Thursday, August 5, 2010

Foreclosure Rehab Update #2

WARNING! This post contains A LOT of pictures!!

Well, it has been a long 5 weeks of hard work by everyone in the family on our niece's first home. For those of you that have been following along and asking for updates, here are pictures now that she has moved in. It isn't done but close enough that she can live there while paying for it!! She is 23 years old with her first home and her payments with taxes and insurance are only $250 per month!! Isn't that amazing??? She has done all the decorating and color selections herself and I must say I am quite proud of her! Enough sappy talk, on to the good stuff!

First up is the kitchen. It still needs chair rail, doors for the laundry room and pantry, plant shelf for top of pantry and the stove put back together. We were waiting for the polyurethane on the counter tops to cure before she puts all her John Deere things out on display! I will take more pictures when it is done!

Kitchen Before (yuck!):

After! The door still needs to be painted and a piece of chair rail by the door, but overall this area is done! My husband's oldest brother put in new doors and trim. He is great with woodwork!


After! The stove needs finished and chair rail behind refrigerator. She has new lighting and Grandma is making the John Deere curtain panels for the window! Notice the range hood? Her mom and my BIL used oven cleaner and a power washer to clean it up, painted it and put new "guts" in it! Looks like new! She is going to put a clock to hide that nice hole!



We removed all the laminate, sanded the cabinets, primed and painted, painted the hardware and gave them a coat of water based polyurethane. Their not perfect but they look great! I hung the paintable beadboard wallpaper around the room and as a backsplash. I painted it with two coats of semi-gloss white. My BIL is going to replace all the electric outlets soon.

I removed the silver strip on the counter tops, filled in the cracks with wood putty, sanded them, put a coat of primer, base color and then sponged various colors to match the kitchen. I then put two coats of water based polyurethane on the counter tops. I think they look amazing compared to the gold fleck stained white laminate that was in there.

Obviously she is waiting for the laundry room and pantry door and some trim. We are putting a wood shelf on top of the pantry for her to put a plant and of course a John Deere tractor! I did a lot of taping with joint compound in this area! Of course the microwave will go on the counter as soon as they are completely dry!

Here is a sneak peek at some of her John Deere tractor decor! It will be so cute here in her kitchen! The counters should be cured enough for her to start putting her things out on display!

Here is her new roommate! Her name is Sophie!! Adorable little kitten! She got some paint on her when I was trying to finish up yesterday!

Living Room Before:

Living Room After. She has it decorated so cute! She bought the sofa and loveseat from a friend and the rest she has accumulated through the years while she was living at home.


After view from other direction. Her bedroom is through that door and you can see the spare room that isn't finished yet. The woodworking brother also made her that beautiful bookcase and also the storage chest to the right. The chest is made from pallets. They both turned out awesome!

Bathroom Before:

Bathroom After! Still need chair rail. I just love the color. The picture makes it more blue but it is a turquoise blue. More beadboard wallpaper that I hung and painted! My BIL and my husband gutted, redid the plumbing and electric in here. It is quite small but works for her.

Cabinet Before:

Cabinet After! I showed you the transformation of this cabinet HERE. I think she has decided to move it to the spare room as there just isn't enough room in this bathroom to fit comfortably.

Front Bedroom Before:

Front Bedroom After. Nice start! I like all the colors she chose. It definitely suits her.

These two rooms will be finished at a later time. The most important thing was to get her in the house and work on them when she has time and money.

Overall I think it turned out wonderful. Her mom and step-dad (my BIL) have tirelessly spent almost every night and weekend there to get it to this point. To work a full time job and then come home to do this shows how dedicated they were to giving her a wonderful first home. She is a great girl and I know she is going to love living here on her own!

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  1. WOW. I can't believe the change that has taken place. Amazing. So proud. The best is those countertops. I never would have guessed they were painted.

  2. What an amazing transformation! It is an adorable home now.

  3. Wow, what a cozy little house! I'm very impressed with the counter tops in the kitchen. I thought at first that you had completely replaced them. You did a fantastic job painting them!!! Everything looks wonderful!

  4. Bonnie this is a beautiful post in so many ways! I know she is thrilled to death at this point! It looks wonderful! You all have done an amazing job! Thank you so much for sharing this story of a familys love and commitment for each other! I love it!

  5. wow, what a fantastic transformation. you all did such a great job! and quickly, too!

  6. Bonnie this is incredible! All the hard work is so paying off. I think your family is so special to all come together and do this as a joint effort.

  7. It looks great! What a transformation!

  8. wow!! that looks great!!! Lots of hard work for sure!

  9. It is really something for someone so young to have her own house these days. I'm amazed at the transformation...she must be just thrilled to death. She also is hopefully very grateful for such a wonderful family.

  10. What an awesome transformation!! I can't believe her payment is only $250?! Lot's of sweat equity in that place. Wonderful job!

    Thanks for Flaunting on Friday with me! :)

  11. It looks amazing! I can't even imagine how much time, effort, and frustration went into doing all that in such a short time. She's very lucky to have so many people to help her!

  12. This is such great progress! Everything looks amazing, and what a great deal! A home owner at 23, that's fantastic!
    Thanks for stopping by The Far Fifty!

  13. I love before and after shots. What you've done is absolutely fabulous. Good luck with those last 2 rooms.

  14. Wow! That takes me back in time. This looks so very similar to my first house. We updated it too. My payment was $225. Oh how I wish I could go back.

    What a beautiful redo. It's precious and I'm totally jealous of her cabinet space! Love all the beadboard. So pretty! Great job and what a sweet family you must have to help out your niece.

  15. This is lucky girl too have all you working so hard for her. Trish

  16. 5 weeks - this is amazing! I have not seen results like this in years, well more time spent thinking, dreaming, wishing than working.
    I know she is appreciative of all her great family members and friends. A very comfortable place and a cute new roommate.

  17. WOW! It's great to see that the family is close and willing to help! Keep it up!


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