Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dierks at the CMA Awards!

Well, it just doesn't seem like Dierks gets to win but at least he was nominated and got to perform at this year's CMA award show!  You know he is my FAVE!!  I have more pictures of him than my whole family combined!!!!  That's okay...

It all started with a 9am performance in Nashville on Good Morning America!!!  He is looking quite refreshed here for it being so early (for a music performer)!!

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See that hole in the guitar?  Lot's of playing going on there!

Then he got to perform on the CMA Award Show.  I thought it was a really good performance.  However, you have to like some bluegrass to enjoy it!

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He was up for three awards and lost out to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.  Lucky for all of them that he is good friends with both of them!!

However, I am sure he is most proud of his family.  Dierks and Cassidy's 2nd baby is due next month (yes, she is 8 months pregnant in this picture!) and life is still good for him!

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Don't worry Dierks, the Missouri girls are still your biggest fans!!!

Okay, enough of my babbling!!  I have to get into that kitchen and finish making Mr.Creative some more dinners for his 10 day hunting trip.  Yes, I AM a good wife!

Painting starts tomorrow in the kitchen!!  Woo hoo!!  Anyone want to come and help?????


  1. I love Dierks too :o) You ARE a good wife to be making meals for a 10 DAY hunting trip!!!! I'd fix my husband PBJ! LOL..J/K..kinda!

  2. I would be there if I could! I actually thought of you last night when I saw his performance, lol! I thought it was excellent and I do believe the audience and his piers also thought so as well. I really appreciated how the focus was definitely on his excellent music and not alot of hype about him. I know you didn't want to hear that but I only meant it as the most sincerest of compliments. He was great!


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