Friday, April 8, 2011

New Beginnings!


I know...everyone thought I fell off the face of the earth!  I started my new job two months ago and it has taken me this long to find balance between work, home and blogging!  With winter, it has been hard for me to be very creative, too.

The job is great!  I work various three days each week doing accounting functions and I just love it!  No more stress of being the one in charge.  I can go home at night and think nice thoughts of my day without feeling guilty for leaving after 8 hours.  That is worth so much to me and I hope they are happy with me as well!

I have my own private office with WALLS.  It is a basic beige box with oak furniture and blue/burgundy flecked carpet.  I wanted to spruce it up some and make it warm and inviting!  A room that I would enjoy doing work.  This has been a long process but I am going to take you through the projects leading up to an office makeover. 

I have a vision of an empty large frame painted off white with a glaze finish hanging on the wall above my credenza.  In the middle of it, I want one of those coffee filter wreaths that I have seen all over blog land!  Here is what I was able to accomplish on a budget!

I wanted an ornate frame but I just couldn't find one in a price range I could live with so I purchased this JC Penney picture from the Goodwill Store for $12.  I'm sure it had it's place in time somewhere!

I removed the ship print and saved it because I might want to paint over it to put in another frame.  Hmmmm...

Anyway, I took it out and painted it Heirloom White.  It took a couple coats and then it looked much cleaner!

I added some mocha glaze, let it dry and then went over it with a damp rag until I got it the way I wanted.  Glaze is so forgiving.  I love working with it.  I wanted a subtle aging to match the color of the coffee filter wreath.

Here is a full shot of it laying on my dining room work table!  Many projects going on at once!

Those coffee filter wreaths looked so much easier than the book pages wreaths.  I happened to come across the brown filters at the grocery store and thought, why not try!  I bought a package of floral picks at Walmart for $1 and the foam wreath at Hobby Lobby for half price of $4.

  I just made a point in the middle of the filter and pinned them on two at a time.  As it got fuller, I would step back and see where it needed more.

I like the varied heights that mine has because it gives it character instead of being perfectly even!  I tied a ribbon around the foam to hang it with my frame.  This took me maybe a half hour to put together and a cost of $6.50.  I just hung it here to take a picture!

Here is a peek at what it will look like inside the frame once I hang it in my office!

After I complete my projects, I will show the final makeover before and after of my new office!

Thank you so much for the wonderful friends of mine in blogger land that have emailed me to see how I am.  There were many of you but I especially want to thank Diana, Kim and Debbie for the many extra emails they sent to check on me!

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I am hoping to post maybe 3 days a week but if not, I have learned that I am in this blog for fun and wouldn't be able to handle if it expanded too quickly (no worries there!).  I just want to thank everyone for not un-following me during my break!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Bonnie, that is going to look great in your office. So glad to hear that you like your job. That is very important. Have a great weekend.

  2. HONEY! Pretty girl! YAAAAY! I have been WORRIED about you! I am SO GLAD to see you back and doing great! This wreath is BEAUTIFUL! You have been in my thoughts OFTEN over the last few months...I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your new Blog Look! Its looks FRESH and GORGEOUS! So glad to get to follow you again:)

    Love ya! Blessings!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This project looks like fun. Something about it reminds me of my father making pom poms for my sisters cheer squad when we were little girls. Neat.:

  4. Hi Bonnie, I have thought about you often over the last few months. So glad to hear that things are going well with your new job. Love what you are creating for your new office.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. I think that's going to look awesome in your office! Isn't it great when you actually like your job??

  6. Hi Bonnie..welcome back, it is so nice to see you. Looking like you are getting your groove on. What a cute wreath too. Thanks for popping over. I have company in now, but I wanted to be sure to come by and tell you I was happy to hear from you:)

  7. What a great job on the wreath. It will really look good. Can't wait to see your entire office.


  8. What a great job on the wreath. It will really look good. Can't wait to see your entire office.


  9. Hey you!!!!!! So glad to see you!!!!! You have crossed my mind often, but I haven't even emailed. I am so bad! I have been thinking about you though! It is so nice to hear that you are loving your job and sounds just right for you! Your coffee filter wreath is the prettiest one I have seen out there in blogland! You are awesome and I am so glad you are back!

  10. Hi Bonnie... I've been checking back periodically to see if you've returned. I also started working full time on Feb 28th and am trying to find balance as well. I love my new job and like you, I can leave it at the office when I leave. Glad to see you are back. Miss ya....

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~


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