Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From Shopping to DIY Showoff Furniture Feature to Camera Changes, I have it all...

Lately, I have realized that I have gotten carried away with spending even if it is just at thrift stores.  $15 here and there do start to add up before you realize it and with school starting, I realized our budget is blown...

So to curb my shopping, I have been shopping and dreaming online!  I am also stuck in a rut with trying to decorate and redo our family room.  So instead of looking for inspiration, I shop for the future kitchen makeover decor items!!!  Yes, at times I am a bit scattered!

We have a small kitchen/breakfast area with a counter height bar.  I currently have 2 bar stools at the counter and if many people are in that area, it is hard to get around.  So I want new stools without backs on them.  It won't make more room physically but I think it will visually!  At CSN Dining Rooms Direct, I found these great  Carolina Cottage Hawthorn chairs.

They have the french country feel without taking up so much space!  I also stumbled upon this beautiful french country bench.  I would love to have a bench but unfortunately we have no where to put it!!  I just think it is so pretty!

Okay, done window shopping for awhile!!  Maybe if I start saving my money now...back to working on my projects!

I am so very excited to tell all of you that Roeshel from The DIY Show Off is featuring my dresser makeover!  If you have a chance, stop by and leave a nice comment thanking her for featuring me!  She just has some of the greatest features on her blog!  I am just thrilled to be a small one on there!  If you missed my dresser makeover, just click HERE for the details.  I am so happy with how it turned out!!

The DIY Show Off

My last thing to ramble on about today is my camera.  I only have a Kodak Easyshare camera that I bought about 4 years ago.  I like it but compared to what some of the other bloggers have, I don't think it measures up!!  However, it could be the user!  Anyway...I decided to purchase (part of why we have no money) just a wide angle lens to fit my camera.  I have noticed in some blogs how their pictures pick up more of the room than mine.  I ordered it on ebay for $35 and I am pleased with the results!  I just need to play with it more.

Here is a picture of my dining room without the wide lens.

Here is the same position of my dining room with the new wide angle lens.

Another Before:

Another After:

Big difference to me.  However, I need to read more on the settings for my camera to see if I need to adjust anything for the lens.  This is a learning process!

Okay enough rambling for today!  I am going to buckle down and try to work on projects that don't require purchasing ANYTHING to finish them!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I saw your chest on DIY this morning. Good job. I have been spending too much too here and there. It does add up. I am starting on some new projects though and had to get paint and more glaze. I finally used it all up.

  2. Congrats girl! You are on a roll!! I love those bar stools. Maybe you will win a CSN giveaway and be able to get them! That wide angle lens makes a huge difference! That may be one of my next purchases!

  3. Love the bench too...and, being that I am just really "getting into" the blogging world I have not yet stumbled across the DIY blog. I will be checking it out when I leave here. I can see that, once again, I am following Kim around this morning ;>).

    You are right-it is amazing how much all that little "stuff" adds up to..before you know it I find I could have bought one really BIG item instead of 50 little ones! lol Think I will stick with the 50-it is so much more fun! Diana

  4. I just visited your rooster post and took a peek at some of your other posts...what a great blog you have!I don't have the time right now, (getting ready to leave the house) but when I return I want to see more of your lovely blog...thank you for visiting mine, and leaving the nice comments.

  5. The DIY honor is well deserved, congrats!

  6. Tell me about it! Spend, spend, spend. It's gotten worse since I started tablescaping too. OH NO! I love those bar stools they are exactly what I would prefer. I have the same space predicament as you. Love your camera enhancements. I really want to figure this photography stuff out more myself too. Looks like your off to a great start.

  7. I need to quit spending too and so does my dh on those dern energy drinks everyday!

  8. So that's what I've needed for my photos!! A wide angle lens! I have a small space and had no idea how challenging it can be to take photos. Yours look great!


  9. Wow, I need to get one of those wide angle lens. I saw your dresser for DIY, it turned out great, congrats!

  10. I know what you mean. Blogging has a way of making you want to keep doing and redoing and it does add up! I love that bench, but we don't have a spot for one either!

    Congrats on the dresser feature.


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