Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick Tour of our Laundry Room (while it is clean)!

I am so excited because my burlap lamps from this POST were showcased with other DIY lampshades on the new Home and Garden channel for Craft Gossip!  No, not HGTV but still just as exciting to me!!  Here is the link to check out lots of information and to see my lamps!!


On to the reason for this post!

Of course we started this makeover long before blogging and I have no pictures of what it looked like for the 12 years prior!  However, it was a beautiful shade of mauve with shiny white ceramic tile!!

This makeover was driven by the fact that I wore out ANOTHER washing machine.  The transmission had leaked oil and grease all over the tile and we couldn't get it out of the grout.  So we ripped it out and Mr. Creative laid the slate tiles.

We only had one flush mount light fixture and I wanted more light so we installed halogen track light.  LOVE IT!  If you can't put in halogen pot lights, this is the next best thing!!  I took this picture with no flash so see how much light they give off?

I keep sheets inside the sea grass baskets on top.  I want to make a nice fabric cork board for the door and stencil the french word for laundry above the door. 

I love this sign and wish I could get everyone to follow the instructions!!!  I have taught my boys how to wash when I was working but now that I am a stay at home mom, it seems they think that is my chore!!!

Here is the WONDERFUL front loader washer that we purchased at the Whirlpool scratch & dent sale for $600.  We didn't replace the dryer because it still worked and felt that would be a waste of money!  We got an unfinished oak cabinet at Home Depot and I stained it to match the trim.

I love the inspirational quote on this picture.  I can actually do a lot of thinking while in the laundry room.  No one ever comes in there to bother me.  Afraid I might add a chore to their list!!

A close up of the pretties I have on top of the cabinet!  I keep miscellaneous stuff in the box like dry cleaner product and leather shoe polish!!  Sometimes I forget it is in there.  It isn't something I need very often!!

We put hooks on the wall to hold the boys' bookbags when they come home from school.  It seems that usually there is also tons of other things that they hang there too!!

I put in a shoe rack so they can keep their shoes off the floor.  I do have them trained that they don't wear their shoes in the house!  Also a small key holder for the many extra keys that I wonder what they are for!

I painted the baskets brown and made the liners.  I just cut a circle of fabric made a hem and worked elastic through.  Perfect!

Because I didn't want the water hoses and plumbing box to show, I had Mr. Creative make me a shelf that I could put these pictures, lamp and a loose change jar on!  Of course, the lamp isn't working so I couldn't show you how nice it looks with the light on!!!  However, it still looks so much better than black hoses!!  The walls are the same olive green that we have in our Powder Room.

This last picture is REALITY of how this room normally looks!  I don't want anyone to think that it is always picked up and laundry done!!

I have taught my boys, from the age of toddlers, how to sort the laundry!  So they bring their dirty clothes down and put them in the proper basket.  Then I am always ready to wash without sorting!  Of course, laundry day is only on Monday and Thursday around here!!  I could drive myself crazy doing laundry everyday!

I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Come back if you want to help with the laundry!!!

I am linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch and Transform Tuesday at The Pumpkin Patch even though I don't have before picutes!!


  1. It sure is spacious and so well organized...I wish mine was a bit larger...lucky I have sink. Yours is great Bonnie! And congrats on the feature.

  2. Loving it! I especially like the little sign that says DO IT YOURSELF! THAT's gonna work! lol I need to do a little "cover up" of my plumbing area too. It gets so that you look at so often that you never really "see" it. And, why is it that laundry rooms seem to always be the "dump and run" area in the house? The rest of my house can be in perfect order and then there's the LAUNDRY ROOM!

    Thanks for the tour-you did a great job! Diana

  3. Your laundry room is so nice and neat and organized. Mine looks like an explosion too place. I am going to repaint in there soon and try to organize it some how.

  4. I don't think I would mind doing laundry in a space like this. Love wording on your artwork.

  5. Oh I love this makeover! I wish my laundry room was that big and pretty. Guess I have my work cut out for me but I'm hoping my washer and dryer will go kaput so I can get a stacking set:)!
    Great job Bonnie!

    Hugs girl!

  6. Wow, Bonnie. What a warm and cozy room to do laundry in! You should see my laundry the basement of our old farmhouse. Ugh! I dream of a room like yours. Beautiful job! I adore the inspirational quote on the wall. So wonderful.... :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  7. It looks great and so clean and organized! Maybe the chore won't be as bad now!

  8. This is great! So much room, I basically have an oversized closet so this would be a dream space to me. I love how organized and decorative you have everything. Maybe if I had a room like this I'd stay on top of that chore more. LOL!

    Thanks for the comments on my post, yes, my mom is very fiesty to put it mildly! :))

  9. It looks great! I think we sometimes forget that our laundry rooms are part of the house too. We did ours a while back and it does make doing laundry a bit easier when the scenery is prettier! You did a beautiful job.

  10. Love the tile floor and how it is all so organized. I have the wire rack across the top and it is loaded with crap. I have to organize! I want cabinets up above so I can hide it all! Congrats on your feature! That is awesome!

  11. It's a beautiful laundry room! I wold definitely do laundry in there. :)

    Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday.

    p.s. the buckets are filled with wheat, flour, sugar, rice, etc. Thanks for asking!

  12. I LOVE this color! May I ask, what is the color and where did you find it? I'm trying to find the perfect color for both our bedroom and the TV room and am looking at greens.

    LOVE the floor, too. Well, I really just love the whole thing! :-) Beautiful!

  13. I am in AWE of people who have pretty laundry rooms! Or at least try to. :-)

  14. I love your laundry room! You've done such a great job with your use of the space. It is so organized!


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