Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Lamp Makeover and Basement Sneak Peek!!

I have really gone crazy with the lamps this year!  I find them cheap and then change them to be what works for my rooms.  I started out buying two of these lamps with shades for $30.  They were alot larger than I expected and they had white shades that just weren't going to work!

I covered the shades with a deep burgandy fabric that I gave a tutorial on HERE because the white shades just looked terrible to me!

I was going to put them in our family room on the dresser that I am using for a sofa table.  You can see that makeover if you click on this POST.  However they were too tall to sit on the dresser so I moved them to our basement den.  Really it is the man cave that my boys retreat to during their awake hours!

I think they look much nicer here!  The room is a mess or I would show you a tour.  I don't come down here much and cringe when I do!  Boys don't realize that the big trash can I have sitting there is actually for trash!

I will show you the bathroom since I just cleaned it.  A very SMALL room but it is right off the den.  I tried to keep the wildlife theme to make the men happy.

These stars always remind me of Texas!  Since I lived there for 10 years, I try to keep a little of it around the house!  Pretty simple decorating but it serves their purpose!

Okay, time to get out of the man cave!  I will show more when it is cleaned up...

Have a great day!


  1. Bonnie you are getting so good at the lamp found your niche'!!~ Have a great day! Debbie

  2. The shades really do look nice.

    O, Bonnie, between the Rooster party and Pink Saturdays, I just can NOT get around to them all. It seems I'm always racing around, trying to visit as many as I can. Sometimes, I wish there was an easier worries me when I can't make them all....and there's NO way. Whew....

    So, I especially appreciate you and all the others that come by. Thanks so much.
    xo bj

  3. Oh I just can't wait to see the basement. The lamp looks great!

  4. That lamp looks great with the new shade color and how nice to have a basement so the guys can have their space.

  5. I had to laugh at this...that is how I feel about our basement. It is where my husband goes when he can't stand what I'm watching on television...where my son "lives" when he comes for dinner and where the little grands play with grandpa. I do go down now because I turned one of the bedrooms into a dish room and I also have things in the cabinets in the small kitchen/wet bar area. But, I don't stay...I just get what I need and head back up the stairs. Lucky for me, my husband is very neat...he actually cleans the bathroom, dusts and vacuums his space weekly!

  6. That lamp is perfect there with those curtains!

  7. Well girl let me first say; "HEY"! I've been wanting to come chat but have been on the fly all weekend.
    I love this lamp makeover! But then there isn't much you've done that I don't like! I love the color you went with on the shade; it looks very rich.
    Second I love your comment about the two girls on my post! That is such a great way to look at it!
    we so loved Little Sissy and you are right it took two to take her place!
    Thank you dear friend!

  8. You did a great job on those lamp shades! They look like you bought them that way.


  9. Great job on the lamp! It looks so much better with the darker shade. Oh come on, we have to see the basement! It can't be that bad. Ours is a basement/garage, aka...constant gatherer of junk! Sorry to hear your air is out too. Unfortunately they are here today putting in a new system. It was worse then a leak and the repair itself was going to be so expensive, already in the thousands, and no guarantee how long that would hold out, that we opted for a new system. In SC we have high temps well into October sometimes even Nov. so waiting is not an option. Unbelieveable! I'll be posting my before and afters on that tomorrow!

  10. I just found your blog. I two have the house that I am redoing from the jewel tones.


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