Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Does Everyone Remember Where They Were?

     I remember this day so vividly. Like it was in slow motion. Staring out my floor to ceiling wall of windows behind my desk at work. The sky was a glorious color of blue and the sun was shining bright. I heard a coworker scream that someone bombed the world trade center tower.

     At that moment we were all trying to get on the internet to determine what was going on. The internet was slow with so many others trying to do the same thing. We discovered it was a plane. Was it an accident? Seemed unlikely. As we were each reading, sometimes out loud, our suspicions were confirmed when twenty minutes later another plane flew into the second tower.

     Could it really be true? My first thought, "WWIII was upon us on our own soil." Which in some ways it seems to have done so.

     We were glued to our radios and the internet, hungry for any information we could find. In horror, we learned that a little more than an hour later, the first tower collapsed with people inside. Others jumped to their death. 

     Not even 30 minutes later we are made aware that the second tower had collapsed. 

     News reports told us of another attack on the pentagon. When would it stop?

     As time went on, we learned of heroic passengers of United Airlines Flight 93, who overtook the hijackers and eventually crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. No one is sure where it was supposed to crash but it could have been somewhere in DC or Camp David.

     In the aftermath, this picture stood out to me most. It resembled a cross and was a reminder to trust God in all things.

    I never will be able to put into words what I felt. All I wanted was my family. My husband was at work and my two boys in grade school. It was all I could do to keep from panic and leaving work to go to them.

     I know everyone has their opinion of President George Bush, but I am glad he was our President at the time because I feel he did what was needed for our country to be protected and begin to heal. His calm, gave me calm and after reading his book, he did what he felt in his heart was right for our country.

     May we remember the lost heroes of our country. The individuals that lost their lives that tragic day and many who have died or suffering since from the after effects from that day. My heart goes out to all of them and their families.

Always remember and teach our young ones who don't know to remember.


  1. What a horrible day it was. My kids and I had just returned from visiting NY and had gone up the towers while there. I was getting them ready for school when my Ex MIL called and told me a plane flew into the towers...I turned the news on and I couldn't believe it. I dropped my kids off at school and went to my friends house, her daughter was living and working right by the towers, I sat with her all day while she watching the news. It still brings tears to my eyes just thinking of how many people we lost that day:(

  2. Thank you for the tribute. It was a day we will remember, because we dare not forget. xo, Susie

  3. Beautiful post Bonnie. I felt exactly as you did that WWIII was upon us. I was in Germany and Tom was in the states. I was terrified that war was on and I was going to be stranded alone in Germany with no way back to the states or for Tom to get back to me. I watched so much coverage on our CNN International that I began to have horrible nightmares. My daddy told me to turn the t.v. off. I had to. I still can't watch those things. It truly breaks my heart.

  4. I remember exactly where I was this day, Bonnie. I will never forget it!

    So glad to see you again!


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