Monday, January 31, 2011

Making Speaker Boxes and Preparing for the Storm

First off...we are getting ready tor the "Thunder Snow / Thunder Ice" that is going to hit here in St. Louis later today and all day tomorrow.  The predictions are scary.  I have been clueless since I haven't watched the weather for a few days.  I went to Wal-Mart yesterday before I knew what was going on and the carts were gone, the shelves were bare,  the lines were long, the people were crabby and I only bought what I had to get instead of everything we needed. 

Then I get home and find out we could get an inch of ice and 12 - 24 inches of snow. mother is in the hospital again...I need to go back out to get more food in case we can't get out.  I need to go to the hospital to make sure my mom is eating and doing okay (nurses are great but under staffed so they can't tend to her needs).  

Plus trying to prepare for any length of power outage.  We have been through 5 days twice now so I think we know what to do.  The generator is ready...we have gas for it.  The BBQ has propane and we have propane for the camp stove.  Mr. Creative has the house wired so we can plug the generator directly into the house and can run everything we need except things with heating elements such as the dryer and the electric stove.  We will make coffee, though!!!

Here is a project that we all worked on.  My oldest son got sub-woofer speakers for Christmas but needed the boxes.  

Mr. Creative purchased some MDF and together they made the boxes to specs.  I got the lucky chore of painting them.  I covered the kitchen table and got to work painting them black.

Together, they wired them up and here they are ready to be put in the trunk of his car.  I think they turned out great! 

For those of you that don't know, these are the speakers that make the cars sound like a sonic boom when they drive by.  I can't believe that MY son would do something like this!  Only somebody else's son would do that!  However, he is a great kid and we decided to choose our battles carefully and this wasn't as important as others!!

Well, I am off to stop by the hospital and feed mama some breakfast, then drop off my signed offer letter at my new job, and hopefully buy the rest of the items I need from the grocery store.  Then back home to hunker down for the blizzard of 2011!

Stay WARM!!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogger Inspiration Transformed from Thirft Store Finds!

What can you do with very little money, a lot of inspiration and a little creativity????

While studying accessorizing techniques on other blogs and decorating websites, I came across a simple example of inspiration for my breakfast table.  I found this on Pat's dining room table at her blog  Back Porch Musings and I just had to do it for myself.    Please stop by and see what she has done in her home!  She did the most amazing transformation with the color gray!!!  I love it!

As you know, we are so out of budget!!!  I needed to do this from everything I could find around my house.  Well, I had most of it.  I wanted to add another layer under it so I needed a silver tray.  I found one at Goodwill for $6.  I cleaned it up and it looks pretty good with a little character abuse!

I then placed on top of the tray, this ivory bowl that I bought at Wal-Mart at least 5 years ago.

I have had this crystal vase since we got married.  It was a wedding present from SOMEONE!!  Don't ask me who, I can't remember anymore!  I placed it inside the bowl.

I found a bag of navy beans in the cabinet.  I knew I wasn't ever going to make ham and beans for Mr. Creative!  So I poured them in around the vase.

I didn't have any tall pillar candles so I dug out this short pillar.  I put coffee beans in the bottom and set the pillar on them to give it more height.  I then added the remaining coffee beans and there you have it!!  Not the exact same as Pat's display but still a great inspiration!

Simple yet homey!  That's how I try to be!!  Sometimes I get a little cluttered!!

Many thanks to Pat for letting me use her picture as inspiration.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working on My Vignettes

In a previous post I told you how I have been struggling with vignettes.  This is something that I am determined to learn and improve on this year!  I spent several hours last weekend pouring over your blogs and decorating websites!!  I think I learned a lot but I still have more to learn!

My other issue is money.  I could probably do better vignettes if I had a better supply of items to use!  I decided to work on the top of the computer armoire.  You know, where I do my blogging!!  I put more rocks in this hurricane (and cracked the glass!) with a candle I had in my stash.

I found this picture at the Goodwill store for $6 and thought the colors and theme would work well for some layering here.

I found a few books and purchased them at GW based on their cover color and appropriate titles!!  I found this leaf tray at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $4.

Together, I think they look nice.  Next I found this suitcase also in the clearance at HL for $11, as well as the red glass container for $3.  I was trying to elevate the lamp to make it useful as well as stylish!

Here is a shot of what it looked like BEFORE:

Here it is in the AFTER:

I know, enough is enough!!  I think it does look better, don't you????

Here is more news...I got that job I wanted!!!  
Everyone was so nice there and I am really excited about starting soon!  

Here is what I looked like just before I left for my interview!

Aren't you impressed????  NOT!!  However it was presentable for an interview and also on a budget from thrift stores and clearance sections!!!  I thought I did pretty good!

Jacket   Ann Taylor $13 eBay
Skirt:  Jones New York $8 eBay
Ruffled top:  Target clearance $6
Stretch belt:  Target clearance $2
Black tights:  Walmart clearance $2
Bandolino shoes:  Online store clearance $30

Here is my new profile picture.  Not too bad for a timer shot and for being in a hurry!

Thanks for all your prayers and support during this time that I have been looking for the right job!  It just goes to show that when you trust God, His will is better than what we could pick for ourselves!  This was definitely His hand in the making!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lamp Makeover

A while back, I decided to do a makeover on some silver style lamps that we have owned forever!  It was a set of three from Penney's.  This was long before I learned that everything looks more comfortable when things complement each other instead of matching!

I wanted them to have a mottled bronze finish.  So after taping off the glass and things I didn't want to paint, I sprayed them with a satin brown.

I didn't think to take a picture of the next step (before blogging), but I sponged on some red acryllic paint.  It is hard to see the red in the pictures.  After that was dry, I then took the metallic glaze, brushed on and wiped off.  I was really happy with how they turned out!

Here is another shot of the top section.

I bought these lamp shades from Walmart.  They are brown on the outside and gold on the inside.  Here is one of the three.  I like how they turned out.  I didn't paint the inside pole because I figured with it being silver, it was less noticeable through the glass.

As the family room comes together, I will show you the other lamps!!  I am linking to Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch!

I studied decorating pictures all weekend and came up with some ideas for layering in my vignettes.  I have had some wonderful advice from my fellow bloggers that I am incorporating as well.  So I went to some thrift stores but only found a few things.  It is a start, though!  I am going to do a little more today after my interview.

Yes!!!  My interview is today so wish me luck!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Accessorizing the Family Room

Well, I keep shopping my home to put together vignettes for my family room.  This is an area of decorating that I struggle.  I can do major makeovers of furniture, walls or arranging furniture but I have a very hard time arranging accessories to complete a vignette.  So I scour all of your blogs to get inspiration and then try to replicate using what I have.

The top of our entertainment armoire is a hard area because we have two story walls.  Eventually I want to purchase a large old world round clock to hang on the wall above this armoire to give it the height it is missing.  But, doing the best I can, I put this together using what I have.  You will notice a wildlife theme as Mr. Creative is a big hunter and fisherman.  As a family, we love nature.  I try to make the wildlife work around the room. 

To read how I transformed this armoire, please click on this POST.

Over to the right of the armoire, I have placed one of the old chairs that I STILL have to reupholster (I am in process on the matching chair).  I tried to put together a corner that works with those treasured fish of Mr. Creative!  The table was $15 on Craigslist that I painted and glazed.  There is also a lamp that I transformed from silver to bronze.  I will do a post on the lamp and table later!  I added a ginger jar, some books and a thrift store $1 bowl that I painted, too! 

Here you can see more of the area together.  You can see the open spot to the left of the armoire that is awaiting that reupholstered chair!!

I know this look isn't for everyone, but I try to incorporate "the men" of the family into my design.  Being the only female in a male world, I am also trying not to lose me!!  Anyway, this is a racoon hide that my father in law gave me, a very large deer shed antler that our dog found in the woods on our property and a very old walnut bowl that belonged to my parents.  I just filled it with some pine cones.

This is our computer armoire.  I'm not thrilled with the accessories here but I am about out of options when shopping the house.  I may have to purchase a few things!!
  The back wall is wallpaper that I hung under the loft to give it a little shine and dimension.

The doors on the computer cabinet are RARELY ever closed!!  This is the chair we use for the computer.  I hung our family portrait here.  I had it on the wall next to the TV armoire but it just looked lonely!  I really like it here as you see it as soon as you come in the family room from the foyer.

Another area that I'm not thrilled about is the top of my dresser that I use as a sofa table.  I need different accessories as these just aren't cutting it!

To see the transformation of the dresser, please click on this POST.

Last but not least is the fireplace wall that I have showed you previously.  This is reality blogging so the mess on the hearth is the norm.  We use this wood burning stove to heat our house so there is always wood droppings everywhere!!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Enhancing the Home!

With all the wonderful encouragement yesterday, I got a little creativity flowing and decided to look at decorating my house in the same way you would eat an piece at a time!  So I started with the mantle.

I knew I wanted some green and I didn't have much and even less money!  I went to Hobby Lobby and scoured their big clearance section.  Many things there but some are so gaudy or to rich looking for my home.  I found this very ugly container for $7 and thought it had potential!

When I got home, I pulled out a can of green spray paint that I had used on our outdoor patio set.  Gave it some coats of paint in the garage and brought it in to dry.  (Very cold in the garage so I knew it wouldn't dry!)  While it was wet, I took a paper towel and lightly touched it around the edges to pull the gold color out.  What do you think???

As you can tell, I also used the photographing technique we learned from Tracy at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures.  She is having a White Background Linky Party!  It is pretty cool and will work well for items I sell on eBay!  My color was a little off in the first picture but I figured it out for the second one!  It also would look better with a white blog!

Now on to my mantle!!  Let's start with the right side...

I see a lot of people using books so I pulled out a couple and took off their jackets.  I think I may recover them with a paper since they are red as the wall.  I have plenty of pine cones from Christmas that I filled my cloche to set on the books.  I am trying to bring out pops of green in the room so I thought this very cheap Goodwill topiary would give a natural and green effect!  Oh what the heck, let's throw in a HL chippy lemon!

In the middle, I put this little chest that I bought last year at Michael's on clearance for $4.  I think it adds some old world, rustic feeling. 

I also spray painted these old Home Interiors brass leaves in ORB and highlighted with some metallic bronze glaze.  Then hung them above the painting.  Of course the deer antlers that belong to Mr. Creative have to be here!

I shopped through my house of things on the floor and in the basement.  I found what used to be Southern Living Home vases/candle holders.  Just turn them over for vases.  I have a box of candles so I found two matching in a taupe color.  Along with my Hobby Lobby enhanced clearance container, I have the left side complete!!

So here was the BEFORE...

Here is the AFTER!!

Quite an improvement!  Now I need to work a little more on the hearth and another flat surface in the room!  Hey, by Spring, I just might have the house decorated and ready to change!

You know I am linking this Boring to Better creation to my friend Kim's party at Savvy Southern Style!!!

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