Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas in the Dining Room!


My favorite shot so far of our tree!!

I figured there was too many pictures to put in one blog post so I am trying to break it out by room/areas!  To decorate the dining room, everything is either mine or came from the thrift store except the candles and bead garland.  Those came from Kmart and Big Lots, so they were quite cheap.  I think the candles were $6.50 total and two rolls of glitter beads were $4.  On Friday, I have to show you the HUGE score I made from the thrift store on Christmas decor!!  Here is a look at the table and hutch in the dining room.

Here is a closer picture with the hutch doors open.  I put out my Thomas Kinkade Christmas plates and some annual Christmas plates given to me by my sister from an Avon collection.  I added a little boxwood from the yard and a few baubles!!  Not much but it helps to make the hutch pretty for Christmas!

I took a section of garland and wrapped the chandelier, added a few glass ornaments, some pine cones and a little bead garland.  It works!

My centerpiece is just a scrunched table cloth, a plain wreath that I added everything on it and a few candle holders.  It seems everything looks the same but when you have to make do on the cheap, that is what happens!!  At least it looks nice!!!

My foyer is very boring this year.  Maybe next year I can focus more on it.  I only have a few things with silver in them and decided to keep them concentrated in one spot.  I hung the bell candy cane from the mirror with some silver ribbon.  The wine bottle was a gift from my staff for Christmas a few years ago.  I just love the glow!  I put a silver/gold star ornament with snow in the crystal vase.  Very simple!

I wrapped some garland with ribbon and ornaments for the railing.  Nothing too fancy in here this year!

Maybe tomorrow I will move outside if it gets a little warmer!

I am linking to Allison's Holiday Open House at her blog, A Glimpse Inside!
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I am linking to Centsational Girl for crafting because that table centerpiece and chandelier was definitely a craft project!!!  Stop by to get some great ideas!!

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  1. Very pretty Bonnie! I love the beads in your dining room. All your holiday decor looks so good the colors in your house. I am breaking down pics by rooms too. Your stair garland is so pretty, I really like the ornaments on it. But, I am still just loving your VERY BIG beautiful tree!

  2. Great shot of the tree. Love our stair rail going up too. It is all so festive.

  3. Hi Bonnie....Your house is certainly decked out for the holiday's and you have done a fabulous job. LOVE all of your thrift store finds. Especially those red salt and pepper shakers.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Take care,

  4. Hi Bonnie! Oh, your decorating is so beautiful! I love your dining room and I love how you made your centerpiece! Thrifty is good!! :) I don't have mine finished yet!
    I must tell you - your china cabinet looks so pretty. I spy those blue and white Currier and Ives dishes. I have a boat load of those. I collected them for many years and they just make me smile.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Bonnie, the dining room and hutch are great. Love how you have displayed the hutch. Looking good and love how you dressed up the chandy.

  6. It all looks great as usual. I wanted to use garland on my chandelier in the dining room but I got annoyed trying to work with it so that's a job for next year!

  7. This is so nicely done! It I can tell you from experience that decorating on a budget is a lot harder that just going out and buy a bunch of decorations and taking them home. One really needs to be creative to pull off a well designed plan such as yours! Great job :D

  8. Bonnie- You are just getting better and better and better! I LOVE IT! Tree is gorgeous! Hugs-Diana

  9. Bonnie it is all just beautiful. I think you have done a fantastic job decorating. That tree looks huge.And of coarse you should hang some garland on your deer head. Thanks for the compliments on my antlers, I always enjoy your visits/comments.I like your deer head too. I can't wait to see the thrift store finds.

  10. Coming to you via FiFi!!

    Your decor is beautiful! I love it, so warm & inviting!!

    You should come over and link up today on my blog for Home Tour Tuesday, it's on Holiday Decor!

    Blessings, DAphne

  11. Everything looks very pretty. Your tree is beautiful & so tall...I love it!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I'm glad you liked my globe lamp.
    May I say, "Wow, your home is beautiful!"
    Thanks again for dropping by,

  13. It looks so festive and pretty! I love your tree!

  14. Hi Bonnie! Everything looks so beautiful and I especially loved how you decorated your hutch. Gorgeous!

  15. Everything looks so pretty! I love the header picture. I think you created a wonderful, warm holiday house...doing it on a budget is a plus!!

  16. Hi Miss Bonnie! Your photos are superb! That Christmas tree shot could be a post card or Christmas card. Everything is so festive. I am like you I am posting in increments of the room, because one post would be too long. Plus it gives us another post LOL! I have a tech question for you. WHen people hit reply they can't email me anymore. I used to have it that way and not sure what is different. Where do I go, I checked all my settings, etc...

  17. Argh, I keep forgetting to get stuff to do my dining room chandelier and the kitchen light! You've just reminded me again seeing yours, Bonnie. It looks great and I love how it looks like it was simple to do but makes such a nice impact. Your tree looks great; I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  18. Wow, all your xmas decor looks great. I love the dining room chandelier. Tks for sharing!

  19. Good Morning Bonnie! Gosh I was certain I left a comment here. Glad I came back, I just spied those red salt and pepper shakers, I have the very same ones and I love them. Your tree looks like it could be a hallmark Christmas card.

  20. Bonnie my friend, I am waiting for you to share this at my partay!

  21. Hi Bonnie, I am a new follower and wanted to tell you your tree and christmas decorations are beautiful!


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