroom. I thought maybe it would work for pillows or something.

First thing I did was measure the width across and under on the pillow to determine how wide of a circle I would need. Then I added a couple more inches...just in case! I cut the fabric into a 26" x 26" square. I then folded the square corner to corner.

I then folded it across to the corner keeping the folded point at the top.

I repeated that step again making sure to keep the folded point at the top.

Measuring 13" (half of the square amount of 26") from the folded point, I put a pin to mark the length in various areas across. 

Cutting just below my pins, I came out with an upside down ice cream cone!

When I unfolded the fabric, it became a 26" circle! 

Feeling successful, I stopped to eat a few chicken bites! A girl has to keep her energy level up!

Back to work...The elastic I was using was 1/2" so I measured and pinned a 1" fold over.

I must have forgotten to take the next pictures! Anyway, I sewed along the rough edge just far enough to catch the fabric, leaving an opening to feed my elastic through. I did a rough measure of where I thought the cover would fit under the cushion and cut my elastic to that length 33" + 2" just in case! After feeding in the elastic, sewing the elastic ends together and sewing the remaining opening closed, I slipped her over the cushion!

There you have it! 

Here she is in the finished bathroom, looking pretty and ready for me to put my make up on!

Trust me, it isn't a precise way to cut and sew but it works for me. Those of you who have mad sewing skills and are detailed oriented are probably running away screaming! I wish I could be more like you!

This is just to show you that if you have a few sewing skills, there are a lot of things you can try!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!



  1. Bonnie- For a non-sewer I'd say you did a really fine job. I love it-love the color and the brown frame- xo Diana

  2. I think it's great Bonnie..I did a curtain 2 weeks ago and used fusion tape to hem it ha ha!!..Your bathroom looks wonderful as everything you do my friend..Thanks for coming by..I pray you have a Blessed Christmas with your love ones..Hugs and love Gloria

  3. How cute is that! I have two round stools in my kitchen that desperately need to be recovered! You have inspired me! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. I think it came out great!! well done

  5. Cute makeover,I love the polka dots! You did a great job and I love that your cover is removable as well so you can wash it if you need too. Love your new Christmas header as well! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  6. You are such a clever and crafty girl. The fabric is wonderful.

    May the beauty, peace and joy of the season be yours all year long!

  7. Bonnie, this turned out great! No advanced sewing skills necessary. It looks so much better than the before picture, and I think you did really well using a round pillow instead of starting from scratch. Great job!


  8. Good job! It turned out great and that's the most important thing. Hope your Christmas was lovely...Ann


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