Monday, July 19, 2010

Projects Underway!

First, I have to give a big THANK YOU to all my followers! I just reached the 100th mark and I am thrilled! It amazes me at how many wonderful people I have met and new friends I have made! Most people I know are scared of the internet and the "strange" people lurking there! I now have proof that even though there are those out there, they aren't in the decorating blog area!!! I hope you are enjoying my projects and posts. I also hope to keep you entertained in the future! Okay, on with my post!

I have still been busy down at my niece's rehab house but decided this weekend that I was going to stay home and work on some projects. One is for her so I guess I didn't get too far from the "job site"! Speaking of job site, that is how our garage seems to always look. We have a plan to get it organized this fall when it is cooler so hopefully it will be more efficient and look better!

My SIL and I removed this ugly, homemade cabinet off the wall and I had my honey drag it home so I could work on it. We have been using it to paint on and everything!

Ignore the empty beer boxes that have been laying there since vacation!!! I should view my pictures before taking them!!

I told my niece that if she trusted me, I was going to make it into something she would WANT to use! I decided to add a top shelf, some trim, a solid back, knobs and four legs to make it a cottage standing cabinet for her towels since she has no space or linen closet. Looks like our dog Shadow is checking it out also!

I took it apart, my hubby put more support with screws, I filled in all the holes with wood putty and gave it the first coat of primer! Looks better already!

My plan is to paint it white with distressing of brown underneath and a teal blue for the inside to match her bathroom that is going to be teal blue and brown. I will update later this week with the progress!

My next project that I am working on at the same time is the dresser I just purchased from Craigslist for $15. Here is a before shot from it on CL.

Well, I sanded it and used paint stripper on the top only. I then had to sand some more. This picture shows two coats of stain on top and primer on the base. It looks better already!!

The drawers are a little time consuming! I found if you press the roller hard enough, it will get into the scroll design just fine!!

I am going to paint it a tan color with distressing showing brown and then do a mocha glaze over it. I think I am going to paint the hardware a bronze brown. Hard decisions!

While I was doing that, my honey was busy power washing the house and cleaning out the gutters 30 feet in the air! You would have thought I would get a picture of that! Nope! However, I did catch a picture of him trying to burn all the brush and old wood that we have been collecting in the lower yard and needed to get rid of. It has rained a lot so he decided to take care of it! Picture is blurry as it was getting dark and he was far away from the house!

The fire looked cool at night!

Stay tuned for updates later this week! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to start the week!!

I am linking up to Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays! Mine isn't done but is sure is thrifty!

I am also linking up to Transformation Tuesday at The Pumpkin Patch even though it isn't done but is still quite the transformation at this point!


  1. P.S. Congrats on the 100 you go girl!

  2. Hi Bonnie! What an awesome piece of will look great with the Mocha glaze..I know Kim has done that technique and you have seen how great it turns out. I am still on connection here is awful...I hit your button from my blog and it took me to you may want to double check that...or it can be my connection not right. Can't wait to catch up with all you gals...I miss ya!

  3. Way to go reaching 100 followers!! I can't wait to see these finished. You are one busy woman!!

    P.S. Your button took me to photobucket too!

  4. congrats on reaching 100! exciting!

    and i love what you are doing to that dresser, looks great so far.

  5. Congrats on reaching 100!

    And I can't wait to see that dresser finished! It looks awesome already.

  6. Hmm.... I just typed a comment but I don't think it went through for some reason so...

    Congrats on the 100!!

    And I can't wait to see that dresser finished! It looks so good the way it is now so I am sure it will look awesome after you finish.

  7. These are big projects and I can't wait to see them when they are finished. I usually leave the furniture painting to my husband!

  8. These are going to be great! Can't wait until you are finished. Congrats on 100 followers too! Sweet!

  9. Those are looking so good! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  10. Bonnie, you sure do work fast. It would take me all weekend just to sand those pieces. I love the chest white and brown like it looks with the primer and stain, but I guess you want it darker.

  11. That's a big project...but you'll be proud of the results! Congrats on 100! We all love your blog! ♥

  12. Wow I've wondered what it will feel like on my 100th post of 100th follower, congrats girl, your little blog deserves a big shout out, its one of my favorites!
    Thank you for stopping by to see the happenings on the anniversary party. It was so fun to do (a lot of work but fun).
    And by the way, your husband and mine have the same hobbies...burning brush on the property and a good beer! Only here in the PNW its a cold micro-brew and he's a happy guy:)
    Can't wait for thwe finish on the DYI project:)

  13. Way to go on 100 followers!! And I LOVE your transformation on your chest of drawers! visiting from

  14. Very cute! That dresser is going to be BEAUTIFUL!

  15. I am looking forward to the reveal of these two pieces!!

  16. Love the two-tone! It's really coming along! :) Can't wait to see the finish!

  17. Looks like you've been busy. Your projects are looking great!

  18. These are some pretty time consuming projects. I can't believe you took that first shelf on--it does look much better already. The dresser you found is so nice, I love the carvings on it, can't wait to see it completed. You're doing a wonderful job, Bonnie.

  19. Congrats on reaching 100+!!
    With fabulous projects like the 2 you've shown here it's easy to see why people wanna be here! Count me in! : )

  20. Yeah 100! I am enjoying watching your transformation! The dresser has got my attention!


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