Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm in Love with my Burlap Lamps!

I couldn't decide what to do with these lamps that I showed you before that were purchased at a thrift store for $2.50 each. I just thought they had potential and would look good on my dresser that I refinished to use as a sofa table.

They were yellowed and I thought I would just glaze them to make the texture stand out more. However I didn't like it at all. Too dirty looking for me!

So I got out this oops sample container of Valspar paint that I paid .50 for at Lowes. It was an olive green color with brown undertones. I didn't know why I bought it but figured why not use it on the lamps! They can always be repainted!

So 3 coats later of Valspar paint (now I know why I only use Kilz Colors paint!) here is how they looked! Much better, I think!

Now they needed shades. I wanted some shades like these from Ballards and Pottery Barn but I refuse to pay $40 for a lamp shade!!
courtesy of Ballards
courtesy of Pottery Barn

My sweet friend Debbie from debbiedoos encouraged me to cover some cheap shades from Wal-Mart in burlap. So I bought a yard for $3.99. I measured and traced the outline of the shade.

I cut out the form that was just under the size of my shade that I had traced.

I hot glued it on to the shade very carefully making sure the seams met in the same place as on the shade itself.

I then hot glued on some trim around the top and bottom. Voila!! They look just as good as the expensive ones but they only cost me $13 each!! Lamp shades are quite expensive!!

Here is a shot with the light on. I just love them!

So I put the lamps on the sofa table/dresser and here they are!! I am quite happy with them! Here is a little accessorizing that I attempted to do on the top of the dresser. As soon as I can get some small antlers out of Mr. Creative's stash, I will put them in the nut bowl!!

I am almost finished with the dresser. I painted the old hardware but I don't like the drawer pulls on the top drawers. To me they just need simple knobs as to not take away from the scroll pattern.

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  1. Bonnie, those lamps turned out so good. You did a wonderful job of recovering the shades. I wouldn't have a clue on how to trace the shade like that. Looks professional!

  2. I'm so glad I saw this. I have a lamp I just painted the base of and this idea would finish it off so well.

  3. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I told you could do it...burlap is so cheap that even if you messed up you would not have felt terrible about it...HOWEVER, they look like they where made that way..better than Ballards. I love the green base too, it does work nicer...pretty vignette too Bonnie. Thanks for joining in on my party!

  4. Hi Bonnie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm thrilled to be meeting so many great folks here in blogland and I love what you did with the lamps. Looking forward to seeing more of your great Creative Decorating!

  5. I like the green too, but I actually loved the white with glaze that you did! I understand it's not for you, but you really did an amazing job on that as well. Now I have to say I am super impressed with the job on the shades also. I'm gonna have to do that too, soon as I find a lamp I want to do it on. LOL! Great job and your whole vignette looks fabulous! I LOVE that piece you are using as a sofa table too!

  6. These turned out just beautiful ~ great project and they look wonderful in the room!

  7. What a lovely lamp project, you really upstyled them! The shades look great, you did a wonderful job. This is one of those projects that keeps me looking at the possibilities in old lamps. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Great lamp transformation! I love the way the light shines through the burlap.

    Tricia@clementine decor

  9. I love OOPS paint! and burlap is becoming a go to for me as well...the shades are so gorgeous in the picture with the light and the texture. Have a great day, Bev

  10. Love your new burlap shades! They look great with the green of the lamps.

  11. Oh girlfriend! These are so wonderful! I agree with Debbie, I think they look better than Pottery Barn or Ballards!
    I wish you were here with me last weekend, I found some great lamps in a thrift store but wasn't sure where'd I use them so didn't get them.
    Thank you for your sweet comment about my missing Lady...she's still in the hospital!

  12. Your lamps and your shades look wonderful... I love the texture and the shade of green you painted them. Truly a trash to treasure! well done!

  13. You really transformed those lamps. I would never know they were the same ones you brought home. Nicely done!

  14. Those looks great! Love it - I am on a hunt for a lamp this weekend!

  15. I love them! I have some that are very smiliar that need SOMETHING.....maybe you've inspired me :)

  16. Love the burlap idea. I think I could actually do that too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice commnent.

  17. Awesome, you are talented girl!

  18. Your lamps turned out great! I really like them and they look really nice on your buffet.

    Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday!!

  19. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I linked to this post today from the new Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. :) My hope is to share many of the fabulous projects I see everyday with the vast CG audience. I hope you will not only stop by and subscribe to CG, but will tell your friends about the new category! Hope you see some traffic from it!

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  20. That was a great idea. I've purchased some less than perfect lamp shades from GW and this would be a good transformation.


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