Saturday, August 7, 2010

Making of a Teenager's Bedroom!

First off, I see that my ugly lamps made it to the third round of  the Ugly lamp contest at Better After!!  Stop by and vote if you get a chance!! 

After my mom had to be moved to a skilled nursing facility, it was time to move my eldest son back upstairs to his old room from his "basement apartment"! I think he liked it down there but there wasn't much privacy since his brother liked to play X-box down there, too!

He wanted his room to be more contemporary than the rest of our house.  I always say he is a minimalist at heart because he really doesn't like many "things" on the wall or on the furniture.  That is hard for me as I like to fill everything up!  However, it is his room and I wanted him to be happy with it as much as a 17 year old can care about the decorating of his room!  He did ask for a steel blue color for the walls and brown bedding so I went on the search everywhere to find something we could afford!

One project I completed was making these three pieces of furniture turn into something that goes together for Jesse's bedroom. I bought all three at different times on CraigsList and maybe spent $125 in total for all of them. My biggest concern was for quality construction with all wood.

I primed them with oil based primer after reading many blogs extensively on painting furniture. The best information I found was at Young House Love. It really made a difference. It set up a great base for the final finish. They have a lot of great ideas for other projects over there, too.

I must say, the color I used didn't turn out to be exactly what I wanted. Amazing how different a color can look in the lighting at the store and how it turns out in the room. I wanted more of a dark chocolate brown but ended up with a dark gray/brown. However, it does match pretty good with the stripe in the bedding and my son is happy with it.

Here you see the chest of drawers.  I bought satin nickel pulls on ebay for cheaper than I could find them anywhere else!  I love the panels.  They look like silk but are durable polyester.  Believe it or not, I bought the panels and the bedding set at Walmart!  It is a little wrinkled because most of the time the poor comforter is on the floor!  Boys....

We really liked this desk as the writing top actually slides back into the desk to allow more room.  However, I think I am going to repaint it and the chair black as it seems too much with all the furniture the same color.  It will also help to mesh the guitars and amp that is black.  I made the collage on Walgreens with pictures I found of the 2010 Camaro that he loves.  I then bought a poster frame with satin nickel and framed it.

Here are his prized possessions!  We figured that since they are going to be in there, we might as well make them part of the decor!  I ordered the special guitar holders on ebay and Mr. Creative made sure they were anchored into the wall.  I think it makes nice "art"!

The other day, I did a post about this padded headboard we made from a hollow core door.  You can read more about that HERE.  The pictures above his bed are prints that I took of his guitar, had them enlarged and then I matted and framed them. We also made a simple platform bed frame from plywood and 2x4's.  He wanted a queen size memory foam bed like we have but ours was too expensive for us to buy him!  So I found one that just comes with the 3 pieces of foam and you put a mattress pad on it to hold it together.  It was on for $225!  It is firmer than ours but I think that may be because of the platform rather than a boxspring.  He loves it and now his feet don't hang off!!

Well, obviously the lamp needs a shade!!  I just bought that lamp on clearance at Lowes for $5 but it didn't have a shade.  So hopefully I can find the right size shade for it this weekend!  See this is real life!  Also in real life, those pillows are all over the room!!

Our son is enjoying his privacy. We all say he has the best view from our home. It is like he is living in a tree house!

Well, nothing is perfect but it is comfortable and he is happy. Overall, you live and learn in DIY projects!  I hope to finish the desk again soon and get that lampshade!

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  1. The furniture transformation looks great! I love the satin nickel hardware. Also, the pictures of the guitars are so cool. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Very nice, and all your roosters are great too, doncha just love em? I sure do, and love my chickens too, thank you for stopping by my blog to say hey, and I am enjoying your blog too sweetie, come on back any time, Hugs Barbara

  3. Alex's room is like a tree house too, best view and so quiet...these kids are so lucky! What a great room Bonnie!

  4. Just found your blog. You did a great job on your teenager's room! I am signing up as your newest follower and will be checking out your previous posts! Once again- NICE job! Diana

  5. Ok Bonnie, I love it! This is so "grown up boy" like and something that will be timeless until he's out on his own as an adult.
    And I really like the idea of the guitar pics being framed, what a great idea!
    hugs girl!

  6. I have heard that a teenage boys room is the hardest room to decorate.

    You did a great job. The furniture looks professionally done. And, I love the guitars and guitar photographs as accessories.


  7. Thanks everyone! It was hard to do and still needs some tweaking but overall, I think it is a good fit for him!

  8. Awesome room! Everything looks wonderful!

    Blessings & aloha!
    (thank you for stopping by my red post...I think I came by to say thank you...but just in case I thought it and didnt... :o) Have a wonderful weekend!)

  9. Bonnie,
    Looks outstanding...the furniture makeover turned out very nice and I love how thrifty it was! Wal-Mart's bedding dept. is getting much picked a good one for a 17 year old boy...thanks for sharing it with all of us.


  10. What a great job, your teenager will love it! Happy I found your blog!

    Have a great weekend!


  11. His room looks really nice especially for a teen. I did not know about the contest.

  12. Looks great! My son doesn't go in for much decoration either. Your photography art work is an amazing personal touch, bet he loves it.

  13. Oh Bonnie- I came back-lol I just have to ask you- I missed the opening statement in your blog here- I have been following that Before & After blog. WHICH LAMP is yours? I've already voted for every round. Aren't they just hysterical? And the comments she makes about them are SOOOO very perfect. Have a nice night! Diana

  14. wow!!! It looks really good!!! You go girl1!!

  15. Oh Bonnie, your son's bedroom is really nice. You did such a great job on it and I am sure he appreciates it very much...Christine

  16. What a great job you did with the furniture and your son's room looks fabulous.

  17. Bonnie this is fabulous! I could only dream about my sons having such nice rooms! I love this bedding, it's so much nicer then the black comforter and satin leopard sheets my youngest instisted on having. Haha! My sons are also poster boys, covering entire walls! Urr! I have long given up trying to make their rooms into something I'd prefer! The most I ever get to do with their rooms anymore is rearrange the furniture. LOL! You also did a wonderful job on redoing the furniture. I think the color is great and it all looks so wonderful! Great job! I am so envious!

  18. thank goodness for primer and paint!!!

    really like the idea of his guitars on the walls to bring the colors together.

    bedding is perfect!

    two thumbs up!

  19. I think it turned out great. It is a hard transition from kid room to almost grown up room, you did a good job with your project.

  20. I think his room is fantastic! I love the guitars on the wall and I adore the pictures above the bed. He should consider himself one lucky fella to have you for a mom!

  21. Oh your son's room turned out great, the furniture is wonderful, I bet he loves his room, and the guitars make great art!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I sure appreciate it..stop by anytime!



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