Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Thrifty Christmas and Happy Frugal New Year!!

Okay, first I have to tell you what has been going on here!!  Two days ago, when I was browning my roast, it slipped from the fork when I was putting it in the pot and the grease flew up and hit my face around my eye!  Luckily, not in the eye and no where near as bad as it could have been, but it hurt something awful!!!  However, being the good mother/wife and trooper that I am, I finished dinner!!!

Then yesterday while I was creating this post, the computer made a clank noise and then the monitor went off!!  I thought I was going to cry but that would make the salve on my face run in my eye so I held out!  Needless to say, I had to wait for my son, who is a senior, to come home and investigate.  He found that the fan on the video card broke so we bought a new video card at Best Buy for $90 and after he installed it, we are up and running quietly again!!  I love that kid!!  Do you know how lost you can be without the computer????

Going along with the "budget" them this year...sounds better than saying we're broke!!  I have to show you the HAUL I made at a couple thrift stores for Christmas decor!
There is a ministry run thrift store in the small town I live in and their prices and stock was awesome!  Then I headed to the Goodwill store in the next town where they have a wonderful amount of Christmas decor.  They had all Christmas items at 50%!!  I hit the mother load of Christmas!  Here is a snapshot of everything $26 can buy for you!!

I wanted Christmas pillows for outside on my glider and was shocked to find these with all the right colors for my porch.  $2 each!

The candle ring was $1 and I added the candle that I realize you can't see!

This little arrangement in the tin can looked like new and it was $3.  I just set it up here on the TV hutch!

Another candle ring was $1 and I added the candle!  You can't see it either from this angle!!

The green Christmas tree candles were two for $1.50 so I put one in the cloche with the $1 church ornament from Walmart!

This ornament cookie jar was only $3!!!  I think Diana told me she has one and it came from Starbucks with cookies in it!  I just love it!!  The little Noel sign on the refrigerator was only $1 and the little milk bottle sitting next to the Santa plate was $1!

In the dining room, the garland around the chandelier was .50, the glass ornaments were .75 for each package and I bought three!

The large wreath that I placed a candle in the middle of was only....$3!!!  Score!  I added more of the ornaments, pine cones and berries.  The reindeer candle holders were $2 for the set of 2!!

So I think this qualifies for a great Boring to Better for Kim's party, Junkin Finds Friday over at Linda's party and Frugalicious Friday over at Finding Fabulous!!  Stop by and join in on the fun!!


As always, thank you for coming by to visit me!! Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Bonnie, now that is what I call great deals and it all looks so good. Cute cookie jar and thanks for linking! Hope your skin around your eye feels better.

  2. You are truly the BEST shopper and I love everything you've created with your bounty! Your home looks so beautiful and I love your new header.

  3. What fabulous deals!!! I'm over here bummed out that I didn't find out about the $1 Walmart ornaments sooner.

  4. I'd say you scored on both counts! It looks so fantastic! I am so sorry to hear about your skin, that was a close one wasn't it? Then the computer crash too, aren't you glad your son know his stuff. My son and husband are both that way about computers too, thank goodness because I am clueless. Oh, and I love your new header! I thought I was at the wrong blog for a minute. It's beautiful!

  5. Great decor, great deals, and I love your tree too!

  6. My goodness! You really did get some great deals. I really think the cookie jar wins the prize!

  7. Holy cow! You did hit the mother load! Awesome finds and it all looks fantastic.
    Would love for you to link up your home decor to my Holiday Open House!

  8. Wow, you got great deals and what you did with it, it looks fabulous!

  9. I want to hook up with you and go shopping, you got the eye! Which I hope is better...what a day!

  10. Bonnie this is gorgeous decorating and very thrifty! I love how beautiful everything is and all bargains. It does not take a fortune to make a home beautiful. Thanks for joining JFF...I will have the link up Thur evening! hugs, Linda
    Oh and the wreath with the candles is my favoirte, or is it the ornament candy it all.

  11. Bonnie- It looks great. Yep! That's my cookie jar...well, it is LIKE my own but it isn't MINE-;>)

    You sure found some good deals. Unbelievable really. Those pillows are perfect for your front porch and I have some of that fabric that I've never done anything with..matter of fact I have LOTS of fabric I've never done anything with-it's a sickness I think.

    Just want you to know you did a totally awesome job decoating. I hope your face doesn't know if that ever happens again-ice much and as long as you can stand it. It takes the "fire" out of it right away.

    Have a good night-and glad you got your 'puter fixed! Hugs-Diana

  12. You did a great job!!! Quite a haul there!

  13. Hi Bonnie!

    Well, everything looks just so festive and pretty! And you know I love the thriftiness of it all!

  14. You did good, Bonnie! What a great haul and I love that it is all seasonal.

  15. Hello Bonnie,

    What a great thrift score! I especially love the cookie jar and pillows! Your Christmas decorations look great!

    ~ Tracy

  16. Wow! Not only did you find the deals of the season, but you decorated with such style and finesse that your home looks like it should be in Better Homes Christmas! Great job...I'm visiting from Linda's Junkin Friday Finds.

  17. You got some really good deals. I had not seen the Walmart churchs before, I'll have to stop by and see if they have any left.

  18. You got some great deals, and it all looks wonderful in your home. I especially like the cookie jar, and the cloche and the reindeer candle holders.

  19. I just popped in from Junkin Finds to say I love how well you pulled everything together. You've done a wonderful job at decorating for Christmas!~Ames


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