Monday, September 27, 2010

It's is Very Cool Outside!!

Good morning everyone!!  I must say it is a very crisp 45 degrees here around St. Louis this morning!  Makes me so happy that I received our new down alternative comforter from CSN stores last week!!!  Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a $40 gift card to the CSN stores and I chose to use it at their Modern Bedding store.  We were in need of a down comforter for fall/winter.  I needed to keep the price low so I chose this down alternative comforter that was on sale for $44.99.  Since I had a $40 giftcard, I ended up paying only $13 with shipping!

We just love it as it is microfiber, very fluffy and warm!  It really felt good last night and this morning!  I'm not ready to turn the furnace on yet!  Now we just need a duvet cover that is washable!!

On to other news!  My dear friend Kathryn from the blog Take My Breath Away who you may know better as Jemma's Mom, gave me a Versatile Blogger Award!  Thank you Kathryn!!  I agree with her as to why people are Award Free Blogs as it does take a lot of time to do this and it is kind of like a "chain letter"!!! But I figured there is no problem with at least letting everyone get to know me better by answering the questions about myself!!

A "Versatile Blogger" brings everything to the table - a little of this and a little of that."

So....7 things about myself!!  Some I may have shared before but most of you probably didn't get to read it!!
I am VERY tall (5' 11 1/2") and rather thin. is in the genes!  My uncle on my mother's side was 6' 7 1/2" tall and quite thin and lanky.  Imagine Abraham Lincoln and that is how my uncle was built and looked!!

I married my childhood sweetheart after a few obstacles!!!  I have known him since I was about 5 or 6 from the neighborhood.  Of course I didn't like boys until I was about 11.  Then I was just CRAZY about him.  Surprised he didn't run away from me by then!!  After my family and I moved to Texas when I was 13, I tried to forget him but 10 years later I moved back and got him!!  We will be married 20 years this April!!  I love him more today than I did when we got married!  I always feel comfortable and safe with him no matter what the situation.  This is an old picture but a good one!!  Love....

I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl!  Gravy....can't get enough of it!  I'm not much of a snack person but when I am hungry...look out!!!  Especially a big T-bone, loaded baked potato and salad!  Yum, yum!!

Most of you know that I am a serious Dierks Bentley fan!!  I have been following him around and rubbing elbows with him since 2004!!  In case you don't know...he is a country music singer.  I like country music but I am still a rock n roll girl!  I grew up with country music especially since I was around a lot of "neighborhood taverns" while growing up with my somewhat wild parents!!!  People would put money in the jukebox to play songs because I would stand there and just swing to the music with my grape Nehi!  I have fond memories but not something I would ever want my own kids to experience!

I am a people pleaser!  I don't like conflict and I try to smooth things over rather than confront the issue or the person!  Not sure why but that is how I am.  I want everyone to like me which is probably derived from a rough childhood and being so much taller than everyone else.  I just can't stand it if I think someone isn't happy with me!  

I am a historic romance novel reader!  Yes, I like the sappy romances with the strong authoritative male hero and the headstrong female!  Not sure what that says about me but I enjoy reading them as it takes away from the nonsense of the world!  Since I already have my prince charming, they remind me of him!!

Last but not least.....I love anything and everything to do with decorating!  That probably isn't a surprise either!  However, sometimes it surprises me how I can think about it all the time!  I am one that loved to ride around at night so I could see in windows at how people decorated!  My husband laughs because of the new House Hunters commercial where the guy and gal get busted doing what we have been doing for years!! 

It would take me forever to choose other bloggers to award and I am running out of time this morning!!  So I want all 200 of you that I follow to know how much I love all your blogs!!!  You keep me motivated, creative and happy!!!  So here I am!  Not the best picture as I look a little tired with bags under my eyes, but hey this is about keeping it REAL!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day and week!!


  1. Bonnie- What a lovely insight into you and who you are. I think one of the best things about these awards is that people become more transparent with them...and we get to know the real person.

    You have a wonderful blog here and I am happy to be one of your followers...and to know you. You bless my Blog life! Hugs- Diana

  2. That is wonderful Bonnie! I adore you a bit more, just because You share some more things about yourself.

  3. I am having major problems leaving comments. Getting Service Error 503! I finally got through. So nice learning more about you. Wow, you have known your hubby most of your life. So glad y'all got together. Have a super week!

  4. I LOVE driving around at night looking in people's houses!! My hubby thinks I'm CRAZY!!!

  5. We have a similar comforter on our bed and we love it...not too warm, but warm enough. I love learning more about you. Congrats on your award.

  6. Love this Bonnie...getting to know you even better...girl you will love the feather cover...I have one and it's so light weight and warm as toast..doesn't hurt your toes like too many blankets do ha ha!! I also have the pillows oh sweet love...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria
    ps I just did a new picture of myself also..oh the wrinkles I have earned...

  7. Oh Bonnie,
    this is wonderful! I love getting to know you a little better! I have always said if we were neighbors, we could be dangerous together!
    And wow you are tall, OK so you got the "tall genes" when we were being created! I'm only 5'2"!
    It is so great reading this and i am so glad you are still blogging. It was odd to think you had to slow it down there for a while but i am so glad to catch up with all you are doing!
    Hugs dear friend,

  8. Yeah!!! What fun to learn more about you! I love your "love story"! You knew right from the beginning! How wonderful is that! If we lived close we could swap all our mushy romance books! I also love to walk the neighborhood at night and look in everyone's windows! Too funny! Thanks for playing along!

  9. Sorry to be so late, blogger was not my friend yesterday, got the same errors as Kim, 503, most of yesterday! Ugghhh!
    Anyway, so glad to read this. I love how honest you are. It is so rare to meet someone who is so open. We have so much in common except for the tall skinny part! That's so not fair! LOL! I love those types of novels too, but haven't made time for them in awhile, I really should though! I think of decorating all the time too. That new HH commercial is so funny! Thanks for sharing more of yourself with us also! I'm going to get to it soon!

  10. Oops! Meant also to tell you that comforter looks wonderful. That's so cool you were able to get that for next to nothing!

  11. Thank you for sharing more about you! BTW, you are beautiful and I don't think that you can take a bad picture. :)


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