Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Thrifty Crafting!

I took a little break from working on my kitchen makeover to do some crafting!!  After cleaning out all my cabinets, there were a few things that I decided I didn't need anymore and I took the box to Goodwill.  Well, of course, while there I had to stop in and see if there were any goodies in my price range!!!

They had their Christmas stuff 50% off which I didn't realize until I was ready to check out.  I happened to see some Christmas dishes that had both a dinner and salad plate.  I have seen those tiered holders and decided I wanted one for Christmas!  Since they were 50% off, they cost me a whole $1.50 for the two.

I had already purchased the candle holder at Dollar Tree for $1.  I did buy some red paint because I thought it would look better red than just the glass.

I started out with Gorilla glue.  I should have read closer on the other blogs that made these because they probably told me to use the glue gun!!  I got it out and it worked a whole lot better!!  However, you have to be fast as I wanted to move it a little more but it was done!!

I just love it with the smaller plate on top!  Here it is in all it's glory sitting on my newly painted counter tops and you can see a sneak peek at my faux copper tin backsplash that came out great!!!  The picture is of me and Mr. Creative in 1988 when we were dating.  Awwwwww...young love!

I am hoping to post my kitchen next week.  I still have to make the curtains to give it a finished look.  There are more things I want to do to it but since we are having Thanksgiving here on Sunday, I think I am done until next week!!  I have to clean this house!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  Since we are celebrating on Sunday, we had filet mignons and crab legs for our dinner yesterday!!  Yum, yum!!



  1. What a great idea Bonnie! I've never seen that done before. I'll have to keep my eyes out for similar materials to make my own. :) I'm excited to see your kitchen when it's completed.

  2. Love this project. Like minds think alike - I have a dollar tree candle holder just waiting for the "right" plates to come along.

  3. Look how crafty you are. That looks great!

  4. It looks wonderful. Love the candlestick painted red. Perfect. I know you will use this so often. Pretty pattern on the plates. Hugs, Marty

  5. Bonnie! Another GREAT idea! That turned out darling! I also LOVE your countertop and backsplash..the copper looks REAL! And the faux finish on the countertops is unbelievable. Plus, because it's not solid colored if you get a few little scratches in it here and there no one will ever notice. You did it again! And...must and hubster were pretty darned cute back in 1988...come to think of it...we ALL were cute back in Hugs- Diana

  6. Fantastic Bonnie....I just bought that color, I love it too!

  7. Love this Bonnie and can't wait for your kitchen, have a great Sunday Thanksgiving

  8. Bonnie, Your Christmas stand turned out wonderful! The sneak peek of the faux copper tiles looks fabulous. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen. I hope you will join me for my Holiday Decor linky party starting on 12/15Hope to see you there.
    Hugs, Sherry

  9. Hi there girl! Long time no see and from the looks of your new profile picture, you've lost weight!
    I love the plate project, you are such a clever girl, I never would have thought of this!
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi and glad to see you are still blogging too:)
    PS do you recall how you got your watermark logo on all your photos?

  10. Great idea! I've seen these cake plates but not a Christmas themed one. So cute!

  11. Hi Bonnie!

    I made a three-tier tray for my daughters sweet 16th birthday party. I'm kicking myself for not spray painting my candle stick!!! I love that red touch :D

    PS your kitchen is really turning out lovely!

  12. O.k. That is one of the cutest things ever!!! Your counter tops and backsplash look awesome! I am so excited for you!

  13. That is just too cute! I love a good simple easy project!!! Great job!


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