Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cleaning Floor Grout in Our Bathroom

Two posts in a week! First time that has happened in a year or more! It feels good to do a little blogging again.

As I showed you in my earlier post, I'm working on a budget remodel of our master bedroom and bath. A lot has been done but the rooms aren't finished yet. One item on the to do list was to get the grout cleaned up. All the steam, lint and hairspray played havoc on the floor grout.

I can't believe I am going to show everyone my "dirty secret" but hey, let's live on the wild side! Here is the embarrassing before picture:

Pinterest had many different recipes on how to clean the grout using ingredients most of us have on hand. I used the water, baking soda & ammonia solution combined with a good old fashioned tooth brush! The next picture is during the process that shows the dramatic difference.

 I let the solution soak for just a minute before scrubbing with a tooth brush. It didn't take much scrubbing but crawling around on the tile floor was hard on this aging mature body! When I was all done, the floor looked almost as good as new!

There are more items to be checked off my remodel list but what remains has diminished. That is a good feeling! With Thanksgiving time off coming up, I may have some extra time to get the rest of the room done.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



  1. You go girl!!! That is a tedious job, but look how beautiful! Do you seal your grout? Someone told us to do that. We did it in Michigan, but didn't in Charleston or here yet. We don't seem to live anywhere long enough for it to matter!

  2. It looks good, Bonnie. Did you put a sealer on it? It works great. Glad to see you posting a second time in a short while- xo Diana

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