Thursday, September 30, 2010

"B" is for a Blue & Brown Bathroom!!

It is time again for Alphabe-Thursday!!!  Ms. Jenny is teaching us the letter "B"!  I had a hard time trying to figure out what to post for "B".  Then I remembered that I have been working on my future plans of our bathroom makeover!  To show you what I have to work with, I took this awful snapshot...As you can see, it is very BORING!  There is a "B" word for you!

It has looked this way ever since we had the house on the market almost 6 years ago.  I haven't felt like it was me ever since then.  Since I try to keep things real around here, you can see that I need more organization to get the junk off of the vanity!

Paint color...since there aren't any doors between our master bedroom and bathroom, it definitely has to coordinate together.  Our bedroom plan is a steel blue with a metallic brown on the vaulted ceiling.  So I am thinking of doing the bathroom in a milk chocolate brown close to this shade with a creamy ivory on the ceiling.

First thing on the list is towels!!  I found these blue and brown Egyptian cotton towels by Waverly at Target.  I bought a hand towel for our half bath last year and just love how it gets softer with each wash!  So I put these on my Christmas list!
I can't decide if I want to paint our vanity cabinet black or antiqued ivory.  I have both of these saved and am leaning towards the ivory since the walls will be brown.  Hoping to get rid of the hunter green marble top or there might be a problem with the blue and brown color scheme!!

courtesy of

I will probably stain the jacuzzi tub front and trim a darker brown or maybe ebony because Mr. Creative would have a heart attack if I painted over HIS oak trim!  The cabinets are cheap and only have wood fronts so that will be acceptable to him for me to paint!

Window treatments....I am thinking bamboo roman shades???  Something that will blend with the wood tones and the black. 

I would like curtain panels on the window and as a shower curtain to soften the hard lines.I really like this fabric that Kim from Savvy Southern Style used on her bench.  If she doesn't mind I might have to use that fabric as window and shower panels!  I already have a brown fabric that feels like taffeta/satin for my vanity chair reupholster! 

The mirror needs a frame around it for sure!  I really like this wide frame tutorial that I saw at the blog Show and Tell!  I like the black!

I also want new lighting, especially a chandelier above my tub (yes that is MY tub!).  I am sure I can find something to resemble this!!

I am thinking a small chest of drawers in a distressed light blue sitting on the platform behind the tub!  It would be more storage space as well as pretty!  This one is too big but it is the look I want!

courtesy of

Well, I am sure you have had enough of me rambling on about my bathroom plans!!  This makeover won't happen until next year but it will take me that long to get all these goodies together!!  I hope you have enjoyed this homework assignment for the letter "B"!  Stop by and see the other assignments from Ms. Jenny's class!

Jenny Matlock

Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog!  I enjoy each and everyone of you!!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thrifty Transformation!

Good morning to everyone!!  It is quite cool here this morning and it seems this week will be in the high 60 to low 70 with no rain all week.  As you know, I'm a summer gal so that is a little cooler than I prefer but MUCH better than winter!!  The leaves should be changing soon!

In this previous post, I showed everyone my fall decorating.  In there, I had a cheese dome that I made into a cloche type on a pedestal.  We have all seen these all over the blogging world and I thought I would show mine!

I started with this cheese dome (the one in the back of the picture with a wood base) and a candle holder from Goodwill.  I think in total it was $4 for both.  After awhile I forget what things cost me!!

I put the dome in the dishwasher and gave the base and candle holder a good cleaning.  After a light sanding. I got out the Krylon satin black spray paint.  I figured with black, I could move it anywhere in the house and it would look good.  I gave it a couple coats, letting it dry in between.

I was going to glue it together but you can see from this picture underneath that the bottom had 3 cushion legs that the pedestal fit perfectly between.  So I just set it there because it doesn't move or slide around at all.  I guess now I can use them separately, too!

I added a few outdoor items I found in the yard and a Dollar Tree pumpkin with leaves to add a seasonal flair!  A little more orange than I prefer but it looks cute!  A very easy project that I can change around with the seasons or my whims!!

I am linking up to the following parties:

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Debbiedoos for her B&A Party!

Please make sure to stop by and see the other great decorating ideas!!!

I wanted to thank everyone for the lovely comments on my "honesty" for the 7 things about me!  I am pretty much an open book and am always surprised how many people can relate to me!
Have a great day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's is Very Cool Outside!!

Good morning everyone!!  I must say it is a very crisp 45 degrees here around St. Louis this morning!  Makes me so happy that I received our new down alternative comforter from CSN stores last week!!!  Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a $40 gift card to the CSN stores and I chose to use it at their Modern Bedding store.  We were in need of a down comforter for fall/winter.  I needed to keep the price low so I chose this down alternative comforter that was on sale for $44.99.  Since I had a $40 giftcard, I ended up paying only $13 with shipping!

We just love it as it is microfiber, very fluffy and warm!  It really felt good last night and this morning!  I'm not ready to turn the furnace on yet!  Now we just need a duvet cover that is washable!!

On to other news!  My dear friend Kathryn from the blog Take My Breath Away who you may know better as Jemma's Mom, gave me a Versatile Blogger Award!  Thank you Kathryn!!  I agree with her as to why people are Award Free Blogs as it does take a lot of time to do this and it is kind of like a "chain letter"!!! But I figured there is no problem with at least letting everyone get to know me better by answering the questions about myself!!

A "Versatile Blogger" brings everything to the table - a little of this and a little of that."

So....7 things about myself!!  Some I may have shared before but most of you probably didn't get to read it!!
I am VERY tall (5' 11 1/2") and rather thin. is in the genes!  My uncle on my mother's side was 6' 7 1/2" tall and quite thin and lanky.  Imagine Abraham Lincoln and that is how my uncle was built and looked!!

I married my childhood sweetheart after a few obstacles!!!  I have known him since I was about 5 or 6 from the neighborhood.  Of course I didn't like boys until I was about 11.  Then I was just CRAZY about him.  Surprised he didn't run away from me by then!!  After my family and I moved to Texas when I was 13, I tried to forget him but 10 years later I moved back and got him!!  We will be married 20 years this April!!  I love him more today than I did when we got married!  I always feel comfortable and safe with him no matter what the situation.  This is an old picture but a good one!!  Love....

I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl!  Gravy....can't get enough of it!  I'm not much of a snack person but when I am hungry...look out!!!  Especially a big T-bone, loaded baked potato and salad!  Yum, yum!!

Most of you know that I am a serious Dierks Bentley fan!!  I have been following him around and rubbing elbows with him since 2004!!  In case you don't know...he is a country music singer.  I like country music but I am still a rock n roll girl!  I grew up with country music especially since I was around a lot of "neighborhood taverns" while growing up with my somewhat wild parents!!!  People would put money in the jukebox to play songs because I would stand there and just swing to the music with my grape Nehi!  I have fond memories but not something I would ever want my own kids to experience!

I am a people pleaser!  I don't like conflict and I try to smooth things over rather than confront the issue or the person!  Not sure why but that is how I am.  I want everyone to like me which is probably derived from a rough childhood and being so much taller than everyone else.  I just can't stand it if I think someone isn't happy with me!  

I am a historic romance novel reader!  Yes, I like the sappy romances with the strong authoritative male hero and the headstrong female!  Not sure what that says about me but I enjoy reading them as it takes away from the nonsense of the world!  Since I already have my prince charming, they remind me of him!!

Last but not least.....I love anything and everything to do with decorating!  That probably isn't a surprise either!  However, sometimes it surprises me how I can think about it all the time!  I am one that loved to ride around at night so I could see in windows at how people decorated!  My husband laughs because of the new House Hunters commercial where the guy and gal get busted doing what we have been doing for years!! 

It would take me forever to choose other bloggers to award and I am running out of time this morning!!  So I want all 200 of you that I follow to know how much I love all your blogs!!!  You keep me motivated, creative and happy!!!  So here I am!  Not the best picture as I look a little tired with bags under my eyes, but hey this is about keeping it REAL!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day and week!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A is for Autumn!

Today is the beginning of Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday and I am hoping to participate in every letter this year!!  I am trying to be a good student so let's see if I can pull off this letter A!  I am new to the class so grade me on a sliding scale!

I looked around my home and "A" reminded me of Autumn.  I have done a little more decorating for Autumn.  I remembered a gift card to Pier One that my good friend, Kim, gave me for my birthday in March!!  She is my Dierks Bentley Road Trip concert partner!  So I found this metal leaf pumpkin shape and just loved the colors of it!  I put together this little display.

It sits upon our computer Armoire that never has the doors closed!  Someone is always using the computer but at least I can hide the mess when guests come over.  I hung wallpaper on the whole wall under the loft a while back.

I decided to change my Accessories here on the sofa table/dresser.  After reading so many blogs, I now understand what a little change can do to update the  room!

I also made this trash to treasure cloche from a cheese dome and a candle pedestal.  I will show more on that another day!  I filled it with what I could find around the house and yard for Autumn!  There were Acorns aplenty in the yard as well as a pine cone!  The pomegranite is something I found in my basement of hidden things!!  The turkey feathers are real and I thought the little squirrel gave it more of a feeling of a rustic Autumn!!  

I put more pomegranites in my parent's old nut bowl along with grapevine balls that I have had for a long time.  I am still waiting for some Antlers from my father in law to place around the room.  

Speaking of Antlers....A is for Antlers, too!  My husband had mounted some of his Antlers on boards so I thought I would hang them on each side of this landscape picture that has beautiful Autumn colors!!  I changed up some of the items on the mantle for an Autumn look!

There are more Antlers up high on the poor boy above!  He doesn't get dusted very often so I hope there aren't any cobwebs on his Antlers!!!

Someone had suggested putting a plant on the hearth so while rearranging my limited supply of decor items, I moved this plant here from the computer Armoire.  I like the way it looks and it will be fine here until it is time to start using the fireplace.  Our fireplace is wood burning and gets extremely hot so it will have to be moved by then!!

Next to the fireplace, I have showed you before the step stool that I painted in this POST.  I had purchased this wicker covered wine bottle or I think they are called a demijon, on ebay.  It has a label with the name Avelar Rose which is a table wine from Portugal.  Avelar starts with the letter "A"!!!

I hope you enjoyed this lesson on the letter "A"!  I hope I get better at it by the time we get to "Z"!!  Please stop by Ms. Jenny's class and see the other letter "A" projects!!

Jenny Matlock

Thank you so much for stopping by to see me!!  Your comments always bring a smile to my face!  Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Thrift Store to Southern Living Inspiration!

About a year ago, I found these tole pots in the Southern Living catalog and thought they would be great in my kitchen when I redecorate.  Of course the price was far more than I would or even could pay for them.  I watched ebay closely for awhile and found that they still weren't anywhere near what I could afford.

I came across this rectangle candle tray and 3 planter squares at the Goodwill store for $3.  I thought for sure I could do something to make them resemble what I wanted.  However, there they sat in the project room for months while I passed them by for other projects!!

Then when it seemed I didn't have the money to continue my thrift store passion shopping, I decided to start working on the many projects I have waiting for me!  I took them out to the garage and got to work!  First I spray painted the base using ORB spray paint.

Then I pulled out the 3 trusty colors from my house paint and went to work!  Olive green, barn red and harvest gold are what I call the colors!!  As usual, the one can of green Valspar took 3 coats while the Kilz Colors red paint only took 2 and the Kilz Colors gold was only 1 coat!  

I almost left them like this because they looked good.  I didn't paint the inside because I am going to put dirt and either herbs or violets inside.  I wanted to make the tulips show better so I found some gold rub n buff to highlight them.  It helped!

Then I felt they needed a little aging so I whipped out the metallic glaze, wiped it on and then wiped it off.  I almost waited too long because some areas didn't come off easily.  Overall, I am quite please with them and wish I could have waited to show you until I had the plants in them!!!  Oh well, I will show that when the kitchen is done!!  

$3 compared to $30 on ebay????  Works for me!  I am going to link this to Debbiedoos garage salen party later this week!!!

I am also linking this to Vanessa's Inspiration Friday! Since I was inspired by the Southern Living Home catalog!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Something That Inspired Me!

Vanessa, at Southern In My Heart, is having her weekly Inspiration Friday Party! Usually I show something from one of the many blogs I read that has inspired me.  However, this week I took my son to the library and while there I found four books while waiting for him.  One was a historical romance novel (yes...I love to read them!), another was about dummies using digital photography and the last one was a self help that has inspired me!  It was Robin McGraw's book, "What's Age Got To Do With It?

I read this thing front to back in one evening.  I was amazed at how many things she talked about that really hit home with me.  She is definitely disciplined and takes very good care of herself.  More than I would be able to do but just taking the few things like exercise, eating right and checking for perimenopause and bioidentical hormone therapy will go a long way in improving my overall well being.

Taking some extra time to make myself look better goes a long way in making me feel better about myself.  Anyway, I found her to be a very down to earth person with her priorities in the right place.  I think it was the jump start to what I needed.  

I encourage all women of any age to read this book as there are things that women in their twenties should be doing to help prevent problems when they are older!  

Since exercise is something I am doing, I did go for a walk and found some NATURAL things to decorate our home.  So I guess I was also inspired by nature!!  I walked down a hillside and through a ravine to get to the cattails!  Anyway, I put together this floral arrangement from what I found outside.  I found some faux pomegranets to fill my cloche for now.  Since the kitchen needs an overhaul, the background doesn't look that great!!

Enjoy and I hope you find time to see what has inspired others at

I am also joining Marty's cloche party over at A Stroll Thru Life!  
I would like to thank you for stopping by to see me! May you have a wonderful weekend!


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