Friday, July 30, 2010

In all my Red-ness!

I am very late for Jenny's party but thought I would try to put something together. We have been trying to finish up enough on my niece's house so that she can move in this weekend. So I am very tired!

Anyway, back to the Alphabe-Thursday Rainbow Red Summer School Party!!!

I have ALOT of red in my house. Maybe too much but it is a color that I am so drawn to for decorating and some clothes! However, I only wear red when I am prepared to stand out because we all know how red is an eye magnet color!!!

First up is my stair landing. It is hard to get a picture unless you take it from the 1st floor! I painted this accent wall red and I like how the red books pop from the bookcase. This scale crystal thing belonged to my mother. I haven't had the heart to do anything else with it but set it here. It needs a good cleaning and it is a little gaudy but she loved it!

Here we have the rooster and checked fabric that I have waiting for kitchen curtains to be made!! Look at all that red!! Love those roosters!

I also painted the fireplace wall as an accent in red. It really makes the colors of the picture stand out! I didn't show you the full 2 story wall as I wasn't sure everyone was ready to see the deer haning up there! In time, I will show you the family room!!

My dining room has the most red! It is everywhere from the walls to the floor! I will spare you this time and just show a couple things! I love the red walls!

These are Avon Cape Cod salt and pepper shakers that my sister gave me. They look good with the red toile wallpaper in the china cabinet!

Let's go outside because there is a lot of red there!! First is Old Glory! We all love our country and there is nothing better than red, white and blue!!

I had to get the red mulch! The boys put some rocks along for a border to make it easier for them to weedeat!

On the other side by the basement door is more red mulch with marigolds and hostas. Love the color of the plants next to the red mulch!

Of course, here is the deck that I showed you before after I stained it in the redwood! Love it!

I hope you enjoyed my tour of red around my house and hope you stop by and look at the other's over at Ms. Matlocks class!!

Stop by Jenny Matlock for
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  1. Great reds, Bonnie. You know I love it. Have a super weekend and get some rest.

  2. Love your reds! I love red a lot too. I do like that looks very French!

  3. I love those salt and pepper shakers, and your fireplace is really cool...Peace

  4. Agree - wonderful reds in your post!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can stop by!

  5. lovely red stuff around your house.
    the red wood chips are cute.

  6. Oh, Bonnie!! I LOVE all your red. Red is my power and default color for so many things around my home also. Love, love, love your home.

  7. I'm trying to figure out why Kim's comment is visible to me on top of your pictures...wonder where mine will end up?

    I love your reds, it is a color I love. I wear it more than I decorate with it (I'd have to change too many things) but I love to see houses that have it on the walls.


  8. Lots of lovely reds there - I love your rooster fabric and the red walls - every house needs some red.

  9. Hi Bonnie...hope you are getting some here too. We have my in-laws in and we where fishing all day on the boat. I adore all your have more than I thought. Have a great weekend. Debbie

  10. You do have a lot of red in your home. I just love the red walls--I don't think I have the outgoing bold personality needed to make that great statement. Love it.

  11. I also love the color red and like you I also have it spread out around my house. Love your red walls.

  12. Love all of your reds. I especially like the red toile in the china cabinet.

  13. Lovely decorating with red...I love it too as an accent color..a must have...bkm

  14. Yes! I'd say you are definately a red person! Such pretty red walls! I am sure I have told you before but I really love that red plaid fabric and the rooster fabric too! Have a great weekend, looking forward to those after move in photos from your neices house!

  15. Love all your red. My living room used to be red too. Great blog.

  16. Very cool. Red is a color I shy away from for decorating. It's too bold for me, but it looks great in other people's homes!

  17. Looks like this week was made just for you!

  18. Love all your lovely reds! :o) We love red in and around our home too...burgundy-red lather rubber roses... :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am a wee bit late in getting around to all the awesome assignments on this week's RED posts. But happy to see yours :o)

  19. I love the red! I think it is a color that just makes me feel right at home. I also love the red salt and pepper shakers...they are sooooo pretty!

  20. What a lovely link to Alphabe-Thursdays Summer School. I really enjoy seeing these creative ideas. Your photos are lovely.

    And I am intriqued with that red mulch!

    Thank you for linking this week.

    This was a fun stop.


  21. Thanks for visiting me! I loved all your pretty reds in your home and garden. I ahd similar S&P shakers at one time but sadly one broke.


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