Friday, September 17, 2010

Something That Inspired Me!

Vanessa, at Southern In My Heart, is having her weekly Inspiration Friday Party! Usually I show something from one of the many blogs I read that has inspired me.  However, this week I took my son to the library and while there I found four books while waiting for him.  One was a historical romance novel (yes...I love to read them!), another was about dummies using digital photography and the last one was a self help that has inspired me!  It was Robin McGraw's book, "What's Age Got To Do With It?

I read this thing front to back in one evening.  I was amazed at how many things she talked about that really hit home with me.  She is definitely disciplined and takes very good care of herself.  More than I would be able to do but just taking the few things like exercise, eating right and checking for perimenopause and bioidentical hormone therapy will go a long way in improving my overall well being.

Taking some extra time to make myself look better goes a long way in making me feel better about myself.  Anyway, I found her to be a very down to earth person with her priorities in the right place.  I think it was the jump start to what I needed.  

I encourage all women of any age to read this book as there are things that women in their twenties should be doing to help prevent problems when they are older!  

Since exercise is something I am doing, I did go for a walk and found some NATURAL things to decorate our home.  So I guess I was also inspired by nature!!  I walked down a hillside and through a ravine to get to the cattails!  Anyway, I put together this floral arrangement from what I found outside.  I found some faux pomegranets to fill my cloche for now.  Since the kitchen needs an overhaul, the background doesn't look that great!!

Enjoy and I hope you find time to see what has inspired others at

I am also joining Marty's cloche party over at A Stroll Thru Life!  
I would like to thank you for stopping by to see me! May you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Bonnie, I'm definitely going to get that book since I'm right behind Robin in age (53) and that woman is gorgeous!! Love the outdoor brought inside. Hugs, Marla

  2. That was absolutely Inspiring Bonnie! It is so good that here in the blogging community we can encourage each other in more than just decorating. I am going to check that out next time I go to the library! I love what you did with the natural elements that you found. With the seasons changing we need to have as much of the outdoors with us inside while we still can! :-)
    Thanks for joining the party!

  3. Your vignette is fabulous. Love your floral arrangement, so pretty and your cloche with the fruit is perfect. Thanks so much for linking to the party. Great inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  4. Bonnie, that sounds like an awesome book ...being at the age of 53, I could use it! :D I love your cloche...very pretty!

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  5. This is oone of my favorite things to do! Just gather nature from the yard! Sometimes it's a little hard to do, and so good to walk a little farther afield. What a gret result you have! Beautiful!

  6. Fabulous Fall free arrangement! I love bringing the outside in.

  7. Bonnie, I have to go find this book! I can tell you from experience that bio-identical hormones can change your life! Love your vignette and that you used things from nature.
    Take Care,

  8. I like Robin McGraw and will most likely read her book. She is very self-possessed and her spirit just shines through.

    Your Fall decorations really look wonderful...and congratulations for taking good care of yourself by exercising. I need to get better at that! Diana

  9. Bonnie, I saw Robin talk about that book, but never read it. I think I am through menopause anyway, finally and I did not have to use hormones. Yay! Mine wasn't very bad like some women. That arrangement you did with natural things is gorgeous and the best way to do one. Have a great weekend. Kim

  10. Hi Bonnie....I like Robin a lot so I imagine the book is great. I may have to get it. Hope all is well, and you are at least keeping busy! Have a great weekend. Debbie

  11. I have heard that book was good! Now you have inspired me to check the library! I just love cattails, but don't have any around here! Beautiful vignette!

  12. Hi Bonnie,
    Your vignette is very pretty "au naturel".
    Thanks for stopping by Normandy Life, I love having new friends come to call.
    Last year I did most of my fall decorating with natural foliage, leaves, etc. from the garden but this year I cheated with made made!
    Hope your weekend is beautiful

  13. Isn't it great when you find that book that speaks to you. I am almost 70 and find age is just a state of mind.

    Love your cattails I haven't seen any such a long time. I used to decorate with them years ago.

  14. I'm the same age as Robin and I love how she doesn't try to hide her age. She does look great, of course she has some resources that many of us don't have. I do like her honesty. If you didn't see the video she made for Dr. Phil's birthday...see if you can find it on YouTube or on the Dr. Phil funny!

  15. I love that you walked around and got the ingredients for your beautiful arrangement from around the yard! That is awesome. I will have to read that book. I am needing some motivation and inspiration right now!

  16. Looks fantastic! Love the arrangement and you got exercise too! Sounds like a plan.


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