Wednesday, December 12, 2012

O Christmas Tree...

As I go visiting your many blogs, I'm so impressed with everyone's beautiful Christmas decorating!

Mine, not so much...

Not sure what it is this year, but I just can't seem to get enough creativity flowing to make something special out of the same old decorations! We just got the tree up on Sunday and decorated on Monday night. Whew..

Are any of you like me and have tons of little knick knacks that you've accumulated through the years but really don't have much meaning to you? I have tons of snowmen decorations that are just cheap little chatzkys that I'm done with putting out!

Before I put away everything this year, I am going to weed out what I am tired of and hit some after Christmas sales in the hope of finding something new.

Okay, enough whining and on to the pictures! Here is our mantel this year. Very simple lighted garland with some lanterns on each side. Hard to see since the wall is red and so are the lanterns! I took down the picture and hung the wreath above. The fire looks warm and cozy!

Here is another shot at night. Looks somewhat better!

I have a set of angels that Mr. Creative's aunt left to us when she passed on. I arranged them on top of the TV armoire and it's a little hard to get a good picture.

I do like my tree and the ornaments but it pretty much looks the same every year. Maybe I can change it up with different color ribbon next year!

Special ornaments like our first born son's first Christmas ornament!

Cute little homemade ornaments from friends.

Many glass ornaments that sparkle in the lights.

Always the reason for the season ornaments of Jesus!

Well, thanks for stopping by to take a look. Maybe next year will be better!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Season!



  1. It's all pretty, Bonnie and yes, I have a lot of old stuff that needs to go especially after going to a much smaller tree.

  2. Hi Bonnie! Yessss!!!! I have tons of stuff I am tired of. I no longer put out as many Santa's as I used to years ago and I am so ready to get rid of my snow village all together. I stopped with snow men several years ago. I also like to change out my ribbon on my den tree to add a little something new. I love your tree it is very big and pretty. You have some really pretty "sentimental" ornaments. I also love the angels on the TV. Everything is just beautiful!

  3. I love it my dear friend..It's so great to see a normal tree in blogland ha ha!! I'm one of those nuts that like a old fashion tree not one done with burlap and zinc...Everyone seems to have jumped on the same look in blogland..I gave all my Christmas stuff to my granddaughter so she can now enjoy it all..I have not put up a tree in 3 years or decorating..I do miss it..but with my health issues don't have the energy anymore ha ha!! May Blessings my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  4. Your tree is very pretty and those angels are keepers for sure. I weeded out lots of things I grew tired of last year and still have so much left but at least most of this has meaning now. It was fun to change things up this year while buying very little new stuff. Great for the budget too.

  5. Your home is VERY pretty! I went through my items before I put them up and Savers got bins full! I just want feels so like Christmas to me! So I shop carefully for items from the 50's and 60's, when I was a don't have to be a grown up at Christmas, right??? :) Sandy @ 521 Lake Street

  6. Your home and your Christmas decorations all look beautiful!
    I think we all do the same thing, we look at other blogs and see how beautiful other homes are decorated and then we don't think ours is special enough. We are, (at least I know I am)our own worst critics.
    Your home looks amazing:)
    One thing that I am going to do this year is grab some new ribbon & ornaments etc. on the after Christmas sales. It might be fun when getting the Christmas decorations out next year to have some different items to work with.
    Have a Merry Christmas!
    Keep blogging:)

  7. I feel you!!! I have four trees up with two of them fully decorated and that is seriously about it! I have started a new online job that is supposed to be 1 to 2 hours a day, but as we have launched, it has been 3 to 5 hours a day! With that, plus photo shoots, I haven't had time to decorate!!! We also have a ton of stuff and I need to weed out, but I am also trying to figure out where it all goes in a new house! I am hoping to get it done this weekend! We have another snowstorm coming so Sunday should be cozy at home!

  8. Your tree looks gorgeous Bonnie. You mentioned about my blog...the only other person who mentioned that is my sister, and I believe it is her computer and browser she is using. I use chrome, and have no problem.

  9. I feel the same way. I'm just not into it this year. I need to weed through my things too but I'm pretty sure it's not happening this year!


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