Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Wore Today Week 2!

This What I Wore Wednesday party looked like fun and a way to get me to think about what I am wearing.  Since I will be going back to work, it will probably cut down on decorating projects some.  Plus I need to come up with some "Creative Decorating (of my wardrobe) on a budget" ideas!!

I showed you my interview outfit and cost breakdown last week.  Here we have a casual running errands and going out to lunch with an old co-worker outfit!!

I tried a belt around my waist but since this are lower cut jeans, I was getting a slight muffin top going on below the belt so it had to go!! 
CORRECTION:  Due to my blogger friend comments, I am adjusting this to be a MINI - MUFFIN top!!!  Trust me, it may not be much but it was there!!!

I thought these short boots were great that I found at a thrift store.  I wear a large narrow shoe so it isn't easy for me to find reasonable shoes, let alone from a thrift store that are like new!

You will be surprised that all items are name brand but I purchased at thrift stores, ebay or clearance section of retail stores.

Sweater:  Eddie Bauer clearance $7
Shirt:  Victoria's Secret from eBay $10
Jeans:  Express from eBay $20
Boots: Damiani's real leather from thrift store $11
Purse: eBay $4
Bangle Watch:  Charming Charlies $10
Earrings:  Wal-Mart clearance $3
Necklace:  Premier Designs $Free (gift from MIL)

My SIL sells Premier Jewelry so I am beginning to have quite an assortment!  Very nice jewelry and the company has excellent business ethics and morals.

I figure like decorating, I will get better at this as I go along!  I had to dig this poor mirror out of the basement and put it on a box to capture my tall self!!

I am linking up to What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy!!  Some great ideas over there!

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  1. First off where in the world would you have a muffin top?
    You look so cute Bonnie. Love the handbag too. It just tickles me that you are doing look SO cute!

  2. You look great!! Love that sweater! And the necklace really makes the whole outfit.

  3. Bonnie you are tall, slender and beautiful. Love your precious purse and outfit. You look amazing!

  4. Muffin top! Ha! Now I could show you what a muffin top is, that's why I am not doing this party. LOL! You look beautiful dear! I love your bargains too. Great shopping!

  5. You look so sweet...keep the ideas coming! Dianntha

  6. Okay...I always thought you were truthful until you said you had a MUFFIN top...Girl the only muffin top I can imagine would be your boobs coming outta the top of your pants. You are so tall and thin that you could wear a feed bag and look like a model. You are tooooo cute! hugs-Diana

  7. Hi there girl friend! Long time since I've posted but just popped in to say you look adorable as your last picture did! You are so tall and thin and look like a model! I never knew because all we could see was you head shot in the profile picture.
    I am so glad you got that job, you so deserve it girl!
    PS great finds on the outfit!

  8. Those boots are a steal. What a lucky find. You look great!

  9. Ok, Ok!!! It was a MINI Muffin top but it was still there!!!! lol

    Thanks girls for the positive comments!! This has been fun!!

  10. Looks great and I love those boots!!

  11. You look great! And the deals you find are pretty stunning ,too. :)

  12. Ok... I missed last week's! You got the job!!!! I knew it!!! You look beautiful! If you have muffin top, I would like to know where???? Girl, I got your muffin top!!!

  13. You look great! And on a budget too. Love the whole look, especially the boots.


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