Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I am very busy wrapping presents!  Trying to make them look pretty even though they don't last too long!!  I hope everyone enjoys what we have bought them this year!  If not, maybe they will be too stunned from the wrapping to notice anything else!!!

I made two more of the 2 tiered stands to give as gifts to a couple of close friends that I used to work with at my last job.  One gal has been my friend there for almost 20 years now!!  The other, I met just a couple years before I left but we really hit it off.  They are both special to me and I miss seeing them everyday.  It is hard to match that work friendship because there are few people you see everyday!  

Not having much money, I went to Goodwill (my favorite store it seems) and found these Christmas plates for $1 each, salad plates were .50 each and these candlesticks were .50 each.  I loved that the candlesticks were already Christmas ready!!  So for $2, I made something pretty for my wonderful friends.  

I had already made these for my sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law.

Here is the one I made for myself!

I hope everyone likes them as much as I do.  It isn't much but I hope they use them and think nice things about me when they get it out each year!!

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To all my wonderful friends and family,

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Very pretty Bonnie! I am sure they will love it and be thinking of you when they use it. That is so sweet. Your gifts do look wrapped very lovely this year. I decided to skip bow myself this year. LOL! Merry Christmas!

  2. Bonnie they are so cute! I can tell you if someone made me one of these I would love it. Doesn't take lots of money to find a great gift if you put some of your heart into it also! Merry Christmas!

  3. Love your creativity even on the presents. Merry Christmas Bonnie and family!

  4. What wonderful gifts, Bonnie! I look forward to visiting you many times during the next year and exercising my thrift gene (I know it's in there somewhere!). Annie

  5. These are so pretty, Bonnie. You did a wonderful job and I would certainly be happy to receive one.

    I have come to a conclusion though: everyone has better thrift stores than me :)

    Happy Holidays, Honey

  6. Beautiful presents! I didn't go all out on mine this year.

    And those stands are fabulous! Great job!

  7. Those stands are all very lovely. Very homey and charming and just begging to be the center of attention displaying goodies. I'm sure your friends and family will love them, I know I would.

  8. Those are lovely gifts, Bonnie and your friends will be so honored that they are handmade by you. I love your cookie stands! Your packages are gorgeous under the tree....almost too pretty to open. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  9. Bonnie I LOVE your header, it is great and pretty what a great idea! Love those plates too, Merry Christmas friend!

  10. These stands are so cute! I admire your budget friendly creativity!

  11. Very pretty and very special Bonnie of you to make those..I'm sure they will think of you each time they use them...Merry CHRISTmas my dear friend...From my mountain to your hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. Bonnie, your gift wrapping is beautiful and the plate stand....I would love to be on the receiving end of those gifts.

    Wishing you and your family a very Blessed Christmas.


  13. Fantastic Bonnie! What great finds! I spent most of the day wrapping gifts and tonight we are baking! This is the fun part! :)

  14. Your plate stands turned out beautifully and your packages look so nice too. I didn't put one bow on this year, how's that for lazy?
    Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and blessed 2011.

  15. Love how these turned out! Thinking I will have to make a few myself...thanks for sharing.


I know how busy you are and appreciate that you are taking the time to leave me a comment! God Bless! Bonnie


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