Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Christmas Mantle - Just the Beginning!

As I always remind everyone, this blog is about doing things on a budget.  I hope someday I can have one about decorating when you win the lottery, but until then you are stuck with this one!!!

I am trying to update and decorate for Christmas using what I have and very reasonable if purchased.  I decided to start with my mantle.  The tree was too overwhelming after just finishing my kitchen and having Thanksgiving here for 12 people Sunday.  I have seen so many great ideas and decided that I was going to combine what I liked to make something of my own!!  

First I worked on the hurricane glass containers that I showed you how I made HERE from Goodwill candle holders and Dollar Tree vases.  Inside I put an upside down candle holder from Dollar Tree, red bead garland, a small candle and some holly from a poinsettia bush from none other than DT again!!  

A little snow and PRESTO, you have my version of fancy candle holders for Christmas (or change with the season!!).

In the picture above, you see the lighted garland that I have had for about 5 years.  I dug out  two trays of red and gold glitter ornaments from Target last year after Christmas, some pine cones I had and wired ribbon that I have had for 10 years!!

After seeing what others have done, I thought my garland was very wimpy!  I now realize that most lighted garland are that way and it is what you add to it that makes it look fuller!  I laid it out on the mantle and put the sleigh I bought at Goodwill for $6 in the middle.  I put my hurricane vases on each side.  Then I took the ribbon and began wrapping it around the garland.  It would have been easier if I had done all this before I put it up there but that's just me!  I tied two ornaments together and hooked them on the garland.  Added the pine cones here and there.

This is what you end up with once you add stockings and some turkey feathers to sleigh!!

I am so excited that I can't wait for Mr. Creative to get home so I can show SOMEBODY!!!  My teenagers really don't care unless there is presents in those stockings!!!

When I saw what Vanessa from Southern In My Heart did with Rosemary from her yard, I got to thinking that I can do something with the overgrown boxwood bushes we have out front!!  Here is what I came up with from looking at Vanessa's blog!

I hung them on each door of our entertainment hutch.  Here is a peek at it!

Lou Lynn at The Life of Lou Lou decorated her lamps so I modified to work with what I had already.  Not much!!!  Here is my version!

I will take better pictures when everything is complete!!  You can see all the junk laying around in the living room still!  Today I will work on the outside topiary trees that won't light up anymore!!

I am linking my mantle vignette to Rhoda's Southern Hospitality party for Christmas vignettes!!  There are many to see!
southern hospitality

Also to Layla's mantle party at The Lettered Cottage! 
The Lettered Cottage

I feel so creative this year and it is all thanks to you Christmas Bloggers!!  Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!!


  1. Oh! I think your mantle looks really lovely, Bonnie!!

  2. Bonnie- That looks just great! You really beefed that garland up and I love it! Hugs- Diana

  3. Bonnie the boxwood is so pretty! There are so many festive things to create with boxwood. I love what you did on the hutch and lamp. Sooo cute! I also am totally in love with your mantle. You are so right! Those swags are so wimpy until you add stuff to them. I did the same as you this year. I just put it up first and kept adding things on the mantle. Yours is so full and lush and I love the sleigh in the middle with the feathers. I am going to have to show my girlfriend this, she is so much like you in her style of decorating she will love it! You have done a fantastic job, and it looks like you had a big budget to boot! Wow! Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful Bonnie! I love budget decorating. Now grant you it is nice to have some expensive things as well, but that is all in due time and years of collecting and searching. I appreciate Budget, it shows the creative side in all of us. Your mantel looks superb!

  5. Hi Bonnie! Oh my goodness, the boxwood looks so gorgeous! I have some too and never thought about using them that way, especially on the lamp! Everything looks beautiful and I think it is WAY more fun to be "creative on a budget" than just to be able to go and buy up everything in the store. Awesome job!

  6. Very pretty! Isn't it amazing what can be done on a budget?? You made me laugh with your comment on my check post. The woman was like 40!! I couldn't believe it!!! HA!

  7. I LOVE the greenery on the doors and lamps! Your garland looks spectacular. You're making me wish I had turkey feathers.

  8. Bonnie, your mantel is just gorgeous all full and lush and lighted. Love it. I do the same thing with beaded garland in my glass hurricanes. Now link it up!

  9. I love your decorations! I too like to decorate on a budget - which is good since that's all I can do (smile). But it is fun anyway! Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

  10. Your mantle is so pretty and I just love your hurricanes. I am going to have to make some soon! I love it!

  11. Beautiful, just absolutely stunning and gorgeous. I gasped when I saw what you did with the cylinders and candlesticks. AMAZING!! Beautiful mantel.

  12. Embellishing always does the trick...I particularly like the lamp embellishment...

  13. The mantel looks wonderful. I love your hurricanes you made and adding such great ribbon and ornaments to the swag is perfect.

  14. I love your mantle!!! It is so full and beautiful! I copied your idea of the hurricanes! I love them! I will be posting my mantle soon... I hope! I can never get it how I want it! I am so copying the lamp idea! Gorgeous!

  15. You have boxwood in your yard? Oh, I would so make an inexpensive wreath...maybe even a square one. All you need is a foam wreath and add the greens to it...a bow and you are in Pottery Barn/William-Sonoma Style. I wish I had some I could cut!

    The mantel looks great. It is all those little touches you add that make things look interesting!

  16. Simply stunning, love the festive spirit of your decor. may I invite you to link this lovely post to Xmas carnival here..

  17. Hey there girlfriend!
    So nice to see you popped in for a little holiday cheer:)
    I love all your "stuff" you've done and OMG!!!! need I say this...I love the look of the kitchen!!!! It just gives me hope that mine might look this good someday, you have done a fantastic job!
    Sounds like things are looking up in the job search too, will keep my fingers crossed for you my friend!
    Hugs and happy holidays,

  18. I think your mantle is beautiful! And am I allowed to comment on the antlers hanging above the mantle since they are not Christmas deco? Well, anyway, I love them also!

  19. Oh Bonnie! I have indeed missed you. School has been keeping me very occupied so I haven't been able to visit as often as I would like.
    Love, love love, your holiday decor!


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