Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Preparing for Winter!

What a BEAUTIFUL day here in the Midwest!  Yesterday was 75 and sunny.  The same is expected for today!  Hard to believe it is almost the middle of November!  Since I love spring and summer, I am happy!!  Hopefully it stays this way until December!!  

Just a couple weeks ago, it looked like this around here.  This year's fall colors haven't been as beautiful as in the past but it is still a color fiesta!

We worked around the house this weekend to get rid of the leaves and pull out the summer flowers that are gone now.  The trees are pretty bare.

Mr. Creative and the teenage boys rented a log splitter and got to work.  We should have plenty of wood to keep us warm this winter.  We estimate that this saves us about $1200 a year on propane.  Well worth the work and the mess when you don't have much money!

They also worked on getting the pontoon boat covered up and put away on her pedestal for winter!!

I hung up the deer flag since deer season that makes me lonely Mr. Creative happy is here!  I don't think you can see it in the picture.  Anyway, everything looks so bare to me.  I don't like winter coming!

Tomorrow I will show you my pillows that I finished up!  I am also getting ready to paint the kitchen while Mr. Creative is gone for 10 days to search for the 4 legged love of his life!!!  Well, this deer widow is going to paint his wood cabinets in the kitchen while he is gone.  That will teach him to leave me for such a long period of time!!!  Hopefully he doesn't read this!!!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Your yard is bursting with beautiful colors...just gorgeous! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have a mild winter! LOL..Can't wait to see your kitchen cabinets all painted!!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see your cabinets painted. That will teach him for sure. Look forward to the pillows, too.

  3. OMGosh- You are worse than I am...MyHero got so he was afraid to leave the house for fear of what I would paint (or redo) while he was gone. Don't forget to take before pictures!!! hugs- Diana

  4. oh my goodness, i didn't realize hunting would mean all those days away! good luck painting, how exciting! i know, our trees are bare, too. i feel like it started earlier, somehow.

  5. Good Morning
    Oh my goodness. The fall leaves are fabulous. I love watching the trees change colors. And, thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  6. That is a long time! Enough time to finish those cabinets though. LOL! I finally finished my pillows too, haven't posted them yet either. Looking forward to seeing yours also. Good to hear from you! Your property is so gorgeous, especially this time of year!

  7. Hi Bonnie! I can't wait to see your latest project! And, our trees were so gorgeous until last weekend when the wind and rain finally hit hard. Always bittersweet don't you think?
    So fun to be seeing new posts from you!

  8. Bonnie, YOu are a very busy girl.. iside and out! I am so excited to see your pillows.


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