Monday, April 11, 2011

Cork Board with Character!

Just another project I am working on for my office at work.  So far I have shown you the large frame with coffee filter wreath and the saying I framed in a distressed frame.  I decided I need something on the wall behind my desk to put notes and reminders without it looking messy and tacky!

What better than a padded fabric covered cork board???  It was pretty simple to make.  I had purchased this fabric at Hancock Fabrics for $4 a yard.  I bought four yards because I wanted to make curtains for my office as well.

After ironing the fabric, I laid it out on the floor with the right side down and the quilt batting on top of that.

Once I laid the cork board panel right side down, I measured to make sure it was straight on the fabric. 

I then began to pull it around and staple.  Now, remember this is cork board.  The staples will pull out really easy!
Now comes the part that was hard for me.  I wanted to put ribbon on it in a diagonal pattern.  I may be in accounting and like numbers but  I'm not good with measurements and angles at all!  Mr. Creative is the perfectionist in that area so he measured and drew out the angles on the back for me!

I was able to staple the ribbon on from there.  You may notice that this ribbon is different from the finished one.  I ran out of ribbon and had to buy totally different ribbon to start over!!

I love it and can't wait until I get to hang it up in my office!  I'm tired of looking at that plain beige wall!  

I purchased the large cork board panel at Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon.  I think it ended up being about $8.   I got two rolls of blue ribbon at HL for $2 and I found the quilt batting at Walmart for about $3.  I have enough leftover to make another one for my boss' birthday!  So this lovely project cost me about $15.

Next on the list is my curtains.  First I have to straighten up the sewing/craft loft before I can even start sewing them!

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  1. Hi Bonnie! What a nice surprise to see a post from you because I know how busy you must be. You did a great job on this! I love the fabric you chose too. I think of you often. I hope work and life is going well for you! Have a great day!

  2. Hi Bonnie, that is a gorgeous the fabric too.

  3. Hi Bonnie! Hope you are well! This looks great and anything to pretty up an office area works for me!

  4. Bonnie- I love it-love the fabric!!! Great idea I think it is funny that you don't "get it" with angles and numbers considering you are a number cruncher by trade! xxoo Diana

  5. Love your choice of fabric Bonnie! Your cork board looks great and I'm sure it will look lovely in your office.


  6. This is beautiful, Bonnie!

  7. This is so pretty, you did a great job.


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