Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Took a Fall!

Guess what happens when you have windows like this...

Then you decide to do this...

So you have one of these to climb...

But you have too much on your mind and don't pay attention to make sure it is braced so you end up breaking this...

I rode the ladder as it slid down the wall from about 10 feet up and landed on the floor. I landed flat on my feet however one foot was on the rung of the ladder and the right foot was just under the rung of the ladder. So with my weight, the weight of the ladder and gravity slamming into the top of my foot, it broke 4 of the metatarsal bones a total of 6 places.

I had surgery and now it is held together with 10 screws. I am doing okay as I didn't hurt anything else (except my pride). I will will be laid up for 3-4 months and it will be a year or more before I know what I am stuck with but it is all okay. I am alive and healthy and the foot will heal. I'm sure eventually I will figure out how to create and paint things while on a knee scooter!

Here is my new transportation!

I will keep you updated!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Love My Microwave!

2nd post in almost a month...guess I am getting better! Thanks for hanging in there with me. So many of you have emailed or commented that I should just post when I can. I think I will do just that!

Our microwave bit the dust...It died about 4 years ago and Mr. Creative revived it with some fancy rewiring (Don't try that at home)! Being frugal we at least got another 4 years out of it. By the end, you were lucky if you got a half bag of popcorn! You can see it there on a baker's rack at the end of the cabinets. This was a shot from when I remodeled my kitchen on a budget last November. Read more of my kitchen reveal HERE.

I have always wanted an over the stove microwave. Get that thing off of the counter! They are rather expensive and being budget minded, I turned to my favorite store...Craigslist! Found one for $100 but got him down to $75. I thought nothing to it. Take down this ugly ventless hood, hang the new microwave and plug it in, right? WRONG... This exhaust fan was hardwired!


This is what my kitchen looked like for a week! Drove me crazy but I had patience on the outside. Mr. Creative was fighting a cold so he was moving slower than usual which is already slow but accurate!

Holes had to be drilled to screw into the top of the cabinet, brackets had to be measured and attached, outlets had to be cut out and installed! While he was doing that, I was cleaning the new to me microwave with  a toothbrush and 409 or Dawn. It wasn't very greasy but I wanted it to be my dirt and not someone else's dirt!

(You can see my pretty wallpaper from when we built the house in 1995!)

Good thing Mr. Creative is full of so many skills! Finally, a week later it was in! However, the mess it left behind took me a few hours to clean up! So now my kitchen is all clean!

Doesn't she look great??  We forgot how well a real microwave can work! Probably why we never used it much!

It has been a year since I painted the cabinets, counters and backsplash. They are holding up pretty well!

Mr. Creative promises to get the ceiling trim up before Thanksgiving this year. He is a busy guy and hunting season is just around the corner. Last year I remodeled the kitchen while he was gone. This year, I think I am going to work on the master bedroom!

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Thank you for stopping by and I hope to post a few more projects that I have been working on in the upcoming weeks!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

California Trip - Amazing!

Hi everyone! I haven't been out here in a long while. Not sure I ever will be back to blogging again. I am debating about taking down my blog all together. Since the passing of my mom, working outside the home and my son leaving for college, I just don't have any motivation to be creative enough to keep a blog going. We'll see what happens.

Mr. Creative and I did go on a vacation to see his sister in California this month. The first "REAL" vacation we have ever gone on. Usually we go camping or on a weekend retreat but since it was our 20th anniversary year, we decided to spend the money. I was very thrifty with finding deals and coupon codes. Here is the breakdown of our 6 day, 5 night trip.

Southwest Airlines for 2               $515
Hilton Garden Inn in Folsom,CA  $435
Full size rental car (Ford Fusion)  $125
Gas & Spending                         $440

So for under $1500, here is what we saw! Enjoy the pictures!

Napa Valley

San Francisco

Lombard Street

Alcatraz Island (from where we were eating on Pier 39)

Painted Ladies near Alamo Square (I remember these from the TV show Full House!)

San Francisco covered by sun and fog!

All we saw of the Golden Gate Bridge! If we wouldn't have driven over it, I wouldn't believe it was there!

Mr. Creative and I FREEZING in San Francisco!

Old Town Folsom

After eating a HUGE breakfast! Getting ready to hit the antique stores!

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

On our way!

Pictures do not show how HUGE these really are!

Unbelievable! Mr. Creative looks so small to be 6' 2"!

 Stanislaus River

Lake Tahoe

Just amazing!

Fools Gold in the water! 

We took a catamaran ride around the lake! 

Well, hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of our vacation. We had a wonderful time and now Mr. Creative is on a diet!!  We ate very well, or should I say bad????

Have a great week!

Monday, July 18, 2011

MIA for Awhile...

Some of you are aware but I thought I would make a quick post to let everyone know that my mom passed away several weeks ago. I thought I would post this pretty picture of her.

Losing her has really been hard. She had dementia and was now living in a skilled nursing facility for the last 2 years. I know she is at peace now. Being there with her at the end was hard but I was able to have closure.

My mom and her sister shared a room in the nursing home and I know she must be lost without her. Here they were together on Thanksgiving a couple years ago.

I have been out of sorts for awhile now. It is strange to lose both my parents. I feel kind of like an orphan with no one that has loved me since I was born. I can't explain it but it is a strange feeling.

I haven't felt like doing any projects or blogging. I thought I better post a little something just to let everyone know what happened to me!

Anyway, my husband and kids have been great. We have been camping some and keeping busy. My oldest leaves for college one month from today so that has caused mixed feelings for me too.

So thank you to everyone for your support. I am amazed that I still have any followers! We'll see how things go and whether I am able to get back into blogging again.

Have a wonderful summer and give those close to you an extra kiss and hug!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Two for One Special!

Wow, 2 posts in one week! That hasn't happened in a long while! I'm sure by the title you expected some type of giveaway.  WRONG! I just wanted to show a little change I made in our powder room and let you know we are leaving to go camping at the lake!

The At the Picket Fence sisters are having their Inspiration Friday Party and I wanted to join in. With the holiday weekend, I am inspired to relax in our camper (or outside of it) doing some reading and soaking in the sun!

I don't really call it camping when you stay in something like this...

Nothing fancy but sleeps much more like home!

I am trying to freshen up my decorating at the house since we are going to have a graduation/50th birthday party here in June. There will be many folks that have never been to our home so I wanted it to look just right! 

I wanted a nicer and updated rug for our powder room but it had to be in my price range. I looked everywhere but really didn't want to spend $25 - $50 on a little rug.  Walmart was the last place I checked and I found this...

I liked the colors in it and the pattern so I cut off the tags and threw her down!

This is a cracker jack box bathroom. No place to move to take pictures and the lighting isn't good except here over the sink. It is cozy, though! lol

Lot's of memories and pictures related to my dad. He will be gone 24 years in July and I still miss him!

I think I am going to buy that halogen light on a stand they use at construction sites to give me some light when I take pictures! We are shaded most of the day so there isn't a lot of sun coming in the windows! Great for keeping the house cool in the summer but bad for pictures!

Here is a peek at another project I have been working on!

I hope you enjoyed this little change and I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend! Please stop over for other inspiration!

Please remember those who we have lost, both civilian and military this Memorial Day!

Take care, Bonnie

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chalk Board Paint Project!

I know so many of you are on the chalk paint bandwagon that I want to try but I am a little slow.  So for now I am using the chalk board paint that everyone else is probably done with by now!

I had this mirror that I got at Target many years ago in the clearance section.  I don't even remember what it cost but knowing me it was less than $15!

It was in my son's rustic room before his makeover that I showed you HERE.  I decided to take the mirror out and make it a chalk board for my kitchen.

As you can see, I painted it heirloom white, sanded the edges, and painted the hardware an oil rubbed bronze.

I really like it here in the kitchen because whenever we are out of something, everyone writes it on the board so I know to buy it on my next trip to the store!

Below it you can see an in process desk transformation!  Maybe that will be my next post.

Again, here is BEFORE...

Here is the AFTER!

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Thank you for your wonderful comments!  I am trying to maybe get two posts in this week!
Have a wonderful week!


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