Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Latest Purchases!

I have been SUPER busy lately working on my niece's rehab house that you can ready about HERE. Things are coming along but one thing I have learned is that just when you think you know how long something will take, you are surprised by 2 steps that get added before you can begin!!

The cabinets ended up having the laminate taken off, which left the contact cement, which led to lacquer thinner and sanding. Once the laminate came off, there were additional holes that led to wood putty and more sanding! Primer and then paint went pretty well but there were particles in the air of course that stuck! Hard to avoid when they are tearing the bathroom down to the studs! However in the end, they look 300% better than when we started even if they aren't perfect!

I will take more pictures when I go down there later this week.

On to the reason for my post! During a trip to Lowes, I stopped by Hobby Lobby to check out this 80% off sale everyone in the blog world has been talking about. I had just been there 3 weeks before and there was NO sale!! Guess I need to start going there every Monday!! Anyway, I found this rooster picture for $8. I can't pass up a rooster!

I wasn't sure where I was going to put it. Then I decided to replace the wine bottle picture I had in the dining room. I like it much better.

They also had this yard ornament rooster that is extremely heavy. He was only $6.

I want to paint him to put on my back deck. Any ideas what color would look good out here next to a few potted plants?

I was also shopping on ebay for some romance books to read (yes romance books but not Harlequin!) and did a search for some silver items. I found this silver footed creamer for $4.99 with NO shipping! I snatched it up in the last 2 minutes. The seller said she forgot to put in the shipping but she would pay for it. That was the reason I bought it because it was only $4.99 total! It was very heavy and pretty!

I also wanted some red in my china cabinet so I purchased this burgandy/gold plate for $8 with shipping. I like the color it gives next to all the blue! I am working on some accessories to make the china cabinet stand out inside. Will reveal when I am done!

That was the highlight of my week! My muscles are sore from 8 hours of painting yesterday! The ceiling just kills me! It is coming along and she is so excited to see one room almost done!

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  1. Bonnie, I love your new finds and yes the rooster pic looks good there where you put it. That was a steal on that pitcher. That seller lost her butt on that one.

  2. Great buys! I love roosters and red toile. We have tons in common. I am glad we met through Kim....
    p.s. I am a follower now too.

  3. I love all your new goodies!! The rooster pic looks good there!

  4. Oh my goodness, my MIL would go bonkers over all your roosters! They look lovely:)

  5. What a beautiful dining room! I love some of the same rich colors! ♥

  6. Super buys girl! I love the new picture in your dining room and your new guy looks so handsome on your table. You are on a role!

  7. Ooo I love all the roosters too! So cute love it!

  8. I'm so not a rooster fan, but I LOVE that yard ornament statue!


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