Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little Piece of Fall...

Remember me?????

I have still been around the blog world, just haven't had much time or incentive to do my own blog.  It seems when the financial burden hit us, I just lost my motivation and creativity.  I have plenty of projects that I could be working on.  However, I have been inspired by the many fall decor I have seen all of you displaying!
I brought up a small box of fall decor from the basement.  After looking through it, I determined that I needed a few accents to go with my things!  So, I took $30 that I have been saving and went shopping.  Here is what I came up with and I hope you like it!  

This is a wreath I made many, many years ago when my boys were little.  It is losing it's shape but I figured it would work for this year!

This is a flag that I have also had since the boys were little!!  It has begun to fade with the sun!

Here I put out a few things on the front porch.  Some dollar store items and pumpkin accessories that I had from winning prizes at our monthly Bunco games!  My boys had to have the lighted pumpkin on the floor from years ago!

A close up of my cheap little items!  They are cute enough!

I could only afford the $2.50 mums at Walmart so I found the best ones possible to plant.  They are a little sparse but it does still add a little more color!

My marigolds are just going crazy!!!  Here is a close up of the rich orange color.  Looks great for fall!  

My impatiens still look good so I left them where they were!

A full shot of the front porch!

Now come inside!  I added a few pine cone candles to the foyer table.  Most of my colors are already good for fall.  The moss, leaves and pecans look great for fall in the lantern.

A full view of the foyer table...I have been experimenting with my camera.  Some shots are better than others!!

 I bought this suede leaf shape placemat at Walmart for $3.  I really like how it brings the table display together.  The flowers, candle ring and pumpkin were on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I already had the container and candle holder.

I think it looks nice when you walk into our house.  Now if I just had a little more money to do something with the rest!!  Patience...

I am linking up to Jenny Matlock's Rainbow Summer School for any color we want this week!!  I think my fall colors are in that range!!
Jenny Matlock

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I have so appreciated your warm thoughts and encouraging words!  Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Hang in there Bonnie during the tough stuff!!
    your fall decor is lovely!!

  2. Bonnie, I am so glad to see a post from you!

    Love all your fall accents. I love mixing the old stuff (memories) with the new stuff also.

    I haven't done any outdoor decorating yet because our house will be painted this next week. Power washing starts tomorrow.

  3. Bonnie, it all looks good and I need to get some mums soon, but it is still pretty hot and I am afraid it is too hot for them and some pansies, too.

  4. Bonnie, I hope pulling some of your loved fall items out warmed your heart as they cozied up your home : )
    it looks great!

  5. All the fall decor you put out looks beautiful! Loving your plants too! :)

  6. Hi Bonnie! I love your fall decor and I love even more that there are items that have been treasured by your family for years. Anyone could go out and spend a ton of money on new stuff, but it takes true creativity to blend some of the old with some of the new and do it in such a graceful and elegant way! I especially love that lamp you showed on the little table!
    Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your journey with us. It makes this blogging things so much more meaningful!

  7. Bonnie I understand the tough times but hang in there! Love what you have done and it looks great! Fab decorating on a budget and that includes a lot of us!!

  8. Such happy bits of fall bliss. I have not decorated one inch of my home. It is so hard to think about fall when it is 100 degrees.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers dear friend.

  9. I agree, your leaf mat pulls everything together beautifully. I think you did a wonderful job of "decorating on a budget"! I do think that reading other's blogs can sort of pull you out of bad mood. It is always amazing how creative people can be. I even enjoy reading about things that I can never make or do!

    I hope things are getting a little better for you.

  10. Bonnie-It looks wonderful and I don't think anything looks cheap at all. We have all had Seasons in our lives where we have made do with less...and sometimes we find much more blessing in all those little things than we did when we were flush with money and everything that goes with it.

    The mums are lovely too...and I like that you have re-used things that have memories attached...especially the flag! Gotta love that flag! Diana

  11. Nice link to Jenny's this week. Fall is definitely arriving. I'm still hanging onto the colors in my gardens.

  12. Oh Bonnie girl I am so glad to see a post from you, been missing you but understand!
    I love what you did with the Fall decor, it really perks up the place and gives a bit of cozy cheer!
    Nice to see you again,
    Your friend Terry

  13. Oh goodness, this post reminds me of all the Halloween stuff that needs to be put out yet. :)

  14. Hi Bonnie,
    Nice to see some fun fall-decorations! I have not gotten that far yet. I feel like I am drowning in the everyday-stuff (washing, cleaning and cooking etc.) It is fun to decorate and cheers you up. (I think that is what I need to do.)
    I admire anyone who can make something beautiful out of something free or inexpensive. That is the real test of your creativity! I have a friend who takes broken down furniture out of dumpsters (Goodwill or other places where used items are sold); repairs and paints them. Like new. I have several bookshelves at home that I have gotten that way.
    There is a motto in Swedish, 'Man tager det man haver' that the 18 century cookbook authoress Cajsa Warg, had. I often think about it when I am trying to do home improvements. It means literally 'You take what you have' (but sounds better in Swedish because it rhymes). Use what you already have or what is easily available. And that is exactly what you have done.
    Well done!

    Love the marigolds and mums!

    Best wishes & hugs,

    Anna's Rainbow Mystery

  15. Pretty colors. You are truly creative on a budget!

  16. Wow! What a gorgeous home you have! Stay strong, there may be hidden blessings around the corner for you...I've been through some tough times and have come through stronger, you can do it!

  17. Hi Bonnie! It is so nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by! :) I am sorry you too are in search of a job...God will provide!! Your home is lovely and I love the pretty fall accents! You have done a wonderful job despite the shortage of funds!! So pretty!!

    Hugs to you and I will be praying for you!
    Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  18. Hello sweetie! Your house looks beautiful! The flag is such a nice touch and so are the little figurines on your table! Ha Ha over the silly pumpkin, I got my son a giant one that is his a few years ago, I don't think anyone has noticed what I did with the porch! Oh well, you guys did. I love the centerpiece on your table! So pretty! Nothing wrong with using what ya got!

  19. I really like the glass jackolanterns on your porch table! And love the way the rich fall colors compliment your blue and white dishes in the dining room.

  20. Great job decorating! And I love your pilgrims!!


  21. Of course we remember you! I have been thinking of you alot lately! How are things going with the job search? Your fall decor is fabulous! I cannot believe your wreath has held up that well! Mine is looking rough this year but I'm using it anyway! I have some of those pinecone candles too. I pull mine out at Christmas. I love them with the fall decor too now. I bought the .99cent mums at Walmart because I'm afraid they are going to die in this heat still! Yours are beautiful! Your whole front porch looks wonderful!

  22. I think you did a wonderful job with what you had. I think it is more fun to use what you creativly then just buying new. Your front porch looks really warm and inviting.

  23. It looks nice. Fall is such a beautiful time.

  24. Ho Bonnie, I was thinking of you today...I figured as much with your thoughts these days:) I am glad you have inspiration though to decorate for Fall, that will perk you up. It all looks so pretty and welcoming.

  25. Hi Bonnie! Its me again! I was wanting to invite you to link up to my Inspiration Friday party. I think this post definitely qualifies!

  26. I love how you mix your old items with those neat memories with your new things. It looks wonderful!

  27. Hey Bonnie! Glad you got out your fall things and posted! Your mums are such a pretty color and look good! I want to know how your grass is still green? It has been so hot here with hardly any rain in the past month. I have dirt and weeds and so do my neighbors! Hope things are going better for you.

  28. I had a long day and it was great to visit your home through pictures. You are doing a great job with what you have and that is what makes it special. Keep the pictures coming.

  29. Your front porch looks so welcoming. JDaniel would be facinated by it all. I would just be in awe.

  30. New to your blog today. We're all in a bit of a pickle right now, aren't we? Hang in there, and remember, "Hard isn't bad. It's just hard."
    Good luck!

  31. loving the fall decor ...

  32. I think you did great on that budget! Everything looks so nice.

  33. Lovely fall decor~ I like the centerpiece you made, too. Thanks so much for the visit. :)

  34. I just started to put out my Fall stuff this weekend, Bonnie. I don't do much outside, but I like to put some decor in the areas of the house that we see when we come in from work. I love your little touches!

  35. Bonnie, your home is lovely. I felt the slightest autumn breeze here in the AZ desert.

    I'm really glad to see you here!

    Stay strong...sending a prayer and a hug that things will be getting better soon for you!

    Thank you for linking to Rainbow Summer School.


  36. Hi Bonnie. Make sure you visit Alphabe-Thursday this week! The post is up already!


I know how busy you are and appreciate that you are taking the time to leave me a comment! God Bless! Bonnie


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