Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Saying to be Framed!

A few months back, I saw a blog with a saying framed that caught my eye.  I didn't bookmark it and wish I would have so I could give credit to her.  The saying stuck in my head as it really relates to my attitude in life now.

"It's Nice to be Important
but it is More Important
to be Nice!"
That has great meaning to me as the many years I was working in the corporate world, this isn't the attitude.  If you were going "somewhere", you had to look out for yourself.  Many times I had fallen into the trap of wanting to be important.  When I became a manager, there were times that my ego needed that boost.  However, more often I tried hard to be fair and do the right thing.  The right thing wasn't always the most popular and may have gone against the "rules", but I did always try to be fair.

Now that I am working again, it is a different atmosphere.  It is small and part of a larger non-profit.  It isn't perfect but it does have a different attitude as compared to the huge corporate company where I used to work. That is why the above saying stuck in my head and I decided I had to frame it for my office.  It is a nice reminder each day of how to behave!

I found this poor picture frame at Goodwill for $2.  I forgot to take a picture before I painted it Heirloom White but just imagine that someone had tried to make it a metallic silver.  Ugh!  Here it is once I spray painted it.

I then added some glaze but it just didn't have the right look so I dry brushed on some blue since both the mat and my office has blue in it.
I also added on some of the renassaince mettalic glaze to give it a little more depth.

 I typed the saying into Microsoft Word and centered it for 8 1/2 by 11.  I found some pale cloudy blue card stock at Michael's craft store to use as the background for printing.  I already had this blue mat so I put it together. 

It will look better in my office but I hung it here to take another picture.  Quite a glare in the house today!  The frame and saying is simple but I love it!

Just wait until you see the office reveal!!!  That will be coming up later this week.  I are on pins and needles!

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  1. THat is really neat Bonnie...and the message is awesome! Have a great day.

  2. Bonnie~ that is really beautiful! What a great saying!

  3. Bonnie- GREAT saying! Love it..and think we should ALL remember to be kind! I look forward to seeing your office all done! xxoo Diana

  4. This project WOWs me! I love that saying. We could all do well to read that message each day. Be sure to let us see it on the office will.
    I know what you mean about the corporate world. It's tough if you aren't carnivorous.
    Have a great week. Ginger :)

  5. Love that's so true...and wise to keep around. Nice job on the framing, Miss D-I-Y!

  6. That should be displayed everywhere!!!!! All cars should have it in their windows!! Love it!

  7. I love that! How thoughtful and creative at the same time, and what a great idea! Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Love the message! There are days when I could use the reminder. lol


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