Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Working on those Pillows!!

Yes, I am still here.  Some of you have even had a comment or two from me.  Just haven't had the motivation or time to complete any projects to blog about!

I have been steadily applying for positions and contacting everyone I can think of to let them know I am looking for employment again!!  I have a couple leads with people I know, one in particular I am very fond of and hope that it works out.  While tossing and turning at 2am one MORNING, her name popped into my head and I made sure that I would contact her the next day, then I went to sleep peacefully!  Found her name and work phone number on the internet very easily (thank you God!!).  There may be a newly created part time accounting position assisting her open around December so we are going to lunch later this month to see if it would be something I am interested in.  I feel like it is the Lord's hand guiding me and I continue to apply for jobs and see where He leads me!

I did take some time to search for fabric that was cheap to make pillows for my new to me sofa that I blogged about HERE.  I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2 a yard!  It is very heavy and I am still shocked that I got it for that price.  It has a golden brown pattern depending on the nap on a dark red background.  I bought 4 yards which should make several pillows for $8.

I really like the color against the sofa.  It is a little hard to see without a flash!

I will take a sample and match it to some stripe material and hopefully something contrasting to keep it interesting.  Just takes time and patience to find bargains!

I had started working on this round end table before all the turmoil around here!  Here is a sneak peek at it.  I'm not done with it as I think it needs more distressing on the doors and then another coat of glazing to tone down the gold.

Sorry, another dark picture.  Too early in the morning here!

Now I am off this morning to visit and check up on my aunt in Quincy, IL.  Will be home tomorrow evening.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the kind comments of support you have given me.  It is amazing how much support I have felt from people I have never met in person.  It is truly a wonderful group of people out here in the decorating blog world and again, I thank you all!!

Have a wonderful day and I will hopefully be blogging more soon! 


  1. I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping your job hunt was going well for you. Keep us posted when you can. Hugs, Marla

  2. Ohhhh! I am keeping my fingers crossed about that job! Sounds perfect. Love the pillows! Did you sell your stuff on Craig's List yet? Be safe going to IL.

  3. Great fabric!! Good luck with the job hunt!!!

  4. Oh Bonnie Girl! I am so glad to see you popping in again on the blog. I know things are going to work out for you and a job, anybody would be lucky to have you as an employee!
    I love the fabric for the pillows and what a great deal on the price! I think they'll be wonderful on that sofa especially with Fall rolling in; perfect color!
    Hugs dear friend,

  5. Bonnie - I am keeping my fingers crossed for you with the job situation. I hope this one is the one! I can relate....I've been going through the same thing. The right one will come along. Trust, faith and patience are my favorite words these days. I love to see your new projects and your new fabric is really pretty. Hang in there!

  6. I'm sending good thoughts your way...hope you find something soon. What a great deal on your fabric!

  7. Bonnie praying this will be the one! Sounds promising! Enjoy your visit and I can't wait to see those finished pillows!

  8. Good luck with the job hunt and the pillow fabric looks great. Love the table you are working on, too.

  9. Hi! Great fabric find and I love that little round table! Can't wait to see how they turn out and I will pray that everything falls into place for the absolute perfect job!

  10. The pillow material is lovely! I am praying that you can find the right job and that you will love it. Have fun with your Aunt and I will be anxious to see your cabinet all done! Diana

  11. The fabric is beautiful! Saying a little prayer for you about your job hunt. God always gives us what we need at the right moment.

  12. I have been thinking of you Bonnie, even with my stuffed up head! That is great fabric for pillows, they will be awesome in your FR.

  13. It sounds like the job hunt is leading somewhere promising. Fingers crossed for you. That fabric is delicious.

  14. Hope things are still going well with the job search! I know how stressful that is - fingers crossed for you! (BTW - that fabric is beautiful!)

  15. Thanks for the nice comment on my fall decorations! I must have the same thing you have- because I am having trouble with my motivation in doing projects, as well! Of course it doesn't help that my camera is broken either!

  16. Best of luck with the job search, Bonnie!

    Those pillows are lovely!


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