Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Kitchen Reveal!!

I know I have been teasing everyone with little snippets from our kitchen makeover.  It isn't completely done but probably as far as it will get until after Christmas.  Do you remember the

Take a look at this AFTER!!!

Do you see those painted counter tops???  How about those painted and glazed cabinets???  You name it, I just about painted it!!!  Here is more AFTERS!!!!

I designed the curtain valances and think they may need a little trim...later!!  I was really happy with how the faux copper tin back splash turned out!

Love the red of the panels on the patio door.  I think the patio door needs to be painted black.  Next year!!  I like the round rug under the table and the matching runner!

I was excited about how the black cabinets turned out with the distressing and copper handles I painted!

I want something a little taller where the white bowl is sitting.  The way the halogen track style lighting shines on the cabinets just makes them glow!!  I love it!!

 The bakers rack has to go eventually.  But first I have to get an under cabinet microwave.  I want to put a desk there.  On the left of the window I would like a small hutch to put some pretties on!  I also want to paint my table and chairs.

I think eventually I will paint the lower part of the walls in the formal dining room in the same brown color to draw the eye into that room and blend them.  This chandelier here in the breakfast room has to go soon, too!!

Close up of some vignettes!!
Breakfast table

Left of sink

Above refrigerator

Left of stove

On the penninsula

Our coffee brewing station!  I painted the tray and put toile wallpaper in it.

So what do you think????  I just love it.  It makes me smile when I walk in there!  It still needs trim above and below the cabinets, the grout needs color fixing on the floor but for now it is wonderful!!!  Just in time for Christmas!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful and supportive comments you bloggers have given me!!  I loved it that people were paying attention to the little teasing snippets of the kitchen that I posted!!!  Have a great evening!

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Have a wonderful day!

Preparing for Christmas

As many of you are aware, I am STILL looking for a job!  I have a couple good leads and hope to find out something this week.  However, money is still tight and my Christmas decor is sparse and OLD!  So I have been trying to figure out how to spruce it up without spending a fortune!

While over at the blog, Savvy Seasons by Liz, I saw how she decorated a wreath using ornaments.  Using that idea, I went to Dollar Tree and bought 4 packs of red and gold ball ornaments.  I wasn't planning to make mine as full because that would have defeated the purpose of my staying on a budget!!  However I grouped them in twos and tied them on in various spots.  It went from looking like this sad and pitiful wreath

To this prettier wreath

It is so cloudy here today and supposed to have some snow flurries later.  Here is a shot of it with a flash.  Not as pretty then!!

I pulled out all the decorations I could find and now they are spread out in the living room.  Since people are keeping it real, here you go!  I had to move all the fall decor to the chair and end table in order to see where I needed something!

I really don't have enough to do much with but it is all piled over here.  Guess I better read more blogs to get more ideas of budget friendly Christmas decorating!

I am going to finish my last patio door curtain panel and then give the big makeover of the kitchen.  It is about done as far as it will get until after Christmas.  I will link up with Kim's Boring to Better party tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by my MESS!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

More Crafting Projects!

I decided Saturday morning that I was going to get up early and hit as many thrift stores as I could find for some kitchen accessories.  I was having the whole family over yesterday for our Thanksgiving and I wanted to put some finishing touches on the kitchen makeover.  I probably should have stayed home and finished my curtains!!  Here is a peek at what I did get done of my curtains!!

I found a few things at the thrift stores, but not many for the kitchen!  I came across these large glass candlestick holders for $1 each. 

I already had these vases from Dollar Tree for $1 each.

I remember seeing hurricane glass candle holders made from these over at the blog, 320 Sycamore.  I have some different ideas of how I will use these for Christmas on the mantle!  I think they turned out nice and I like the size of the bases with the vases. 

I also found some more winter/Christmas dishes for $1 each and decided to make the tiered trays for my sister/mother in-laws!  I know, I have gotten carried away with a good thing! 

I like the candlesticks to be red so I painted them.  Gives it more of a holiday feeling!!

You sure have to move fast when using the glue gun!  I almost didn't get one of them on in time!!

Very nice!!  For $3 and my time, I made them each smile!  I hope they enjoy them and think of me each year when they put them out with cookies!!  Too cute!!
I still have to finish another valance and another panel before I take some pictures of the kitchen to show you.  We need the trim around the top of the cabinets but I don't think I can wait until Mr. Creative finishes that before I show everyone!!  Just like me, it is a work in progress!!!

I am linking up to Carries first ever linky party called Amaze Me Monday!  Please stop by and show her some attention as well as the other wonderful ideas!!

Thank you for stopping by and may each of you have a blessed day!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Thrifty Crafting!

I took a little break from working on my kitchen makeover to do some crafting!!  After cleaning out all my cabinets, there were a few things that I decided I didn't need anymore and I took the box to Goodwill.  Well, of course, while there I had to stop in and see if there were any goodies in my price range!!!

They had their Christmas stuff 50% off which I didn't realize until I was ready to check out.  I happened to see some Christmas dishes that had both a dinner and salad plate.  I have seen those tiered holders and decided I wanted one for Christmas!  Since they were 50% off, they cost me a whole $1.50 for the two.

I had already purchased the candle holder at Dollar Tree for $1.  I did buy some red paint because I thought it would look better red than just the glass.

I started out with Gorilla glue.  I should have read closer on the other blogs that made these because they probably told me to use the glue gun!!  I got it out and it worked a whole lot better!!  However, you have to be fast as I wanted to move it a little more but it was done!!

I just love it with the smaller plate on top!  Here it is in all it's glory sitting on my newly painted counter tops and you can see a sneak peek at my faux copper tin backsplash that came out great!!!  The picture is of me and Mr. Creative in 1988 when we were dating.  Awwwwww...young love!

I am hoping to post my kitchen next week.  I still have to make the curtains to give it a finished look.  There are more things I want to do to it but since we are having Thanksgiving here on Sunday, I think I am done until next week!!  I have to clean this house!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  Since we are celebrating on Sunday, we had filet mignons and crab legs for our dinner yesterday!!  Yum, yum!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Keeping Me Honest!

I thought I better do a small post just to let everyone know that I am STILL working on the kitchen!!  It is coming along quite nicely!

Here you can see that I have painted the walls a milk chocolate brown.  What a yummy color!!!  Definitely makes the cabinet color look much better!  I also painted the ceiling and it sure needed it!  Nice and fresh!  The inside of the cabinets have all been cleaned and decluttered!  That is a good feeling!

You can see that I still have the back splash to complete.  I purchased the tin tile embossed paintable wallpaper yesterday at a store that is about an hour away from my home.  Now days you can't find much choice of wallpaper in stock.  I should have ordered it but didn't think about it in time.  I really want to finish it up.

Remember this inspiration picture of how I am going to make it look like copper.  Wish me luck!!

I have also sanded the counter tops and given them a coat of oil based primer.  Very smelly!!  Luckily, yesterday it was a crazy 70 degree day here in Missouri.  So I painted them with the windows open and left town to get my wallpaper!!  I am going to do the faux painting with glaze today.

Here is a sneak peek at my black base cabinets!  I did some distressing and painted the handles in a copper.  I really like how they turned out!

I still need to sew my window panels for the patio door and the valances for the two windows.  Here is the fabric and lining that I am going to use.  Hopefully I can get this done before Thanksgiving that we have on Sunday!

Last, I purchased these two area rugs from Walmart online only.  It is hard to tell in the picture but it has brown, ivory and gold squares which matches our colors.and looks even better in person!  I bought a round one for under my round breakfast table and a runner for in the kitchen.  I still have to clean and paint the grout to get rid of the mauve color grout!!!

Okay, this is keeping me honest!!  This evening, Mr. Creative is going to hang my new light fixture and make bigger holes in the drawers for my new cup pulls.  Back to work now!  

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and inspiration!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Kitchen Inspiration

Well, it is Inpspiration Friday over at Southern In My Heart.  I am what you would call a "copy cat decorator".  I have some ideas of my own, but a lot of my ideas are derived by inspiration I receive from others.  Of course it takes some creativity and hard work to put all that inspiration into a cohesive design!!!  Trying to give myself some credit here!  

For my kitchen makeover, I began to wonder about all the inspiration I have found from my fellow bloggers and various others on the internet!  I knew that I wanted ivory and black cabinets after seeing Kim's French Country Kitchen at Savvy Southern Style

I loved the look of the beadboard wallpaper on the sides of the cabinets after seeing Rhoda's kitchen at Southern Hospitality.

I wanted korbels under my eat in counter area after seeing this on Rate My Space by user WHITEBARN!

Oh and the brown paint for the walls when I saw how warm and inviting this kitchen was from Rate My Space by user CODESIGN.

I plan to recreate this tin look for a backsplash after viewing this picture from a Custom Wall Mural site.  Mine will be painted wallpaper with a copper glazing.

I am going to paint the countertops to resemble granite.  Here you see a few samples of scrap that the business up the street throws away.  I am using them for inspiration.  You can also see the paint swatch for the walls.  I chose the top color of brown.  It is #96162 Picked Acorn from Walmart.  I had it mixed in the Kilz Colors paint.  Best paint I have ever used and it is only $22 a gallon.  They can match any color you need!

You also can see in the picture above, the handles I have painted for the drawers.  The black cabinets get a hammered copper handle and the ivory cabinets are ORB.  Love it!

Here you can see the left side cabinets are done except the cup handles that need the holes drilled a little larger!!  Mr. Creative will have to do that for me!

Close up of the beadboard and antinqued glaze.  I also want Mr. Creative to put trim around the top and bottom to give them a finished custom look.

Now the right side looks rough!  Not sure you can tell there is beadboard around the penninsula.  Everything is painted and glazed but now needs a little distressing and the polyurethane!  I also have to clean out the cabinets and organize.  Worked out well on the other side!  Whew..what a mess during the project!

Here are my doors that will get spray painted with my neumatic paint sprayer today!!  Greatest thing I have found by far!  Nicer if you can paint outside!

Please stop by and see Vanessa's blog for much more inspiration!

Love all the wonderful comments so far on my kitchen!  Yall keep me going and inspired to finish!  Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


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