Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shades of Blue

Today in our Rainbow Summer School, we are working on the color blue!  Blue is actually my favorite color even though I don't have a lot of it in my main living areas!  My master bedroom makeover will be centraled around blue and brown.  Here is a picture of what the bedding looks like that I purchased earlier this year (no this isn't my room!):

Remember the lampshades that I want for my matching crystal lamps?

Then there was my oldest son's bedroom that we made over this year.  I showed you that room on this POST where we made the headboard and decorated his room!

Some of my prize possessions are the Currier & Ives dishes that my grandma always used.  First is the platter that I have front and center in the cabinet!

Some I have purchased like this tab platter as they call it.

I really love the butter dish with the salt and pepper shakers!

When I was growing up, we had mashed potatoes and milk gravy almost every day with dinner because my daddy loved it.  I make it ocassionally but my kids don't care for it like I do!  So here is a gravy bowl to put it in!

I did purchase this casserole dish.  There are two kinds, one with the scroll work on top of the handles and one without.  You see I have the one with them!!

If we wander into my bedroom, I do have some blue even before the makeover!  I love blue hydrandreas and I put these into a blue mosaic glass container that I purchased at a flea market YEARS ago!  There are blue silk drapes on the window, too!

It is sitting on the small dresser that I just refinished and showed you HERE!

If we wander into the master bathroom, you would see my junk thrift store purchase of a blue mason jar!

Oh, check out those blue eyes of my favorite guy, Dierks Bentley all dressed up in a suit!!! You see how he is looking at ME!  Drool.....oh sorry!  My hubby, Mr. Creative is still number one and still makes my heart go pitter patter when he walks into the room!!  However, as he says, I'm not dead or blind!

Thank you for stopping by my blue house tour!  I hope you enjoyed yourself and before you leave, please stop Ms. Jenny's Rainbow Summer School for Alphabe-Thursday and more displays of blue!!
Jenny Matlock

Have a great day!!


  1. I love the combo of blue with brown, and especially that lovley ice blue! And I LOVE the gravy boat. My Mom's side of the family is Southern, so I know that gravy thing. And oh how I wish I could find more of the blue mason jars I love so much!! Very pretty tour!

  2. I love your blue. I had my hubby's grandmother's Currier & Ives set too. I gave it to her and she uses is all through the Holiday season. I love the vintage look of it! Diana

  3. I do love the china, I don't know Currier & Ives but I had better go looking as I really have a passion for old blue and white pieces. Thank you for visiting,

    Oh just Googled the makers...I don't think I am going to find any in Australia! What a pity.

  4. He sure does have some stunning blue eyes!!~ I love blue too Bonnie, it truly has always been my favorite there are so many variations.

  5. Hi Bonnie! Oh I love all of your blue around your beautiful home! I especially liked the Currier and Ives dishes and know a little boy in my house who would eat anything out of a dish that had a train on it! :-) What a treasure to have those and have the memories that come with them!

  6. Love the blues in your post especially that blue mason jar!Terrific blog too.

    Happy Rainbow Blue,


    btw My Rainbow Blue link is here for you!

  7. Pretty blues Bonnie! I love that dresser. It turned out gorgeous!

  8. No you certainly are not blind! LOL! Very pretty china. Love the salt and pepper shakers with the big S & P on them. I still really really love your new chest of drawers. You did such a great job on that and it looks fantastic there by your bed. Yep! I did the blue and the yellow pillows in the picture. I just finished a total of 4 yellow pillows all with cording. It's not really hard to do only a little frustrasting when using thicker material as I did since my machine doesn't have a lot of room to adust for the thickness. Have you ever done cording before?

  9. I love your blue and brown bedroom. That is one of my favorite color combos.


  10. You have some beautiful things! I really love your dishes. Thanks for the bit of eye candy at the end!

  11. The chest came out so well. I love your bedroom too.

  12. Bonnie, surely we are joined at the hip :) I love milk gravy. I grew up on milk gravy with mashed potatoes or biscuits. Yum yum. Now that I'm older than dirt and my body can't burn off gravy like it used to I now eat it as my comfort food. Sometimes a girl just needs a little comfort...

  13. I love blue and brown together also! Just so elegant! Love you room and also the dishes. Currier & Ives such a special pattern! Happy Blue Rainbow!

  14. gorgeous, gorgeous stuff...oh and DB aint so bad either :)

  15. I love Blue and Brown too! Our bedroom is done in those colors. What a great job refinishing that dresser! It turned out beautifully.

  16. Wonderful blue and your hubby's eyes really fit the bill - beautiful ...bkm

  17. No, no, no!! That's not my hubby!! However my hubby does have beautiful blue eyes. I just couldn't find a digital picture that showed his eyes!! So I had to use my 2nd favorite guy, Dierks Bentley instead!!

  18. Love the blues...especially the dresser! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  19. I, too, love blue and brown together. And I think you and I have very similar taste in dishes. So pretty! You have a wonderful blog!

  20. I love blue too and especially love all your blues! LOVE the mason jars. I've been on the hunt for some!


  21. Glad you stopped by so I could come find you. Great Blues...LOVE the eye candy too :)

  22. Blue and brown are a great color combination! Elegant, I think. I love love love that blue dresser you painted! It turned out so did a great job. I've been on the look out for blue mason jars forever. I have not had any luck and I would love to have one. Hopefully this weekend's thrifting will turn up one. Lovely post, Bonnie.

  23. Your blues are lovely. I especially love your Currier and Ives dishes and your dresser.

  24. I love what you are doing!!! I wish we lived closer so we could be creative together :( I need some lessons from you on blogging regularly!!!
    Love you and miss you!

  25. lovely blues ... love the bedding!

  26. Those dishes are sooo cool! I love the plans for the master bedroom.

  27. I've been trawling the internet looking at bedding - yours is beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen the Currier and Ives plates. You're so fortunate to have them from your grandmother.

  28. Oh Bonnie.

    What a beautiful link to Rainbow Summer Schools color Blue!

    Blue and brown is one of my favorite combinations...and you interpreted that so wonderfully.

    And your Grandma's dishes are wonderful. If dishes could tell a story I suspect there would be some amazing ones to be told.

    Thanks for this sweet stop.

    I'm really glad you linked.



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