Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alphabet Thursday Rainbow School - Yellow!!

Well, I used to have more yellow in my house.  My dining room used to be yellow and blue.  Now it is red!  So for Alphabe Thursday of yellow, I decided to go through my old pictures to see what I could find!!

My two story foyer and living room are painted a golden mustard which is in the yellow family!  So here are a few pictures from those rooms!

The walls actually look more yellow in this picture!  Must be the flash!

You can see the walls in the background of this picture in our family room.  If you notice to the left, hanging on the railing are the 10 foot golden yellow curtains that I am making for those windows.  I need to stay focused and get them done!!  I also have more decor to go on the wall.  Someday...

There was this cloche from my mother in law that I just added some lemons and limes.  Still not sure where I will put it but I will eventually find a spot for it somewhere!

In my kitchen I have this plate with a rooster and some yellow on it.  Not much but it counts!

Of course I found some yellow in my outside pictures!!  When I first planted these in the spring, they had pretty yellow flowers.  Not so much now with the heat!

I painted this very dirty and rusted candle holder to a beautiful bright yellow!  Looks great next to the rooster!

Oh and I found this in my outside pictures.  The sign on the way to our house!!  Now that is yellow!

Make sure to stop by and visit over at Miss Jenny's to see more YELLOW!

Jenny Matlock


  1. Pretty yellows Bonnie. I love your yellow walls! I also love the yellow flowers and your rooster plate too! Great photos!

  2. Yell'all did good finding some yellow things! lol Always fun to see what people come with to show their colors. Love it~ Diana

  3. Looking good there my friend...Cute rooster plate~!

  4. Lovelyh. I should have played. I have a gorgeous Kate Spade YELLOW purse that I love!!!

  5. I enjoyed your yellows!! Love the Rooster plate and the guy outside also.

  6. The sign was a great addition. I love the yellow in your home.

  7. Pretty yellows, but the rooste plate is my fav!

  8. You have more yellow than I do! I have a basket of lemons and that is about it!

  9. Wonderful yellows! Love the wall color and your plate is so pretty!


  10. Good stuff! I like yellow in a home.


  11. Your entire home is stunning and the yellows are welcoming Bonnie!

    I adore your sofa table and double lamps. I'm all about tables and balance. He! *Smiles*

    Have a blessed weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

  12. I have a few rooms in my house that are yellow, Bonnie! I never realize it either, until I actually sit and think about it, because yellow wouldn't be the first color I'd say! I'm afraid to even think about what I might have in accessories ~ probably more than I think.

  13. Thanks for going all the way to the bottom to see my roosters!

    I like your roosters here, and the white nesting hen is pretty!

    I wish I had known about this yellow rainbow post, I have lots of yellows in my house! I enjoyed seeing yours!


  14. This wonderful link to Alphabe-Thursday's Rainbow Summer School just made me want to YELL "OH!" in celebration!

    Really lovely.

    Do you know what I like about your style?

    You make decorating on a budget look like you're spending lots o' bucks!

    You are quite talented with this!

    Thank you for linking!


  15. i love the colorful outdoor rooster. Fun party. Great blog. Blessings, Janet


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