Monday, April 18, 2011

Painting a Table for Outside

I did a little work this week on an old table I had on the front porch.  It was originally a lamp and table in one but the lamp broke.  I thought the table was cute and decided last year to paint it green to put outside.  Well this year I decided it needed to be blue!!

Here is the before from last year:

Not bad but it didn't go as well with our glider and pillows so I pulled out that sample of dusty blue paint.  I gave her two coats and then she looked like this!

Of course, that wasn't enough character!  I had to get the sander out and rough her up a bit!

A closer shot of the distressing.

I am ready for real spring and thought I would get a few things out.  Here she is now, ready for spring!

Just a few birds hanging around!

I like it next to our glider and with the color of the pillows.

Close to the same as last year.  I did pot a few plants yesterday but I will wait to show you more when they start filling out!  Here is just a sneak at one of them!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

My Office Reveal!

Now remember...this is an office at work and I was limited to what I can and cannot do!  Also, remember I have limited funds so it had to be done on the cheap!

Next, forgive me that I got so excited to get started when Mr. Creative and I got there that I forgot to take before pictures!  What a bad blogger...

Let me tease you along.  Remember the frame and wreath I made in this POST?

This is how it looks hanging in my office!  I had to bring in a radio because it is so quiet in here!

Don't forget the saying that I framed and showed you HERE.

It looks much better hanging in my office!!  I hate the flourescent lights so I brought in a floor lamp and I have a desk light.  There was enough sunlight this morning for pictures without it on.

Mr. Creative carried in this black refrigerator that we had from camping.  Works well and hidden from the door for my "kitchen" area!  I'm pretty stocked up.

Oh, and the fabric covered cork board I made to show you in this POST.

I hung it behind my desk and already have notes and stuff on it!

I made the curtains to soften the hard edges of the room.  I am worried that the fabric as a whole on the windows makes it look like a grandma's bedroom!  I may have to watch for some other fabric!  It is hard when you are on a strict budget to find the perfect things!

Quite a cozy little office and I love it!

I found these pots at the Dollar Tree and planted some seeds that you can see growing!

So, what do you think???  Mr. Creative said he would fall asleep here because it is too homey!!

My auntie gave me some of the accessories you see around the room.  Of course I have the framed pictures of my family, my mom and don't forget me with Dierks Bentley!

Mr. Creative wanted to know where his picture was at.  I guess I better pull one out of him doing what he loves...hunting or fishing.  Until then, here is a bad shot of him after he hung my curtain rods and carried in the refrigerator!

I just love him to pieces because he is so good to me!!  Love the shirt...

Not Perfect
But So Close It Scares Me

He is a mess, but he is my mess!  He was so tired from fishing all weekend and sunburned.  No pain, no gain!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Saying to be Framed!

A few months back, I saw a blog with a saying framed that caught my eye.  I didn't bookmark it and wish I would have so I could give credit to her.  The saying stuck in my head as it really relates to my attitude in life now.

"It's Nice to be Important
but it is More Important
to be Nice!"
That has great meaning to me as the many years I was working in the corporate world, this isn't the attitude.  If you were going "somewhere", you had to look out for yourself.  Many times I had fallen into the trap of wanting to be important.  When I became a manager, there were times that my ego needed that boost.  However, more often I tried hard to be fair and do the right thing.  The right thing wasn't always the most popular and may have gone against the "rules", but I did always try to be fair.

Now that I am working again, it is a different atmosphere.  It is small and part of a larger non-profit.  It isn't perfect but it does have a different attitude as compared to the huge corporate company where I used to work. That is why the above saying stuck in my head and I decided I had to frame it for my office.  It is a nice reminder each day of how to behave!

I found this poor picture frame at Goodwill for $2.  I forgot to take a picture before I painted it Heirloom White but just imagine that someone had tried to make it a metallic silver.  Ugh!  Here it is once I spray painted it.

I then added some glaze but it just didn't have the right look so I dry brushed on some blue since both the mat and my office has blue in it.
I also added on some of the renassaince mettalic glaze to give it a little more depth.

 I typed the saying into Microsoft Word and centered it for 8 1/2 by 11.  I found some pale cloudy blue card stock at Michael's craft store to use as the background for printing.  I already had this blue mat so I put it together. 

It will look better in my office but I hung it here to take another picture.  Quite a glare in the house today!  The frame and saying is simple but I love it!

Just wait until you see the office reveal!!!  That will be coming up later this week.  I are on pins and needles!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cork Board with Character!

Just another project I am working on for my office at work.  So far I have shown you the large frame with coffee filter wreath and the saying I framed in a distressed frame.  I decided I need something on the wall behind my desk to put notes and reminders without it looking messy and tacky!

What better than a padded fabric covered cork board???  It was pretty simple to make.  I had purchased this fabric at Hancock Fabrics for $4 a yard.  I bought four yards because I wanted to make curtains for my office as well.

After ironing the fabric, I laid it out on the floor with the right side down and the quilt batting on top of that.

Once I laid the cork board panel right side down, I measured to make sure it was straight on the fabric. 

I then began to pull it around and staple.  Now, remember this is cork board.  The staples will pull out really easy!
Now comes the part that was hard for me.  I wanted to put ribbon on it in a diagonal pattern.  I may be in accounting and like numbers but  I'm not good with measurements and angles at all!  Mr. Creative is the perfectionist in that area so he measured and drew out the angles on the back for me!

I was able to staple the ribbon on from there.  You may notice that this ribbon is different from the finished one.  I ran out of ribbon and had to buy totally different ribbon to start over!!

I love it and can't wait until I get to hang it up in my office!  I'm tired of looking at that plain beige wall!  

I purchased the large cork board panel at Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon.  I think it ended up being about $8.   I got two rolls of blue ribbon at HL for $2 and I found the quilt batting at Walmart for about $3.  I have enough leftover to make another one for my boss' birthday!  So this lovely project cost me about $15.

Next on the list is my curtains.  First I have to straighten up the sewing/craft loft before I can even start sewing them!

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to our Home!

Poppies at Play is having a home tour and I figured this would be easy for me since I already have the pictures loaded from the last year of our home!  Our home is a work in progress because everything I do is on a strict budget.  With my first son going to college in the fall, the money is needed there instead of in decorating!

A glimpse of coming to our home.  Mr. Creative did most of the work himself in building our home which is the only reason we have this house.  I pinch myself when I come home because this is something more than anyone in my family has ever had and it isn't that much!  We put on a new roof since this picture!

When you come in the front door here is the foyer that shows what is most important to us...FAMILY!  I love my train station clock!

To the right is our dining room.  I am still going to paint that china cabinet this spring!  I might paint the lower half of the walls...again!

The powder room is just off the foyer.  It is a dedication to my dad!  I miss him so much even after 23 years!  That oval picture of my dad feeding the chickens when he was 4 hung in my grandma's house for 60 years!

This is the family room.  It is still IN PROCESS.  I have so much to do yet!

Here is my very small laundry room!!  But it works for what I need.

Oh, my favorite remodel, the kitchen.  I painted everything from the ceiling, cabinets, counters to the handles.  I am very proud of my hard work here!

Another shot of the breakfast area.  I sewed the curtains too!

Let's go upstairs to my oldest son's room  I now have a lamp shade I like on that lamp!!

A peek at the back deck!

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I have to "finish" the family room and then start on our master bedroom and bath.  I'm not showing it until it is done!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I love looking at other homes.  I fit perfect in that HGTV commercial of the couple driving around at night to see inside houses for how they decorated!!!  This makes it much easier and safer!!

Please stop by Poppies at Play this weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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