Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is it Wood?????

Happy Monday all my Blogger friends!!!

I feel like I got my mojo back!!!  I actually worked on projects this weekend.  Each one propelled me into working on another.  Mr. Creative is into his hunting mode which usually leaves me a little lonesome during deer season.  However, this year I am hoping to be more productive!!

I worked on three things so at least now I have a few posts for this week!!  First on the list was to paint the basement door in our family room.  Our doors are just the 6 panel fiberglass with the wood engraving.  We painted them gloss white when we built the house 15 years ago.  Since all my colors are now warmer, the door stood out like a blinkin' beacon!!!  I thought I had a better before picture of the door...but at least you see the top of it!

First I cleaned the door real well.  I then sanded just to rough up the gloss paint and wiped it down again.  Next I applied one coat of an umber color.  It looked terrible but I knew it was just the base so I pressed on!!

I gave it a second coat just to hide more of the white that was showing through.  The next morning, I got out the Valspar Mocha glaze and used a brush to put it on.  I liked the way it looked and how it got into the grooves so I didn't wipe any off.  It took a good 24 hours to dry.

I then put a coat of satin water based polyurethane over it because this door gets a lot of abuse by teenage boys heading to their "man cave"!!  I think it turned out great and looks good with the wallpaper.  I took a piece of our oak trim to Walmart and just matched the base color and had a quart of Walmart brand paint mixed.  I didn't need it to be the perfect finish and it was MUCH cheaper.

It seems the color is matching well with the oak trim.  One down...eight to go!!!  I figure I will work on one room at a time!!  I just love that trunk from Mr. Creative's grandma.  We bought it at her estate sale.  She told us that it belonged to her aunt so we are estimating that it is at least 100 years old!

Here is a sneak peek at a project still in process!  Remember these chairs and fabric?  I am also still working on that table!!

I am trying to overcome my fear of upholstering these chairs!  It is a challenge to even get the fabric off!  Eeeww!  They are quite scary now!

It feels good to be blogging again so I am happy to be linking to the following parties:

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Thank you so much for stopping by and staying with me during my absence from blogging!!  I have missed this a lot and I want to get more projects done around our home.  I am still looking for a job but have faith that God will make the right one happen!  Enjoy and have a wonderful week!!



  1. Bonnie- You did an amazing job on that door! If I didn't know better and just glanced at it I would think it was wood for sure! Perfect color match, too! Just look at it that you are 1/9 of the way done!;>) Hugs- Diana

  2. Bonnie, girl, you've been busy and I'm so glad to see you back to blogging. That trunk is awesome.

  3. Great job on the door Bonnie. Looks like wood. Good luck on the chair.

  4. The door certainly looks much better now. Kudos on the redo!

  5. Thank you for following me! I'm following you right back. So nice to meet you.
    Brave girl you are to tackle the doors. But your hard work paid off. Great job! Can't wait to see the finished chair. Another brave project. And yes, that trunk is truly awesome.
    Have a great week!

  6. Hello! Stopping by via Metamorphosis Monday! I have faux wood finished a couple of things - it is a leap of faith not sure how things will come out - the fantastic thing about paint is you can keep going until you're happy - your results are great!

  7. Wow - the door turned out great! I so understand the husband hunting thing - hunter widows unite! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments about my work.


    Punkin Seed Productions

  8. I tink that is fantastic! We have a front door in need of some serious LOVE. And I keep thinking about trying to faux wood it. But it has no "grooves" in it.

    thanks for the post - you made the processs simple and easy to understand!

  9. Bonnie, the door looks fantastic....can't believe the way you made it look like stained wood! That's a cute chair and it'll be great to get 'er done! I just finished upholstering four chairs using double cording...whew...a job, but worth it. Can't wait to see your final project. Linda

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! It's always fun to meet new people and find new blogs! Great job on the door!

  11. The door looks awesome! It looks like wood! You did a great job. Good luck with the chair. I have three to re-cover, but keep putting it off. you'll have to share your tips with us!

  12. Hi,

    I really like the way your door turned out - what a difference! I admire you bravery on taking on the upholstery of the chair, beyond me I am afaid...I just up to making slip-covers.(-: Thank you for visiting me.

  13. Hey girl! So glad to see you back! I can't believe how great those doors look! You have been busy! What a great project. That trunk is awesome! I love old pieces when you know a bit of the history!

  14. That door looks fantastic. It is not only not a "blinkin' beacon" (that was funny!) but it has depth that plain paint would not have.

    I understand that fear of upholtry thing. I have it too.

    And we have a trunk possibly identical that one in our family. It belonged to My great grandmother and was the one in she used when she came to America to marry my great grandfather. I love it!

  15. Beautiful!! I love the way the finish came out! You did a great job!

  16. So glad you are getting your MOJO back Bonnie...send some my way please:) I love the door,they are such a pain to paint, you did a good job!

  17. Bonnie,
    Your door looks sooooo good!!!! Happy Fall!


  18. The door looks great - just like wood! It's funny, you are painting all your white doors to look like wood, and I am painting all my wood doors white. Too bad we aren't closer - we could trade and save ourselves a lot of trouble! Great Job!


I know how busy you are and appreciate that you are taking the time to leave me a comment! God Bless! Bonnie


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