Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Headboard Creation

I know that many people have done this around blogland but I just had to show you how my oldest son's headboard turned out!

When my mom was living with us before she went to the skilled nursing facility, she was in Jesse's room and Jesse went to the basement. Since she moved, we decided to move him back upstairs to his old room. Of course this was BB (before blogging) so no before pictures.

Of course, we had to paint since purple and pink wasn't his style. Can you imagine a 17 year old with purple flowers!! Anyway, he wanted a queen memory foam mattress and his old bed was a full size. Since he is 6' 3", a full was too short anymore! We decided to make a platform bed and padded headboard for him. Today I am just going to show you the headboard.

We had a hollow core door that was sitting in the basement doing nothing! My brother in law works at a door manufacturer so he can get slightly damaged doors for us all the time for $5!

I bought the 2 inch foam at Hancock Fabrics on sale and we cut it with the electric knife to fit to size. I then stapled quilt batting around it to make it smoother. I had bought some fabric the year before on clearance that I thought would work perfectly!

What do you think??? It looks like a fancy hotel to me! I was going to put buttons on it but after it was done, I thought it looked just right without them.

The pictures above the bed are close up shots I took of his guitar, enlarged and framed them. He is a minimalist at heart and I am somewhat over the top so it is hard to decorate for him.

I will show you the platform bed and furniture I painted another day!!

I am linking this project to Pefectly Imperfect for Style Feature Saturday!



  1. This project turned out great!! Can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  2. i think that looks great, and i bet he is thrilled to not have flowers anymore, lol! great idea with the guitars, too!

  3. I love it, great room for a young man!


  4. I think it looks great w/out the buttons. This looks so much nicer then my sons rooms who have so much clutter! Love his bedding and the pictures above the headboard too. I just had to tell you my oldest son's name is Jesse and he plays the guitar too! That's for his enjoyment, he is culinary school for his career though! My youngest son's name is Shane, you don't have a Shane too, do you? LOL!

  5. Look at that! Very nice Bonnie, looks like another professional job! He looks pretty hooked up in there now.

  6. This turned out great! I would never guess it was a door. I will remember this one, very nice.

  7. Bonnie, that looks great. Very professional looking.

  8. The headboard turned out great
    Bonnie! I STILL have a headboard on my projects list. One of these days ...Thanks for the comment on my foyer table. I definitely need to get moving on the next project!

  9. I want that headboard, your right it doesn't need another thing done to it, it is perfect, great job!

  10. Fantastic way to repurpose an item. I'm picturing this same concept using a solid fabric with no pattern and adding nailhead trim to create interest.

  11. The headboard is really nice and I don't think it needed any thing else. Trish

  12. This is beautiful!! I really love the headboard and the art work above the bed is perfect! Thanks SO much for linking up to Style Feature Saturday! -shaunna :)


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