Thursday, September 30, 2010

"B" is for a Blue & Brown Bathroom!!

It is time again for Alphabe-Thursday!!!  Ms. Jenny is teaching us the letter "B"!  I had a hard time trying to figure out what to post for "B".  Then I remembered that I have been working on my future plans of our bathroom makeover!  To show you what I have to work with, I took this awful snapshot...As you can see, it is very BORING!  There is a "B" word for you!

It has looked this way ever since we had the house on the market almost 6 years ago.  I haven't felt like it was me ever since then.  Since I try to keep things real around here, you can see that I need more organization to get the junk off of the vanity!

Paint color...since there aren't any doors between our master bedroom and bathroom, it definitely has to coordinate together.  Our bedroom plan is a steel blue with a metallic brown on the vaulted ceiling.  So I am thinking of doing the bathroom in a milk chocolate brown close to this shade with a creamy ivory on the ceiling.

First thing on the list is towels!!  I found these blue and brown Egyptian cotton towels by Waverly at Target.  I bought a hand towel for our half bath last year and just love how it gets softer with each wash!  So I put these on my Christmas list!
I can't decide if I want to paint our vanity cabinet black or antiqued ivory.  I have both of these saved and am leaning towards the ivory since the walls will be brown.  Hoping to get rid of the hunter green marble top or there might be a problem with the blue and brown color scheme!!

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I will probably stain the jacuzzi tub front and trim a darker brown or maybe ebony because Mr. Creative would have a heart attack if I painted over HIS oak trim!  The cabinets are cheap and only have wood fronts so that will be acceptable to him for me to paint!

Window treatments....I am thinking bamboo roman shades???  Something that will blend with the wood tones and the black. 

I would like curtain panels on the window and as a shower curtain to soften the hard lines.I really like this fabric that Kim from Savvy Southern Style used on her bench.  If she doesn't mind I might have to use that fabric as window and shower panels!  I already have a brown fabric that feels like taffeta/satin for my vanity chair reupholster! 

The mirror needs a frame around it for sure!  I really like this wide frame tutorial that I saw at the blog Show and Tell!  I like the black!

I also want new lighting, especially a chandelier above my tub (yes that is MY tub!).  I am sure I can find something to resemble this!!

I am thinking a small chest of drawers in a distressed light blue sitting on the platform behind the tub!  It would be more storage space as well as pretty!  This one is too big but it is the look I want!

courtesy of

Well, I am sure you have had enough of me rambling on about my bathroom plans!!  This makeover won't happen until next year but it will take me that long to get all these goodies together!!  I hope you have enjoyed this homework assignment for the letter "B"!  Stop by and see the other assignments from Ms. Jenny's class!

Jenny Matlock

Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog!  I enjoy each and everyone of you!!  Have a great day!


  1. Well I know when you do get to it, it will be fabulous! I love your inspirations all around..they are great colors and great choices.

  2. Bonnie- When you do it if you can incorporate even some of that stuff into your bathroom it will be wonderful. I love all that you have chosen. I am partial to that black mirror too. How neat is that?

    I had a fireplace surround in that green marblized tile several years ago~in another house. I loved it then...but like you, my tastes have changed. At least your bathroom is a nice size and bright. You have lots to work with and meantime, it is not AWFUL or just needs a bit of updating to make YOU happy.

    My hubby is the same way about wood. I think he would stroke out if I starting painting wood that isn't already painted. Men...sheezzz..

    Have a wonderful Thursday- xxoo Diana

  3. I love that color combination. And the Target Waverly towels are wonderful..I love mine!

  4. Bonnie super ideas you have in store. The colors sound great and I would do ivory on the cabinets and that fabric will look great. It is 30% off now at Hobby Lobby.

  5. Love all your dreams and special ideas. That's how I decorate. First I dream, then plan, then maybe do part of a room....but I always start with planning, usually a long, long, time.

    If money was no object I could just jump into every project, but alas I have the reality of, darn it, a budget.

  6. Oh so pretty -I like the wide frame too around the mirror and the light that you have in mind is so pretty

  7. All of your ideas for the remodel are wonderful. I can't wait to see what you decide on. Hugs, Marty

  8. You've got some great ideas for your bathroom! Steel blue and chocoalte brown sounds nice. I like that light blue distressed piece. That would be fun to bring in a little piece in that color. Can't wait to see your transformation!

  9. Sounds lovely. I recently painted my master bath a chocolatey brown and I love it! Happy AlphabeThursday!

  10. I love blue and brown together . Your bathroom and bedroom will look beautiful I'm sure.

  11. that's neat blue and brown bathroom settings.

  12. You just reminded me how much I like Blue and Brown together! Great pictures.

  13. Wow! You are a great planner. I just sort of start with one thing, and keep going! LOL! It's hard to say on the vanity. I would try to keep it the same shade as the tub surrond if you can, would depend more on your countertop though! So much fun to redo is'nt it? And to answer your question on the end table yes, black w/brown leather sounds wonderful to me. Sorry to be so short I'm jumping on and off here in between projects. Thanks for visiting! I'll be back later!

  14. I love the idea of the blue counter top. The pictures look full of wonderful ideas.

  15. I am going through the exact same planning stage right now and it looks like we have similar master baths. I have an oak vanity and dark green counter top. Looking forward to seeing your progress and I'll share mine too!

  16. Bonnie it all looks gorgeous! Love your pretty bench. :)

  17. Hi! I vote for ivory! It sounds like you have a great plan. Happy Thursday! La

  18. love the pattern on that little inviting....very nice...bkm

  19. the bamboo window that! Wishing I had a sense for decor...oh well.

  20. What is it with master bedroom and bathrooms and NO doors!! Grrrr. Makes me nuts. At least our toilet has a door..yours doesn't seem too.

    You will have a lovely new bathroom when you are done for sure!

  21. I love decorating and new ideas. This looks like so much FUN!!!
    Happy Alphabet Days!

  22. I can't wait to see the finished product. I love that mirror.

  23. Thanks for this inspiring stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    I am determined to redo our bathroom. It is boring and blah and not beautiful at all.


    I think I am going to follow along with yours for courage! I wonder how hard it is to paint the bathroom vanity.

    Thanks for a great stop this week. I suspect my husband will not be quite as appreciative once I go tell him I'm starting a 'project'!



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