Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Old Step Stool

I was doing my usual blog reading and I came across these step stools over at Rustic Rooster Interiors and thought they looked great!  

picture courtesy of Rustic Rooster Interiors

Then I remembered this old stool that someone made for our boys when they were little.  Actually there were two of them but we got rid of one when we were cleaning out the basement!  We did nothing with them and they sat around the basement for 15 years.  They looked pretty rough!  All it took was one great blog to inspire an idea!

So I sanded and cleaned it up.  I thought black and red would work in our living room.  On went the red paint!

Let it dry and on went the black paint!

Let it dry and then I went a little crazy with the sander.  I liked how they sanded all the edges so I did that.  My stool is in rough condition so I thought I would sand the steps where someone would step on it and wear the paint off!  I liked it and gave it a quick rub down with some Minwax paste wax.

I brought the stool inside to set next to our fireplace.  All it needed was a basket that we put firestarter and some kindling in.  I also set the match holder there but I need to buy some long matches to go in it!  I had this vine chicken that I haven't known what to do with, so here she is for now!

I like it!  Simple yet interesting to look at!  

Thanks so much to Rustic Rooster Interiors for giving me the inspiration!!

Remember my cute little girl's desk and chair???
I listed it for $125 and someone called the first day to look at it and bought it for $115!  Not too bad for a $32 investment!  So what did I do???  I bought this sofa for $150!!  We bring it home today.  I think I am going the wrong direction!  It is like new and those pillows will match my bedroom. 

picture courtesy of CraigsList

I am going to link this up to Southern In My Heart for her first Inspiration Friday party.  This fits since I was inspired by someone else to make this little stool!

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my little adventures in decorating!  It makes me smile when I see new faces pop up as followers as well as the uplifting comments you leave for me!!


  1. The step stool is so charming and congrats on your desk and chair flip! :)

  2. congrats on selling your pink piece. i LOVE the way you painted it, and you got a great price for it. you go, girl!

    thanks for your comment about the rain...hopefully we won't have any major problems, but we are finishing the basement. THAT will be my concern, when it is no longer just an empty mess. a little water seeps in under the garage door now, but we will be replacing that with sliders, and then no water should get in!

  3. Congratulations on selling your adorable pink desk and chair! I knew that would get snatched up quickly. It was so cute. What a lucky little girl who gets that. Your step stool is fun. I like the red undertones with the black. Nice job!

  4. That stool looks great with the red peaking through. Great job!

  5. Oh! I love that step stool! What a great job giving it a new life and congrats on the sale of the darling desk and chair set!

  6. you go girl!!!! Awesome deal on that couch!!!

  7. Oh this is just adorable girlfriend! OK so now I MUST go see if I have an old foot stool in my pile of old stuff, it would be great in front of my bathtub in the master BR (will post sometime).
    Oh and I fell in love with that darling desk and chair set and was just driving over to buy it:) But really, all kidding aside you did such a great job with it girl!
    Hugs, Terry
    PS the dish set is from the gift shop at Good Samaritan...I was able to purchase it at cost:)
    I actually have another set of four on order to make a place setting for eight:) Wanna stop by for dinner?:)

  8. Congrats on selling your sweet desk and chair my friend...Love the little step stool it turned out awseome gril...Hope you have a GREAT day girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Great job on the little stool. Isn't it amazing what inspiration we pick up from each other?

    Good job on selling your desk and chair...uh...I see you spent it before you lost it! lol The new couch looks squishy comfortable. Diana

  10. You must have been so excited to sell your desk so quickly. I'm not surprised it sold. Good for makes your couch almost free! The step stool is cute, don't you love it when you find something you already have!

  11. Nice job on the stool and congrats on selling that so fast. You rock!

  12. Flipping is a great pasttime! That's how I got my orbital miter saw!

    Your little stool is charming. I want a fireplace!

  13. Hi Bonnie! Thank you so much for helping to support my "Inspiration Friday" party and linking up this great post! So fun!

  14. When I think of the things that I used to have around the house but got rid of, I want to give a big fat phooey!

    I love this and think you were wise to follow the inspiration!
    It looks terrific.


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