Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Enhancing the Home!

With all the wonderful encouragement yesterday, I got a little creativity flowing and decided to look at decorating my house in the same way you would eat an piece at a time!  So I started with the mantle.

I knew I wanted some green and I didn't have much and even less money!  I went to Hobby Lobby and scoured their big clearance section.  Many things there but some are so gaudy or to rich looking for my home.  I found this very ugly container for $7 and thought it had potential!

When I got home, I pulled out a can of green spray paint that I had used on our outdoor patio set.  Gave it some coats of paint in the garage and brought it in to dry.  (Very cold in the garage so I knew it wouldn't dry!)  While it was wet, I took a paper towel and lightly touched it around the edges to pull the gold color out.  What do you think???

As you can tell, I also used the photographing technique we learned from Tracy at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures.  She is having a White Background Linky Party!  It is pretty cool and will work well for items I sell on eBay!  My color was a little off in the first picture but I figured it out for the second one!  It also would look better with a white blog!

Now on to my mantle!!  Let's start with the right side...

I see a lot of people using books so I pulled out a couple and took off their jackets.  I think I may recover them with a paper since they are red as the wall.  I have plenty of pine cones from Christmas that I filled my cloche to set on the books.  I am trying to bring out pops of green in the room so I thought this very cheap Goodwill topiary would give a natural and green effect!  Oh what the heck, let's throw in a HL chippy lemon!

In the middle, I put this little chest that I bought last year at Michael's on clearance for $4.  I think it adds some old world, rustic feeling. 

I also spray painted these old Home Interiors brass leaves in ORB and highlighted with some metallic bronze glaze.  Then hung them above the painting.  Of course the deer antlers that belong to Mr. Creative have to be here!

I shopped through my house of things on the floor and in the basement.  I found what used to be Southern Living Home vases/candle holders.  Just turn them over for vases.  I have a box of candles so I found two matching in a taupe color.  Along with my Hobby Lobby enhanced clearance container, I have the left side complete!!

So here was the BEFORE...

Here is the AFTER!!

Quite an improvement!  Now I need to work a little more on the hearth and another flat surface in the room!  Hey, by Spring, I just might have the house decorated and ready to change!

You know I am linking this Boring to Better creation to my friend Kim's party at Savvy Southern Style!!!

Linking up with the Power of Paint Party at Domestically Speaking!

Domestically Speaking

Thanks so much for stopping by, all your support and your wonderful comments!!  They make my day!!


  1. Fantastic done good. I love the vignette. That party was fun, I really enjoyed it, and look forward to learning more.

  2. Bonnie, it looks fabulous. I love the mix of books, topiary, candles and the little box. Your new container looks wonderful painted. Beautiful arrangement. Hugs, Marty

  3. Bonnie, your mantel looks great! I am a big fan of the candle holders, they are very pretty! Everything looks very well put together!

  4. Love how you painted that container and now it looks wonderful. Good job on the mantel. Those vases/candle holders are great and give some nice height to that side. Really looks good and shopping the house is always the cheapest way to decorate.

  5. It looks GREAT! Love the painted container...totally changed the look of it...and the candlestick idea is a great one! It looks perfect! Hugs- Diana

  6. See, I told you so! Looks great!

  7. That looks good Bonnie. I knew you would come up with something. Love the piece you painted. That looks much better. Thanks for joining the party this week!

  8. Bonnie, your mantel looks GREAT! I love the transformation of the container. Sometimes all it takes is a little creative impression and the rest comes easy. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day,

  9. Your mantel looks so warm and inviting. Love it!

  10. I think it looks wonderful Bonnie! Using what you had, getting some great deals on new items and making them over and then putting your creative skills to work you made your mantel look just beautiful!

  11. Hi Bonnie, Your new container looks pretty painted green. Beautiful mantel and the colors are gorgeous with your red walls.

  12. It's beautiful, Bonnie. I like the pop of green in your room. Great transformation on the gold container. I like it so much more in the green. I'm doing the same thing and trying to shop the house instead of spending. It's kind of fun when you pull it all together!

  13. Bonnie,
    I like what you did with your mantel. That container is very nice painted green. I love the antlers and deer too. I would have never in a million years thought that a deer head would become all the rage, but it is chic! My Dad has 5 mounted heads. He recently gave me some horns that I am going to use on a vignette...I am still deciding what to do with them. They have some scalp on them! LOL I am hoping that might hammer off. Well see...

  14. Love your makeover and your mantle looks lovely!

    Now I am off to visit Tracey for tips!

  15. Great job, Bonnie! I love painting formerly ugly stuff, too. And I also like looking at all of the clearance things at Hobby Lobby. I agree, alot of their items are pretty gaudy, and just begging for a few coats of paint:)

  16. Thanks for sharing, its pretty cool. This year I'm looking forward to take a break and enjoy nature as I go for vacation, well maybe after I find some Ranches in Texas. Anyway I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here.

  17. Well you certainly id a great job and I love the container you painted!! I always shop around the house and the storage, then my dad's garage, and so on!! Great job!

  18. The accessories work perfectly with the style of your home, very warm and ideal for winter.

  19. The painting looks great its potential to a good painter.
    Perfect for my condo here in Bridgeport Single Family Homes


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