Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ebay Silver Purchase

Good morning to all my blog friends!! It is actually 5am here and I am getting ready to leave for my niece's house to paint some more! I am hoping to get the final coat on the walls in the kitchen and living room. I also need to hang the beadboard wallpaper in the kitchen. Then I am done for awhile until the men take out the range hood and finish the plumbing in the kitchen before I can work on the back splash and counter top.

I received my package in the mail that I purchased on ebay. I wanted a silver tea/coffee set but all I have seen were a little to expensive for me. Then I found this set that wasn't in perfect condition but worked for me.

I ended up paying $15 for it with shipping but I am happy. I polished it up with a homemade recipe of boiling water, some baking soda and salt. I may try some silver cleaner to get the rest off later. I think it looks pretty here in my china cabinet! I found the little cow creamer for $2!

I did a little rearranging and not sure if I am completely happy with it yet. Here you can see the gravy boat that my mom has had longer than I can remember! Also the cream color creamer with silver trim that I found for $2!

You can see my mom's platter that she treasured from 1927! Also some Avon Cape Cod pieces. My sister had the complete set and sold most of it on ebay except these three pieces so she gave them to me. There is my last ebay steal of the year at $4.99 for a silver footed creamer!

At night it does make a pretty glow! Watch out or the rooster may start crowing!!

Well, I better get going!! I am planning to take a few pictures of her house this morning to show you the updates so far. It is still pretty much in chaos, but it is coming along!

I am linking this to Jennifer Rizzo's Hook up your Hutch Party!!!  Stop by and see the many wonderful hutches!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!



  1. Love the silver set. It looks great in your cabinet with all of your blue transferware and white china!

  2. Wow Bonnie, it is looking mighty good in that cabinet. I love how you are displaying it. Love your new set you just got and what a deal!!

  3. That looks really nice Bonnie!!!

  4. Looks lovely! I think the silver service is perfect in there. I love that the pieces mean something to you. That is what is special! Have a great day!

  5. Great finds...the silver set is beautiful! Your cabinet is looking great.

  6. Bonnie your hutch is looking magnificent...I love the touch of silver. I wanted to let you know your button is not working, it is going to photobucket. Also I know you sent me a code to something, but I deleted it by accident I guess when I came home...don't worry about it, I am good the way it is:) I appreciate all you do for me. Hope you had a great day painting, if that is possible.

  7. That is so weird, it never updated on your blog....very strange did on others though....

  8. Ok that settles it I MUST get lights in my hutch and Butler Pantry!
    Really love the look of your hutch with the lights on.

    Oh and the chicken wire on the doors! Is there somewhere on here where you talk about doing that?


  9. Love the toile background on you pretty hutch! The silver looks lovely!

    I need to re arrange several of mine- canning is taking up all my time this week though!

    bee blessed

  10. So pretty! Everything lights up and displays so nicely! It's the perfect spot for your silver! Thank you for linking!

  11. You've made a very beautiful display of the blue and white dishes and other accessories...delightful!


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