Friday, May 27, 2011

Two for One Special!

Wow, 2 posts in one week! That hasn't happened in a long while! I'm sure by the title you expected some type of giveaway.  WRONG! I just wanted to show a little change I made in our powder room and let you know we are leaving to go camping at the lake!

The At the Picket Fence sisters are having their Inspiration Friday Party and I wanted to join in. With the holiday weekend, I am inspired to relax in our camper (or outside of it) doing some reading and soaking in the sun!

I don't really call it camping when you stay in something like this...

Nothing fancy but sleeps much more like home!

I am trying to freshen up my decorating at the house since we are going to have a graduation/50th birthday party here in June. There will be many folks that have never been to our home so I wanted it to look just right! 

I wanted a nicer and updated rug for our powder room but it had to be in my price range. I looked everywhere but really didn't want to spend $25 - $50 on a little rug.  Walmart was the last place I checked and I found this...

I liked the colors in it and the pattern so I cut off the tags and threw her down!

This is a cracker jack box bathroom. No place to move to take pictures and the lighting isn't good except here over the sink. It is cozy, though! lol

Lot's of memories and pictures related to my dad. He will be gone 24 years in July and I still miss him!

I think I am going to buy that halogen light on a stand they use at construction sites to give me some light when I take pictures! We are shaded most of the day so there isn't a lot of sun coming in the windows! Great for keeping the house cool in the summer but bad for pictures!

Here is a peek at another project I have been working on!

I hope you enjoyed this little change and I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend! Please stop over for other inspiration!

Please remember those who we have lost, both civilian and military this Memorial Day!

Take care, Bonnie


  1. That is way too comfy and cute to call it camping Bonnie. Enjoy~

  2. Great CAMPER! Sure puts our old Pearly Girl to shame- you DO remember Pearl? Anyway- I love the rug-sweet little pattern on it..and it goes nicely in your bathroom. Relax and enjoy your weekend- Cry a few tears for me- I am working! UGH! xxoo Diana

  3. Yes! Camp in a stylish camper like you, not a tent. That I cannot do. At the least I have to have a Motel 6. ;)

    Cute little rug. Have a great weekend. You deserve it!

  4. That's the perfect rug for your powder room. Very pretty! That's the way I like to camp, too! Enjoy your holiday weekend, Bonnie.

  5. Great rug choice! I think that is the coziest little powder room I have ever seen! Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend in your home on wheels! That has to be the best way to travel!!!

  6. Bonnie have a great weekend camping! I so wish we were getting away too! Love the rug in your half bath. It is a great choice, and looks so pretty. Have you tried adding light to your pictures with Picasa? I have and it works pretty good. Looks like your house is all ready for the celebrations...looking good!

  7. Oh this looks like fun!

    I absolutely adore the pretty little project you did in the previous post.

  8. It's a lovely bath! So pretty! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  9. The rug is perfect with your wall color and the wood floors. It looks really warm.

  10. Hi Bonnie, I'm from Bridgeport Multi Family Homes i really admire your decorating ideas,I love all those scheme.

  11. I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm your newest follower! Love the camper, we had one growing up - what fun :) Total coincidence that we're having a graduation and a 50th birthday party here this summer too! Crazyyyyyyyyyy still trying to get the invites out on my end! Enjoy your summer, Michelle / New England Style


I know how busy you are and appreciate that you are taking the time to leave me a comment! God Bless! Bonnie


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